11 Best Debt Relief Companies Of 2024

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January 22, 2023
11 Best Debt Relief Companies of 2024
11 Best Debt Relief Companies of 2024

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Summary Of 11 Best Debt Relief Companies Of 2024 –

  • TurboDebt – The Best Debt Settlement Consulting Services.
  • Accredited Debt Relief – The Best Debt Settlement Service Provider.
  • Freedom Debt Relief – The Most User-Friendly Online Platform.
  • CuraDebt – The Best Solution For Tax Debt.
  • Greenpath Financial Wellness – The Best In Full Repayment of Debt.
  • National Debt Relief – The Best Service Provider For Transparency.
  • DebtBye – The online platform that matches individuals with suitable lenders.
  • New Era Debt Solutions – The Best In Effective Debt Management.
  • Pacific Debt Relief – The Best In Customer Support.
  • Apprisen – The Best In Credit Counseling.
  • Money Management International – The Best In Non-Profit Organization.

Weeling like you are deep sea diving in the sea of debts? Not the deep sea diving you would exactly like.

Worry not; we are here with the best debt relief companies as the oxygen you need to survive in the deep sea of debts and mismanaged personal finances. 

What Is Debt Relief?

In straightforward terms, debt relief is when you reorganize your debts so that paying them becomes more accessible. This helps the lenders recover at least half the total amount owed. There are many forms of debt relief, like lowering the interest rate on debt, extending the time of repayment of debt, or directly reducing the amount of debt. 

If your lender believes you might default on your payment, they would be willing to go for debt relief. Debt relief isn’t specific to individuals. Debt relief can happen equally with small businesses, big corporations, municipalities, or even an entire country. But we are here to help you dive into the sea of debts.

Debt relief companies operate as for-profit enterprises. They charge you fees to negotiate with your creditor or lender on your behalf. They aim to lower the debt you owe by nudging the lenders in the same direction. They might negotiate to lower the complete amount against debt settlement.

Gains And Losses Of Debt Relief

It is always better to know about costs and benefits before deciding. Here are some costs and benefits of debt relief. 

Gains From Debt Relief

  • Several debt relief companies’ plans can help you pay off your debt within five years. This period will also depend on the amount of the debts. 
  • When you get help from a debt relief company, professionals negotiate for you, thereby managing your debt. 
  • Paying your debt early and as quickly as possible will pay less interest and save some precious bucks. 
  • Debt relief will help you manage your debts better and keep a more organized track of payments and interest.  
  • Whatever debt relief company you choose, they all have a similar goal: to help you avoid bankruptcy. 

Losses From Debt Relief

  • It might be good news for you if you have less than $10,000 in debt, but not for the debt relief companies. They need you to have $10,000 or more to qualify for their debt relief plans. 
  • Your debt may be secured, but debt relief companies work primarily with unsecured credit accounts, personal loans, etc.
  • It is very much possible that your lender doesn’t agree to a settlement with your debt relief companies. 
  • You will have to pay a high commission to the debt relief companies, which might be costly. 
  • The forgiven amount doesn’t matter; if it is above $600, you will be taxed for the same. 

Does Debt Relief Affect Your Credit Score?

Debt relief programs are designed to help you pay off your debt quickly and with less hassle. But this doesn’t guarantee your credit score wouldn’t be affected. However, the effect of the debt relief program on your credit score will depend on the option, program, and company you choose. Your credit score in the beginning would also create a difference; if it was low already, debt relief might nudge it in the same direction.   

Opting For Debt Relief

Even if you know the best debt relief companies, knowing if you can opt for debt relief is essential. Knowing who and when should consider opting for a debt relief program is necessary.

Who Should Consider Opting For Debt Relief?

If you have multiple debts that are no longer under your control to be managed or paid, consider looking for debt relief programs if you are one of those who can’t repay debts anymore but don’t want to declare bankruptcy either. If you have debt, you automatically qualify to go for debt relief. Although some programs and companies may ask for a minimum debt requirement to enroll in the program, most have no requirements.  

When To Consider Opting For Debt Relief?

You should use debt relief programs when you are behind on payments for your debt or are struggling to make the installments every month. If your debt is unsecured and in thousands of dollars, your credit doesn’t look good either. If you have multiple debts and your personal finance report shows that half or more of your monthly income goes into debt repayment, it might be time for you to take a debt relief program. Additionally, if you are sure you won’t be able to repay your debt within five years, opting for debt relief would be beneficial.

11 Best Debt Relief Companies Of 2024

The best debt relief companies of 2024 are not easy to choose since there are so many different providers. A good company offers fast and reliable services at a reasonable fee, and good customer support and a variety of debt solutions are other essential requirements.

