Freedom Debt Relief Review 2024

Alexandria Green
January 9, 2022
Freedom Debt Relief Review 2024

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Freedom Debt Relief

Trustpilot Rating – 4.5/5


It is a service which assists you to pay off debts with a plan. It helps in settling your unsecured debts like medical, personal loan or credit card etc. it has an average 4.5 stars rating across different platforms and it has already 650,000 users enrolled with it.


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Debt is a 4-letter word, and just its mention can make someone struggling with debt feel anxious and overwhelmed. You might have a vague idea that you can do something to lower and pay off your debts, but where would you even get started? Freedom Debt Relief is dedicated to taking the stress out of debt and adding transparency to the industry.

What Is Freedom Debt Relief?

In 2002, recent Stanford Business School grads Andrew and Brad noticed a problem. Millions of families in the US struggled with debt, but there wasn’t a consumer-friendly option for people trying to shake off that debt. 

That’s why they founded Freedom Debt Relief. Freedom Debt Relief is a service that helps the average consumer negotiate and pay off their debts. Their process is astonishingly simple, and it works with any “unsecured” debt. Medical debt, personal loan debt, or credit card debt fall under unsecured debts.

First, they’ll talk to you and get a feel for your financial needs and goals. Once you understand where you are going, where you are, from there, you can simply sit back and take a load off for a while. You’ll make monthly payments to a dedicated account that saves up for paying off after the next step is finished. 

The next step is for Freedom Debt Relief’s experts to get to work. They’ll reach out to your debtors and start negotiating to lower your debt or wipe it out entirely. Before anything is finalized, they’ll check with you for approval.  Once you approve, they move funds from your dedicated account, and your debt is gone. It sounds almost too good to be accurate, but that’s because Freedom Debt Relief puts in that work for you. 

There are some tricky parts to getting out of debt, and Freedom Debt Relief has a plan for all of them. One thing that can be alarming is that a debt relief program can negatively impact your credit score. Credit scores can change over time, though. Once that looming cloud of debt is gone, you can focus on rebuilding your credit score in financially more innovative ways. 

The other problem to be prepared for is collection calls. Creditors can try to contact you throughout the program, but Freedom Debt Relief will guide you through exactly how to handle these kinds of calls. That means that you’re going into every step of this process, good and bad, with a plan made by experts and tested on more than 600,000 people in your shoes.

Genuine Freedom Debt Relief Reviews 

Whenever you look up “Freedom Debt Relief Reviews,” you see stars – literally. Freedom Debt Relief is well-loved by people who have used the program and averages out at about 4.5 stars across all platforms.

Freedom Debt Relief has many positive reviews on their home site; they have to organize them by category. You can see reviews that focus on Customer Service, Peace of Mind, Financial Freedom, and more. Each person has a unique situation, and the studies show that Freedom Debt Relief understands that.


Take Molly, for instance. Molly said she would lie awake at night and worry about her debts. She felt sure that she could never pay them off, and she was tired of the constant stress. 

She discovered Freedom Debt Relief through a chance coffee shop encounter, and it changed everything. The counselors were compassionate, clear, and inspiring on her first call. Their expertise helped Molly decide to enroll in the program, and they didn’t stop there. 

“Anytime I was worried, or I had questions, or I just wanted to talk about what I was going through and I wanted to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I knew I could call,” she said, “and every time I called, I got to talk to someone who was an expert on the program.” 

That consistent helpfulness means that today, Molly is debt-free. Thanks to the program, she finally feels a sense of financial stability, order, and freedom. She was no more lying awake at night!


Nicole is another successful graduate of Freedom Debt Relief. She started looking into debt relief programs when she realized that her debt impacted her parenting. Having two daughters, she realized that she was not the ideal mom she desired of.

“I was on edge all the time. I had to work so much. I had to pick up side jobs, you know? Just to be able to stay afloat and that’s not the kind of life I wanted to give them,” she said. 

Nicole talked about how genuine the representative she spoke to was. She even remembers his name: Chris. She said Chris treated her first call like opening a door. She always felt in control, and joining the program never seemed like something he was telling her to do. 

Instead, Nicole and Chris worked together to develop a plan for her debt. Finally, she said that she connected to the thought of having the light at the tunnel’s end. She was thrilled to realize that in three years, she would be free of something she thought would be her reality for the rest of her life. 

The practical program of Freedom Debt Relief not only changed the life of Nicole but even significantly transformed the lives of her two daughters too. Nicole’s parents struggled with debt problems that they passed down to her, and Nicole could easily see that the pattern would have continued with her daughters, and freedom Debt Relief helped her change that. Now, she and her daughters don’t have to spend their lives with debt looming over them, waiting for something to go wrong. 

“Stress is always going to be part of our lives,” she said, “but now money’s not going to be part of that. Also, now debt will not be its element as well. It’s just not, you know?”

Do You Know Whether Or Not Freedom Debt Relief Is Legit?

Reviews are helpful, but you’re entrusting your financial security to someone, and you want to be sure they’ll take good care of you. So even with all the good reviews, you might wonder: is Freedom Debt Relief a scam?

Not at all! Freedom Debt Relief won’t charge a fee until after they’ve done their work. Your monthly payments go into a savings account so they can pay off your debts, but none of that money goes to Freedom Debt Relief. Their fee comes after your debts are settled, so you can sleep soundly and be prepared.

They’re also a Better Business Bureau accredited business, with a B+ rating. BBB ratings consider many factors, including how well a company responds to complaints and whether those complaints are legitimate. Also, Freedom Debt Relief is an American Fair Credit Council’s critical founding member. 

The American Fair Credit Council is an advocate for the average consumer. They help connect people with resources to clear up credit debt, of course, but that’s not all they do. The AFCC promotes and enforces fair practices for the debt relief and credit industries, and they even participate in creating legislation to keep credit companies accountable and transparent.  

Freedom Debt Relief is so dedicated to keeping you safe that they helped to found the AFCC to help you stay safe even after you’re finished in the program. After you’re debt-free, Freedom Debt Relief has a vast resource library, and you can visit it repeatedly to keep learning and building better financial habits.

Starting A Debt Relief Plan

Getting started with a debt relief plan can seem scary and overwhelming. At the same time, you do not want to be on the receiving end of someone taking advantage of it. However, it’s your wish not to remain in debt forever because being in debt feels like you are sinking. 

You may be successful in floating for a while being, but eventually, a lifeboat becomes a necessity for you! And Freedom Debt Relief can be that lifeboat. They’re a great place to start on your path to financial freedom. You can peruse their extensive education material, and you can give them a call. Talking to someone is a big step to solving the problem, even if you don’t start with the program right away. 

When you know your options, you’re in a powerful position. And when you do get started with the program, you have someone in your corner. Having someone to fight with you can make all the difference when you’re negotiating debts, and Freedom Debt Relief checks all the boxes. 

That’s because Freedom Debt Relief’s focus is always on your financial freedom. Their goals align with yours, and that makes for one powerful team. So, we would recommend you to get started as quickly as you can because the sooner you are debt-free, the sooner you will live a life without restraints!


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