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Best Credit Cards for Poor Credit Score

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Do you wish to know the best credit cards for poor credit score? Are you a housewife? Or a woman who is married and has several kids? Of course, you know how much you spend every month to meet the needs of your little family. Starting from the needs of basic materials to the needs of children.

In fact, I’m sure, children’s needs are even greater than you ever imagined when you weren’t married. It can sometimes be overwhelming and frustrating. This is a common thing and is felt by many parents.

Relax, you are not alone!

I am also a housewife and now I have a two years old son. At least I have to spend 1500$ per month for my little baby. The good news is that I am a fast learner. I take a lot of finance classes. Knowing how to choose the right credit card for my family’s needs with the best deal of course. Incredibly, I am very grateful, I can save various types of costs and expenses for my child. Here are seven credit cards for poor credit score.

The Best Credit Cards for Poor Credit Score

Do not forget to try these credit card especially if you are a housewife.

7 Best Credit Cards For Poor Credit Score

1. Surge

Have a history of poor credit scores? But, you don’t want this to continue? Entrust your finances to a card that guarantees it all, even without an upfront security deposit, with the slight consequence that you have to pay a little more the following months. That’s not a problem.

With a surge credit card, it will be easier for you to arrange payments every month, of course, if you are used to paying on time. Especially if you don’t have enough money to secure the deposit at the beginning of the payment.

Heavy work and piling up, the increase of needs and higher costs of living, then create a bad credit score, seems to be understandable. You’re human too, especially if you’re a new mom with a super fussy baby. A surge credit card can help you increase your credit score faster, after just six months.

7 Best Credit Cards For Poor Credit Score

2. Reflex

Another type of credit card that you can also consider if you are listed as having a bad credit score is a reflex credit card.

Reflex offers you a great opportunity. Usually, an unsecured credit card will only give you a low limit, while reflex will allow the new cardholder to try a higher limit.

Despite the many complaints that come from card owners about the high cost of ownership and big APR, Reflex Mastercard is still worth it to use especially in the first year, after that you can switch to a better card and higher credit limit.

7 Best Credit Cards For Poor Credit Score

3. Fit Mastercard – Best Credit Cards for Poor Credit Score

Worrying about a bad credit score is not a big deal nowadays. You no longer need to be afraid of receiving rejection due to bad credit history. Getting a credit card with a sufficient limit is the dream of all housewives to fulfill the life of their child who continues to grow very quickly, whose needs continue to increase from time to time. No worries. All problems always come with a solution.

Fit Mastercard allows you to register with a variety of credit conditions, even the bad ones. You will get an initial credit limit of 400$, which is greater than that provided by other unsecured credit cards.

Amazingly, this credit card can be used anywhere nationally and internationally through an easy and fast registration process, in seconds. A very interesting life solution, isn’t it?

7 Best Credit Cards For Poor Credit Score

4. Revv

The hope of quickly recovering a bad credit score seems no illusion anymore. This unsecured Revv card will help you to automatically report your payments to three major credit bureaus. Thus, your credit score will continue to improve and get better over time.

Setting a household budget is always challenging, especially for newly married couples. The sheer volume of expenses followed by unexpected expenses overwhelms you and me. The limited time due to a lot of work, and endlessly makes you unable to manage your finances well. Credit cards are a win-win solution offered by many financial and banking services.

Revvi visa genuine card is one of the credit cards that you can choose to help you manage your money.

This card provides a satisfying service system because you can access it at any time. Even a super busy housewife like me can use it comfortably.

Apart from taking care of my children and husband, I am also a career woman. Busy activities both at home and at work make me lazy to take care of complicated and lengthy bureaucratic affairs. Therefore, I think the Revvi visa is suitable for those of you who have the same busy schedule like me. Because you can register easily and quickly. Only from home. How come? Of course, because they use an online registration system. Wow, that’s so easy. Who doesn’t like it?

7 Best Credit Cards For Poor Credit Score

5. First Digital

Having a monthly report for every expense you make, is one of the managerial systems for a credit card that many people want, especially for those who are married. Especially if you are a mother, which is the heart of a house. You no longer need to bother recording every money you spend, just take care of the budget on your credit card and you will get a record every month.

Another type of credit card that you can try if you don’t have a perfect credit score is the First Digital Nextgen Mastercard. Unfortunately, this card can only be accessed by local residents of the United States. If you are a newcomer then for each transaction you will be charged an additional fee. My advice, you shouldn’t do it. But, of course, this card is very worth it for Americans.

7 Best Credit Cards For Poor Credit Score

6. Total

Once again, credit cards are very useful for you! With this card, you can limit your monthly expenses. So that you can prevent yourself to buy things that are not needed. In addition, credit cards can also avoid you from using cash excessively.

The same type as the previous card is the Total Visa Credit Card. Your bad credit score will turn for the good if you use your card responsibly. Keep improving while keeping payments on time, keeping your monthly expenses at least slightly below the monthly limit provided by your credit card. Trust me. My credit score is getting better too.

7  best credit cards for poor credit score

7. Credit One

The last credit card I can recommend to you with low credit scores is Credit One.

The only credit card that offers rewards for its holder, despite having a history of imperfect or even bad credit scores. You can get cashback up to 2% and a special discount for every purchase from NASCAR. In addition, there is also a 1% cashback for every gas and automotive purchase.

Which Credit Card Should I Choose if I Have a Poor Credit Score?

Above are the best credit cards for poor credit score. It all depends on your needs, as long as you use it responsibly everything will be fine for you.



"When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands."

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