The level of personalization clients benefit from is also essential, as each debt relief case is different. Based on these criteria and more, we have selected eleven of the best debt relief providers in 2024. Find out more about their services, how we chose them, and if they can benefit you.

1. TurboDebt

Trustpilot Rating: 5 Stars

BBB Rating: A (not accredited)

TurboDebt deserves to be included among the best debt relief companies of 2024. This company offers excellent debt consulting services and initial consultations for free. To get in touch with a consultant, you just have to complete a form on the company’s website. The whole process takes around 60 seconds. Then, a consultant will immediately contact you and provide you with a custom debt relief solution.

The company offers free savings estimates, with absolutely no obligations involved on your behalf. TurboDebt’s approach to helping people become debt-free includes three expertise areas – strategic planning, advising, and consulting.


  • Free savings estimates, zero obligations on your behalf.
  • Low minimum debt requirement.
  • Could become debt free in 12 to 48 months.


  • Not obtainable in Vermont, West Virginia and Oregon.
  • No provision for legal support.

2. Accredited Debt Relief

Trustpilot Rating: 4.9 Stars

BBB Rating: A+

Accredited Debt Relief has been offering help to individuals across the U.S., Since 2011.

Up to the present date, Accredited Debt Relief has helped nearly 150,000 individuals tackle their debts, offering a highly personalized service.

Once clients agree to move on, they will stop paying their creditors. Alternatively, they will start making monthly payments in a dedicated savings account provided by Accredited Debt Relief.

The whole Debt relief process takes anytime between 24 to 48 months to complete.


  • Help clients reduce as much as 40% of their monthly payments.
  • No upfront fees for debt settlement programs.
  • Might be debt Free in one year time.


  • Minimum Debt requirement of $10,000.
  • Fees on initial amount and not saved amount.
  • Not obtainable in every state.

3. Freedom Debt Relief

Trustpilot Rating: 4 Stars

BBB Rating: NR (Not Rated)

Freedom Debt Relief is one of the most customer-oriented debt relief companies. One of their highlights is their intuitive platform. Once they enroll their debts, clients get an account on Freedom Debt Relief. This enables them to access a user-friendly dashboard. Here, they can track their debt relief program’s progress.

This helps you understand how soon you can become debt-free and manage your finances accordingly. 

Freedom Debt Relief has managed to settle over $10 billion in debt. More than half a million customers have successfully tackled deficits with their help.


  • 15% service fee.
  • Resources available in Spanish.
  • Free financial tools on the site.


  • Creditors are not bound to agree to the plan.
  • Limited debts are only allowed for enrollment.
  • Required service fee – isn’t free.

4. CuraDebt

Trustpilot Rating: 3.3 Stars

BBB Rating: A+

The company offers prompt and customer-oriented service. The professionals you can find here can assist you with IRS tax debt, credit card debt, or personal loan debt.

Everything takes place entirely online, on the CuraDebt website or over the phone. A specialist will assess your case during this initial evaluation and offer you different solutions.

The website also offers various helpful resources.

CuraDebt provides several records of successful cases. You will learn all you need about the cost of their service by talking to a representative.

Unlike many of its competitors, it also handles outstanding tax debt, and the most vital point of this company is its tax debt experience.


  • No hidden fees – transparent company.
  • Free Consultations.
  • Helps in tax debts and unsecured debts.


  • No App for phone.
  • Not obtainable in every state.
  • No money back guarantee.

5. GreenPath Financial Wellness

Trustpilot Rating: 3.7 Stars

BBB Rating: A+

GreenPath Financial Wellness was founded in 1961, and it is a non-profit credit counseling agency that provides debt relief programs. They provide DMP, which ensures that you can pay enrolled debt, even if unsecured, in three to five years. They haven’t disclosed any minimum level of debt requirement to enroll; check before enrolling.


  • Obtainable in all 50 states.
  • Completely repay your debt.
  • Comparatively low fees.


  • Enrollment fees up to $50 and monthly fees up to & $75.
  • There is no information on the minimum level of debt requirement for enrolling.
  • Credit counselors can be met virtually, probably.

6. National Debt Relief

Trustpilot Rating: 4.7 Stars

BBB Rating: A

National Debt Relief is among the most reliable debt relief service providers. This provider has been helping clients nationwide for the past 12 years.

The necessary time to solve your debt may vary between 24 and 48 months.

National Debt Relief offers plenty of valuable resources on its website. Based on our research and customer reviews, this company is quite transparent.

You can learn more about its fees right on the home page.

According to the information provided there, clients can realize savings of 46% through this company’s programs. The savings will still be significant with the included service fee, reaching approximately 25% of the total debt enrolled.

