7 Best Debt Relief Companies Of 2024

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January 22, 2023
Best Debt Relief Companies of 2024
Best Debt Relief Companies of 2024

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T he best debt relief companies of 2024 are not easy to choose since there are so many different providers. A good company offers fast and reliable services at a reasonable fee, and good customer support and a variety of debt solutions are other essential requirements.

The level of personalization clients benefit from is also essential, as each debt relief case is different. Based on these criteria and more, we have selected seven of the best debt relief providers in 2024. Find out more about their services, how we chose them, and if they can benefit you.

Each one of the debt relief companies below offers multiple advantages. So, which company is the right one for your needs? To make it easier to choose the best service provider, here is a summary of what makes each one stand out.

1. TurboDebt – The Best Debt Settlement Consulting Services

2. Accredited Debt Relief – The Best Debt Settlement Service Provider

3. Freedom Debt Relief – The Most User-Friendly Online Platform 

4. CuraDebt – The Best Solution for Tax Debt

5. Doughroller – The Best Educational Resources on Debt Relief

6. National Debt Relief – The Best Service Provider for Transparency

7. Debtbye – The online platform that matches individuals with suitable lenders

7 Best Debt Relief Companies Of 2024

1. TurboDebt

TurboDebt deserves to be included among the best debt relief companies of 2024. This company offers excellent debt consulting services and initial consultations for free. To get in touch with a consultant, you just have to complete a form on the company’s website. The whole process takes around 60 seconds. Then, a consultant will immediately contact you and provide you with a custom debt relief solution.

The company offers free savings estimates, with absolutely no obligations involved on your behalf. TurboDebt’s approach to helping people become debt-free includes three expertise areas – strategic planning, advising, and consulting.

With extensive training in the financial field, TurboDebt consultants offer different alternatives to bankruptcy. By choosing TurboDebt, you could become debt-free in as little as 12 to 48 months.

Moreover, if you work with TurboDebt, you could save thousands of dollars while repaying personal loan debts or credit card debts.

TurboDebt is a trustworthy debt relief services provider. It is a member of the American Fair Credit Council and the Consumer Debt Relief Initiative (CDRI). The company boasts a 5.0 rating with more than 1,900 Google Reviews.” TurboDebt is powered by National Debt Relief.

Learn more about TurboDebt here.

2. Accredited Debt Relief

Accredited Debt Relief has been offering help to individuals across the U.S., Since 2011. And according to many customer reviews, it’s one of the best debt settlement companies. It also has an A+ rating with the BBB. Up to the present date, Accredited Debt Relief has helped nearly 150,000 individuals tackle their debts, offering a highly personalized service.

Accredited Debt Relief’s certified experts scrutinize each client’s case during the free initial consultation. The purpose is to find the most appropriate solution based on each individual’s finances, debts, and goals.

Once clients agree to move on, they will stop paying their creditors. Alternatively, they will start making monthly payments in a dedicated savings account provided by Accredited Debt Relief. After 40 – 50-% of the amount of the owed debt is saved up, the company will start negotiating with creditors.

Accredited Debt Relief can help clients reduce as much as 50% of their debt through well-thought debt settlement programs. Another advantage of choosing this debt relief company is that it charges no upfront fees for debt settlement programs. Moreover, the time required to become debt-free can be as little as one year.

Learn more about Accredited Debt Relief here.

3. Freedom Debt Relief

Founded in the early 2000s, Freedom Debt Relief is one of the oldest debt relief companies. It relies on a team of hundreds of experts. Its certified debt consultants will work side by side with you to create a personalized debt settlement program.

Freedom Debt Relief is one of the most customer-oriented debt relief companies. One of their highlights is their intuitive platform. Once they enroll their debts, clients get an account on Freedom Debt Relief. This enables them to access a user-friendly dashboard. Here, they can track their debt relief program’s progress.

This helps you understand how soon you can become debt-free and manage your finances accordingly. You get a detailed overview of how your program unfolds on your user dashboard. For example, you can see how much money you’ve already managed to save and the amount you still owe.

Another advantage is that this company can charge as little as 15% for its service. Many free financial tools are available on its site, and the company also offers resources in Spanish. 

Freedom Debt Relief has managed to settle over $10 billion in debt. More than half a million customers have successfully tackled deficits with their help.

