How To Save Money For Big Purchases?

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October 28, 2023
How To Save Money For Big Purchases

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H ave you ever sat back and daydreamed about owning a sleek, new car or having your very own apartment?

You’re not alone! But hey–these aren’t just dreams–they can indeed become a reality.

Read on as we delve into how we can pave a path towards those big-ticket purchases.

Dream Big, Plan Smart And Achieve Your Goals

First things first, it’s absolutely fine to let your dreams take flight as long as your feet stay grounded. 

Dreaming of owning expensive or ‘big-ticket’ items like your dream car or apartment is perfectly alright. 

It’s a natural expression of your aspirations and ambitions. 

These dreams give us the motivation and energy to work towards achieving them. 

What’s important is to stay practical and have a solid plan to make these dreams a reality. 

This wonderfully highlights the power of visions–an essential ingredient towards baking the cake of success.

The 20% Saving Strategy

Let’s make friends with a golden rule–setting aside at least 20% of your income each month. 

It’s tough, we know, but as the saying goes, ‘no pain, no gain’. 

Regularly saving a proportion of your earnings builds a steady and robust financial foundation for your big-objective purchases. 

However, here’s the spice – it’s not just about saving but also maintaining consistency. 

Focusing on cultivating disciplined financial habits forms the secret ingredient that makes this plan work in the long run. 

Valuing Small Savings

But what if you need a fantastic job that pays you tons? No worries, mate! 

Every penny counts. It’s all about starting small and building gradually. 

It could be as simple as cutting down on unnecessary spending or taking up part-time jobs. 

Every little effort you take to save contributes to your big goal, leading us back to our belief in the power of small beginnings.

Saving For The Future

Investing is like planting a seed now and reaping the benefits of a bountiful tree later when budgeting for big-ticket purchases; setting a slice of your savings aside for investment can be a game-changer.

Investments are an amazing way to make your savings work for you. 

With the right investment options, these can reap profitable returns over time, which can contribute significantly to those large purchases you’re planning. 

Consider options like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, or any other form of investment that suits your risk appetite and time horizon.

But remember, as our grannies always said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. 

Diversify your investments. This way, even if one investment doesn’t work out as you’d planned, you’ve got others to cover the slack. 

It’s about balancing the risk and ensuring you persist on your path to achieving your financial goals. 

Lastly, like any rewarding journey, investing needs knowledge and patience. 

It’s essential to learn about your chosen investment options, be it from books, courses, online resources, or even financial advisers. 

Strengthen your investing foundation before you dive in, and once you do, patience is key. 

Investments usually need time to provide substantial returns.

Building Patience And Hope

Now, we come to the heart of it all – the need for patience and hope. 

It’s important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Big purchases take time, and as you walk this journey, patience becomes your guide. 

Equally as important is hope, which fuels your journey, building resilience to bounce back from unforeseen financial bumps. 

Just as a rainbow follows rain, achieving financial goals follows patience and hope.


Dream big, save smart, start small and keep the faith! That’s the strategy to navigate towards your big-ticket purchases.

It may seem like a long way to go, but with a dash of discipline, a sprinkle of patience, and a dollop of hope, realizing your dreams is indeed possible. 

So, gear up, take the driver’s seat and let that fantastic journey towards your dream apartment or car begin!


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