National Debt Relief offers a money-back guarantee. Also, this company doesn’t charge any upfront fees.


  • Free initial consultations on phone or online.
  • No upfront fees or hidden obligations.
  • Free savings estimate at any time.


  • Not obtainable in Oregon, Vermont and West Virginia.
  • Doesn’t clarify saving account fees.
  • Live chat option is unavailable.

7. DebtBye

Trustpilot Rating: 4.7 Stars

BBB Rating: A+

DebtBye helps every individual have complete control over their finances by helping them gain competitive loans that are best suited for them according to their circumstances.

DebtBye is not any debt lender or specialist. However, it collects your personal information and helps you connect to one or numerous specialized third-party debt professionals that may be ready to offer their services or products.

As the name implies, DebtBye works dedicatedly to help consumers say goodbye to their debt, regardless of its size.


  • Expert consultation for free.
  • Zero Minimum amount requirement.
  • Zero upfront fees.
  • No compulsion to go ahead with the lender.


  • Credit score might get affected.
  • Not all services are obtainable in all states.
  • Information might be shared with third parties.

8. New Era Debt Solutions

Trustpilot Rating: 4.9 stars

BBB Rating: A+

The first consultation fee for New Era is free. When and if you become a customer, you must start a third-party savings account. This savings account will act as the escrow account. You may incur an initial and monthly fee for the account when you make monthly payments. If your debt lowers because of their negotiation, they will charge 15% to 23% of your original debt.


  • Comparatively low fees.
  • Asserts to lower debts by 57% on an average.
  • Good customer ratings and reviews.


  • Not obtainable in Iowa, Maine, and Oregon.
  • Minimum debt requirement: $10,000.
  • Charges on the original instead of settled debt.

9. Pacific Debt Relief

Trustpilot Rating: 4.7 Stars

BBB Rating: A+

Pacific Debt Relief was founded in 2002, and until now, it has settled $500 million worth of debt for its customers. It has done it with different affordable debt relief plans and negotiations. They have reasonable customer satisfaction and service. They offer free debt consultation, management plans, and settlement services.


  • Zero fees consultation.
  • Soft credit check only when offering consultation.
  • 15%-25% fees on original debt- comparatively less.


  • Secured debt not accepted debt relief plan.
  • Not obtainable in 18 states inclusive of Ohio, South Carolina, West Virginia.
  • Minimum $10,000 unsecured debt required to qualify.

10. Apprisen

Trustpilot Rating: NA

BBB Rating: A+

It is an excellent credit counseling agency that was founded in 1955. Apprisen is a non-profit organization which provides debt management services. With the assistance of an Apprisen counselor, you can pay back the total debt in three to five years. It negotiates to lower the interest rates on the debts. As you pay Apprisen once a month, it pays the amount to your creditors, lowering damage to your credit score.


  • Low fees.
  • Tax debt, student loans, and housing debt are catered.
  • More than one support channel for customers.


  • Customer service hours are restricted.
  • Online counseling courses.
  • High fees for some counseling courses.

11. Money Management International

Trustpilot Rating: 4.6 Stars

BBB Rating: A+

Money Management International is a non-profit debt relief company which was founded in 1958. They don’t have a minimum debt requirement to be admitted to a debt settlement program. Customer service is high in quality. Customer support is available 24/7 by phone, web, or in person.


  • Zero minimum debt requirement for admission.
  • High customer satisfaction.
  • Long time experience.
  • Sliding fees system for low-income customers.


  • Debt settlement fees aren’t clear.
  • High debt management fees.

How Can You Estimate The Time You Need To Pay Back Your Debt?

Many people choose a personalized debt relief program through a debt relief company. This typically allows them to pay off debts in 12 to 48 months. While these companies can estimate the necessary time to become debt-free, alternative solutions are also available.

The amount of debt and how much money you can allocate each month to your repayment program matter, these are the two main factors that influence the repayment period.

However, you might not feel ready to reach out to a debt relief company yet. In this case, there are different online tools you can use for a debt repayment estimation. These are called debt calculators, and you can find a good example here. These free tools can estimate the time needed to repay your debt.

To get an estimate, you need to provide the calculator with basic information on your debt. The required details are your remaining balance, the monthly payment amount, and the interest rate. You can also add any extra payments you’ve made or plan for an accurate calculation.

Most online debt calculators also provide an example. This makes it easier to understand how they work.

These tools use different methods to estimate a person’s payoff solutions. For example, this tool works according to the debt avalanche method. From a financial point of view, this is one of the most cost-efficient repayment strategies.

Strategy is an important aspect you should be aware of when using online debt calculation tools. These programs offer a time estimate based on the existing debt and monthly rates.