Learn more about Freedom Debt Relief here.

4. CuraDebt

CuraDebt is one of the oldest companies in this industry, and it has been around for over two decades. CuraDebt boasts an A+ rating with the BBB and positive reviews on ConsumerAffairs and other similar websites.

Like the other providers included among the best debt relief companies of 2024, CuraDebt also provides free initial consultations. The company offers prompt and customer-oriented service. The professionals you can find here can assist you with IRS tax debt, credit card debt, or personal loan debt.

Everything takes place entirely online, on the CuraDebt website or over the phone. A specialist will assess your case during this initial evaluation and offer you different solutions.

The website also offers various helpful resources. You can learn more about debt relief and what it involves or check out the company’s examples. CuraDebt provides several records of successful cases. For example, you can see that clients settled their debt for 20% less of what they owed.

CuraDebt is a transparent company, and there are no hidden fees involved. You will learn all you need about the cost of their service by talking to a representative. The company charges the typical price of approximately 20% of the enrolled debt.

If you are looking for a wide array of options or struggle with different types of debts, CuraDebt can help you. Unlike many of its competitors, it also handles outstanding tax debt, and the most vital point of this company is its tax debt experience.

CuraDebt relies on professionals who have spent decades working in the tax field. They can handle the whole negotiation process on your behalf, and their goal is to solve IRS debts or state tax debts as fast and efficiently as possible.

Learn more about CuraDebt here.

5. Doughroller

Dough roller offers a plethora of helpful information on its website. Whether you are looking for debt relief solutions or ways to save money, you will find answers here. There are numerous topics to choose from if you start navigating Doughroller’s website.

This site offers everything from debt relief programs or taxes to money management tips, bank accounts, or insurance topics. Dough roller is the place to go-to for the average person who doesn’t have a financial background. Because this website is loaded with information, it’s necessary to filter your search.

You can easily do this by using the menu in the top left-hand corner. The website also divides its resources into multiple categories listed on the menu bar on the main page.

Essentially, if you are looking for debt relief solutions, you will only want to check out two sections. The first and most comprehensive one is the fourth one – Loans and Credit. Additionally, you can also search for valuable resources in the Taxes section.

The central aspect you should consider when using Doughroller is the platform’s purpose. Dough roller is not a debt relief services provider. Nor is it a lender. This platform works as a comparison tool, and it offers numerous educational resources and links to related companies and comparisons. 

Dough roller can offer you an overview of the available debt relief solutions. It also provides several useful financial tools, for example, budget tools and a loan payoff calculator. However, it doesn’t offer in-house debt relief programs.

Learn more about Doughroller here.

6. National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief is among the most reliable debt relief service providers. This provider has been helping clients nationwide for the past 12 years. This company is headquartered in New York. National Debt Relief is a BBB accredited business. It also enjoys an A rating with the bureau. The company’s services are available nationwide.

No matter where you look for reviews about National Debt Relief – Google, Trustpilot, ConsumerAffairs, you’ll find excellent ratings. National Debt Relief offers free initial consultations over the phone or online.

There are no upfront fees or hidden obligations involved in the free initial evaluation. You can get a free savings estimate at any time and learn how soon you can become debt-free. The necessary time to solve your debt may vary between 24 and 48 months.

National Debt Relief offers plenty of valuable resources on its website. Based on our research and customer reviews, this company is quite transparent. It provides lots of useful information about its services on its website. You can learn more about its fees right on the home page.

According to the information provided there, clients can realize savings of 46% through this company’s programs. The savings will still be significant with the included service fee, reaching approximately 25% of the total debt enrolled.

One of the valuable aspects you can’t find in many competitors is that this company offers real examples. On their website, you can see different debt cases and their results at the end of the debt program.

If you choose this service, you can count on reliable customer support. Moreover, you won’t incur any financial risks. National Debt Relief offers a money-back guarantee. Also, this company doesn’t charge any upfront fees.

Learn more about National Debt Relief here.

7. DebtBye

DebtBye helps every individual have complete control over their finances by helping them gain competitive loans that are best suited for them according to their circumstances.

DebtBye is not any debt lender or specialist. However, it collects your personal information and helps you connect to one or numerous specialized third-party debt professionals that may be ready to offer their services or products.

