Tax Hive Review 2024: Is It Legit?

Drishti Choudhary
April 25, 2024
Tax Hive Reviews 2024: Is Tax Hive Legit?

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Tax Hive

Trustpilot Rating – 4.5/5


Tax Hive is a customized business tax firm that helps small, medium and big businesses to save money on business taxes through strategic planning, easy bookkeeping, and accurate filing. They are available in all 50 United States. You could minimize tax when Tax Hive comes into the picture.

Personalized Tax Assessment

Customized Tax Plan

Easy Online Tax Portal

Quick Facts About Tax Hive

  • Tax Hive provides tax planning, tax preparation, and bookkeeping.
  • Tax Hive has licensed, experienced tax professionals.
  • Tax Hive continuously monitors changes in the tax code.
  • Tax Hive helps limit tax audit risk.


While there is a “tax season”, businesses should be thinking about optimizing their tax situation throughout the year. 

Too much complicated math for your small business? 

Or big business giving a headache because of the tax filing requirements? 

Owning a business and being tax savvy are two very different things. 

You might be an entrepreneur but not a tax expert. 

Yet, it is important to be aware of your finances and to take care of your taxes. Tax hive is your solution. 

What Is Tax Hive?

Tax Hive is primarily a business tax firm providing tax preparation, tax planning and bookkeeping. 

Tax Hive intends to help its customers, whether small, medium, or big businesses, to pay less in taxes. 

They provide high-caliber advice that helps simplify the complicated world of taxes.

They also provide a library of video resources and help with federal and state taxes. 

How Does It Work?

Tax Hive puts in the work to assist you by optimizing your business and minimizing your taxes. 

They offer services by tax professionals that are customized according to your needs and requirements. 

Tax Hive works towards providing tax education and planning while they assist you with your taxes. 

Tax Hive aims to make sure that your business takes advantage of the most deductions and credits applicable to your business. 

If the business is based in America, its professionals could help you with taxes. 

They first ask for a questionnaire to be filled out along with uploading the business’ last year’s tax returns. 

They have user-friendly technology, and thus, you take the first step to reduce the business tax liability.  

The next step involves a customized and personalized assessment of your business situation to better understand the kind of strategy that would work for your business. 

And thus, come up with a plan to optimize your business accordingly. 

The final step in the initial stage is a tactical plan (at least 20 pages), which is also customized and, thus, provides a step-by-step initiative to save money through tax and keep more bucks in your venture. 

It is quite simple to use Tax Hive. You can begin by making an account and then import your business’s financial data into the Tax Hive’s program. 

Tax Hive will use this information to furnish the tax return for your business. 

You can always review the return after the return is complete by the Tax Hive. 

Here you can make those adjustments that you find necessary before you file it. 

You can file federal and state returns electronically. 

Should You Use Tax Hive?

It is okay to feel wary about a new accountant or tax service. 

But with Tax Hive, you can trust their process of finding the best plan to help your business with its taxes. 

We have provided a complete Tax Hive review to help you decide wisely. 

What Are The Basic Features Of Tax Hive?

1. They provide services to businesses. 

2. Services provided include:-

(a) Tax planning: Advice on how to minimize your taxes. 

(b) Tax preparation: Preparing and filing taxes electronically. 

(c) Bookkeeping: Tracking the finances to save time and organize better. 

(d) Tax consulting and advice: Professional advice to lower tax liability.

3. Services are offered only by licensed individuals which they arrange for the clients. 

4. Provide account executives, account managers and customer relationship managers. 

Tax Hive Promise

Tax Hive makes a promise of finding at least $10,000 in your tax deductions for you. And they further their promise of finding it by offering $100 as a gift if they are not able to find deductions in your taxes.

How Much Does It Cost To Use Tax Hive?

Tax Hive fees are based on your business revenue. 

But wait, it offers a free phone call, which gets you a basic consultation.

You can even look for the appropriate date and time as per your convenience for the call to be scheduled. 

They have different prices for different services. 

The pricing is based on the size of your business, which defines the gross annual revenue that your business generates. 

Thus, the more gross annual revenue, the more money they charge for their services, but the more they can potentially save you in taxes. 

Is User Experience Satisfactory?

A brand should provide not just good but exceptional user experience. 

Tax Hive is among the brands that make sure that every visitor to its site is satisfied by its service, and Tax Hive makes the point to answer their concern. 

Tax Hive aims to assist users in saving money with proper planning and filing of taxes. 

It also depends on how active you are about saving money through taxes, but it is easy to work with them. 

Tax Hive is user friendly, as proved by 4.5 stars with 634 reviews on Trustpilot, which is essentially a consumer reviews site.  

They provide appointment booking directly through their website with the choice of date and time you like, thus promising a user-friendly nature of the tool.

How Trustworthy Is Tax Hive?

Feeling skeptical about a new product or service is entirely normal. 

When trying something for the first time, you naturally seek assurance regarding the level of trust that other users have placed in the service. 

Tax Hive is one such product. It might be new to the market, but it does hold good rapport among its customers.

On the Tax Hive’s website they have provided testimonials of their customers. 

Their clients found Tax Hive’s tax planning, strategy, or guidance beneficial.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Tax Hive?

Before committing to a service that is involved in something as serious as taxes, it is important to know if Tax Hive is actually beneficial to use. 

Here are some of the advantages of using Tax Hive.

(1) Their service simplifies the tax filing process. 

(2) If you need support in various state and federal tax forms, you can depend on the Tax Hive. Also if you are worried about filing taxes in different states, Tax Hive can do even that for you.

(3) Tax Hive can prepare your return for you and help you save not only money but also time. If you are a small business owner and have ventured into the field of entrepreneurship just now, you wouldn’t need an accountant if you choose Tax Hive to save money on taxes.  

(4) It is completely free to start with Tax Hive. You can schedule a free call with an account executive. And only after you take up the self-assessment, will you be required to choose if you want to opt for a plan or not.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Tax Hive?

It is important to understand potential disadvantages before making a decision.

(1) Although Tax Hive is user-friendly, there is a chance of user errors or mistakes you might make in the data entry process. This may result in wrong information being put in the system and so the tax returns might be incorrect as well. 

(2) You may get a feature plan or package that might be more than you need. Check for the package and your requirements before you purchase it. 

Is Tax Hive Worth Time, Money, And Effort?

YES. In very clear words, YES. Tax Hive gives you value not only for your money but also for your time and effort.

It has the finest quality to offer you the best services in planning and filing your taxes. 

It is versatile enough to provide customized plans and strategies for your business to help you save money. 

You will realize that you get the value of your money when you know the amount you save in taxes when you next file returns with their help.   


Tax Hive is just one click away. You don’t have to worry about filing tax returns in all the different states because Tax Hive can do that for you. 

Even if you are a small business owner, you must know that Tax Hive has tax plans and business optimization strategies for you as well. 

Opting for Tax Hive can save time and money. 

Taxes can take a toll on your money if you don’t deal with them smartly, and Tax Hive can be your money-saving partner. Wouldn’t you want to save some money with Tax Hive?


Tax Hive provides services like tax preparation, tax planning, bookkeeping, and tax consulting and advice.

This will depend on the plan and the circumstances of your business. However, Tax Hive provides a sample graph on their website to give you an idea of potential tax savings.

Tax Hive provides free resources like articles, video library, tax estimators, amongst others. You can check their website to learn more about free resources.


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