They also provide you with different payoff strategies. Therefore, they help you understand how soon you can become debt-free by applying the recommended solution.

They also provide you with different payoff strategies. Therefore, they help you understand how soon you can become debt-free by applying the recommended solution.

How Much Will It Cost To Work With The Best Debt Relief Companies Of 2024?

Most debt relief companies offer a free initial consultation and an online application that’s also free of charge. However, the service itself does involve a fee. The amount each company charges may vary, and typically, the cost is calculated based on the amount of money owed.

The complexity of each case and how much paperwork and negotiation, it will involve may also influence the cost. Generally, companies charge around 15% – 25% of the enrolled debt.

How Do You Choose The Best Debt Relief Company?

After contemplating if you decide on opting for a debt relief programme, you should decide which company to go for. The list we have provided about the best debt relief companies in 2024 might need to be clarified.

Here are a few parameters that you might consider before selecting the company for the debt relief programme.

  • FEE: Compare the fees each debt relief program and company asks for before opting. Select the one that is affordable to you. 
  • TIME: Compare the programmes and companies based on the time or years they are promising in which you will be able to pay off your debt ultimately. Opt for the one which takes the least number of years. 
  • ACCREDITED: Compare different companies based on whether they have good customer reviews and ratings along with business accredited and have good customer service and support to offer. 
  • TRANSPARENCY: Compare based on how the company’s process is transparent at each step. Be it related to payment or additional fees; the most transparent company might be your ideal candidate. 

How Do You Apply For A Debt Relief Program?

  • Before applying to any debt relief program, you would want to research. Look for a company that can help you negotiate with your lenders for your type of debt. It is so because only some companies can help you lower your debt.
  • When you find your perfect choice, apply with them officially. You must provide information like creditor names, account numbers, loan payment amounts, total debts owed, and interest charged on each debt. 
  • You will be asked to submit personal information like proof of employment, social security number, and annual income. 
  • After submitting all the essential information, you will sign a contract that will authorize your chosen company to negotiate on your behalf with your lenders. Here, you would also be agreeing to the fees the company will charge for its services.

Debt Specialists

A debt specialist will evaluate your financial situation and offer suggestions during the initial free consultation.

Based on their recommendations, you can make the best decision and choose the solution that less impacts your financial stability. After the initial discussion, you are free to decide if you want to proceed on your own or with that debt relief company. While going alone means saving money, it also involves a certain amount of work and pressure.

Besides the necessary paperwork, debt relief solutions include negotiations with creditors and institutions.

Naturally, this process can be stressful and exhausting, especially if you have never tried to renegotiate debts before. Therefore, letting an expert handle all the communication on your behalf can be an easier and more efficient solution.

Debt Relief Scams

Debt relief companies that are not legitimate but aim to scam innocent people for their money are scams. Before you provide the company with your personal and financial information, ensuring it is not a scam is essential. You can know if the debt relief company is a scam through the following “Red Flags”:-

  • Contact you rather than contacting them.
  • Guaranteeing that your debt will be deducted.
  • Telling You to Stop contacting your lenders.
  • Asking for upfront fees.

How We Selected The Best Debt Relief Companies Of 2024?

There are numerous debt relief service providers these days. One of the main criteria that helped us set them apart is customer reviews. Review websites proved extremely useful in the initial stage of the research, and they have helped us select several trustworthy providers.

The next step was to scrutinize each company’s profile. First, we focused on companies that have been in business for several years. The companies’ availability across the states and the array of services also influenced our choice.

Finally, it was also helpful to look into the number of clients these companies have helped. We also considered the total amount of debt they settled over the years, if available.


Numerous companies can help you cope with different types of debts nowadays. Most of these companies offer an easy, entirely remote application process.

Free initial consultation and a dedicated case manager are among the additional benefits. You might already be looking for debt solutions for the following year.

In this case, a good starting point is to try the best debt relief companies of 2024 listed above.


Specific indicators can help identify potential scams:-

  • Unsolicited contact from the company rather than you initiating contact.
  • Promises of guaranteed debt reduction.
  • Advising you to cease communication with your creditors.
  • Requesting upfront fees before providing any services.

Government programs in the debt relief field are limited. But there are options like grants and scholarships. You can also apply for a low-income program. The government might offer a student loan relief program, but it is only sometimes specific.

It is better to ask the debt relief company about the charges that they will be taking before you apply with them. Usually, they take 15% to 25% as fees on your initial debt.

Debt relief programs help you manage your debts better. They can even help lower your debts, but debt relief doesn’t always need to be a good option. Your credit score might get hurt. It would help if you made an informed choice.


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