As the name implies, DebtBye works dedicatedly to help consumers say goodbye to their debt, regardless of its size. The platform is the point to get one or many free quotes with no obligation to go on if you’ve your presence in the market for every debt solution.

Moreover, it helps its consumer with loads of debt as high as tens, hundreds, and thousands of dollars and as low as zero.

Learn more about DebtBye here.

How Can You Estimate The Time You Need To Pay Back Your Debt?

Many people choose a personalized debt relief program through a debt relief company. This typically allows them to pay off debts in 12 to 48 months. While these companies can estimate the necessary time to become debt-free, alternative solutions are also available.

The amount of debt and how much money you can allocate each month to your repayment program matter, these are the two main factors that influence the repayment period.

However, you might not feel ready to reach out to a debt relief company yet. In this case, there are different online tools you can use for a debt repayment estimation. These are called debt calculators, and you can find a good example here. These free tools can estimate the time needed to repay your debt.

To get an estimate, you need to provide the calculator with basic information on your debt. The required details are your remaining balance, the monthly payment amount, and the interest rate. You can also add any extra payments you’ve made or plan for an accurate calculation.

Most online debt calculators also provide an example. This makes it easier to understand how they work.

These tools use different methods to estimate a person’s payoff solutions. For example, this tool works according to the debt avalanche method. From a financial point of view, this is one of the most cost-efficient repayment strategies.

Strategy is an important aspect you should be aware of when using online debt calculation tools. These programs offer a time estimate based on the existing debt and monthly rates.

They also provide you with different payoff strategies. Therefore, they help you understand how soon you can become debt-free by applying the recommended solution.

They also provide you with different payoff strategies. Therefore, they help you understand how soon you can become debt-free by applying the recommended solution.

Best Debt Relief Companies

How We Selected The Best Debt Relief Companies Of 2024?

There are numerous debt relief service providers these days. One of the main criteria that helped us set them apart is customer reviews. Review websites proved extremely useful in the initial stage of the research, and they have helped us select several trustworthy providers.

The next step was to scrutinize each company’s profile. First, we focused on companies that have been in business for several years. The companies’ availability across the states and the array of services also influenced our choice.

Finally, it was also helpful to look into the number of clients these companies have helped. We also considered the total amount of debt they settled over the years, if available.

How Much Will It Cost To Work With The Best Debt Relief Companies Of 2024?

Most debt relief companies offer a free initial consultation and an online application that’s also free of charge. However, the service itself does involve a fee. The amount each company charges may vary, and typically, the cost is calculated based on the amount of money owed.

The complexity of each case and how much paperwork and negotiation, it will involve may also influence the cost. Generally, companies charge around 15% – 25% of the enrolled debt.

Who Should Use Debt Relief Services?

Debt relief is an umbrella term that includes several methods. Debt relief companies typically offer different solutions. Essentially, debt relief programs aim to help debtors cope with their debts by agreeing with their creditors. The companies refer to this when they help reach a debt settlement program. 

Additionally, there are several other debt relief solutions you can choose from. For example, debtors can apply for a debt consolidation loan. Each solution has its advantages and drawbacks, and this is why it’s worth working with a debt relief company.

Specialists can evaluate your case and offer you personalized recommendations. Most services and all of the ones listed above offer a free initial consultation.

In other words, you will get personalized advice without being charged. A debt specialist will evaluate your financial situation and offer suggestions during the initial free consultation.

Based on their recommendations, you can make the best decision and choose the solution that less impacts your financial stability. After the initial discussion, you are free to decide if you want to proceed on your own or with that debt relief company. While going alone means saving money, it also involves a certain amount of work and pressure.

Besides the necessary paperwork, debt relief solutions include negotiations with creditors and institutions.

Naturally, this process can be stressful and exhausting, especially if you have never tried to renegotiate debts before. Therefore, letting an expert handle all the communication on your behalf can be an easier and more efficient solution.


Numerous companies can help you cope with different types of debts nowadays. Most of these companies offer an easy, entirely remote application process. Free initial consultation and a dedicated case manager are among the additional benefits. You might already be looking for debt solutions for the following year. In this case, a good starting point is to try the best debt relief companies of 2024 listed above.


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