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There is a saying that ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman.’ Well, in my case, it’s the other way round.

My name is Bhawna Balchandani and I am the happiest successful woman on this planet, and here is my man behind my success: Shantanu Balchandani.

Like everyone else, his full time Café was hit during Covid and I was working in an Affiliate Marketing space as a Business Development Manager.

Guess what? We just got married then. While he cooked food for our family (I am lucky right?), I kept my nose buried in my work and slogged hard throughout the day.

One fine day, when I was creating a monthly review presentation for my boss, I showed it to Shantanu to gather his thoughts.

While going through one of the slides where I had mentioned ‘$50k month to date incremental revenue from the Business Development team (which was just me btw!)’, he said “$50k is the incremental revenue that you’re giving to your boss in one month, and he can’t even give you 50k Rupees as your salary!!!!”

For those of you who are still converting, 1 dollar is equal to 83 Rupees.

I was blanked and looked back for like 30 seconds. Oh My God! What-did-he-just-say-to-me?

Happy Realization!! Wooosh!

And Dime In Time Media, our Parent company was born on 15th February 2021. 

Well, a lot of other things happened in between that but all in all I am happy I left working for someone who didn’t care for me and I realized the kind of company culture we wanted to create: Exactly the opposite of what I faced in my corporate career. You get the gist right?

Briefly, Dime In Time Media is a lead generation company looking to buy traffic on our Owned & Operated offer as well as direct offers in several verticals like Finance, Insurance, Debt, Education, et cetra across different traffic sources like Display, Email, Social, Native for the United States.

When we were traveling to The States back and forth, we realized people were ‘shy’ in discussing their money related matters. 

I can totally empathize why because to be honest, it is a private matter and I am a very private person myself but at the same time, we realized how important it is for people to KNOW things the way they are.

The more you know, the better you understand. Hence, we decided to establish a platform where people can read and learn about ‘Personal’ Finance and Penny Calling Penny was born.

We are a team of 15 people and growing.

When I’m not working, you’ll often find me reading and meditating on the beauty of nature in solitude. And when Shantanu is not working, you’ll often find him shooting Zombies on his PlayStation.

Feel free to email us at support@pennycallingpenny.com or connect with us on Linkedin: 

Bhawna Balchandani

Chief Executive Officer

Shantanu Balchandani

Director & Founder



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