Back-to-School 2022- A worrisome occurrence for parents

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August 30, 2022
Back to school 2022

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Yes, the 2022 back-to-school season has returned, and we are certain that everyone is looking forward to it. However, it returned a little too forcefully and not much better. American citizens are not able to catch a break. With the rise of inflation, gas prices, and the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the buying capacity and the ability to afford school and college supplies has declined. 

Inflation has negatively impacted the quality of life for many Americans. Although the school year has not yet begun for all Americans, one lesson has already been learned: we are spending a lot more on our back-to-school 2022 supplies than we previously did. 

Points to remember

  • Spending on going back to school and attending college is anticipated to surpass the previous high of $108.1 billion set in 2021. 
  • Customers are bargain shopping, purchasing more generic brands, and making do with last year’s items if compared to the 2021-2022 school year.
  • A whopping 47% of parents are planning on spending a higher amount on back-to-school 2022 supplies than the previous year. 

Inflation’s impact on the back to school spending

Many families, and specifically parents, are progressively concerned about the rising cost of back-to-school necessities. Store analysts predict that many family groups will spend more dollars than they have in recent months. One third of customers (38%) said they are reducing their spending to pay for the cost of school supplies and other needs for the upcoming school year as inflation continues to raise prices. According to a report prepared by experts, after reaching a 40-year high of 9.1% in June, inflation has lowered. In the month of July, consumer rates rose by 8.5 when equated to the same month of 2021 (last year). 

What challenges do purchasers face? The retail organization poll indicated that more than three different (68%) of consumers had noticed price hikes for clothes and accessories, school supplies, sneakers, gadgets, and equipment. 

School supplies that have increased since last year.

-The average selling price of a backpack has increased by over 12% to $70.

-Organisers and notebooks increased 31% to $3.74.

-Over $25 for lunchboxes is a 14% hike.

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Spending on school supplies has gotten much higher

According to a survey of 1,200 U.S. Parents, parents are expected to spend $661 per child on back-to-school purchases, 8% more than in 2021. According to the firm, pre-pandemic spending per child in 2019 was much lower- $519 per child. 

According to the survey, domestic back-to-college spending is stable at $1,199 per household, particularly in comparison to the $1,200 spent last year.

With the rates going up crazily and the declining ability to afford back-to-school 2022 supplies, parents are worried about whether they’ll be able to send their kids to school with all the items they find necessary. 

How can an emergency fund help you?

This is the time when you begin to think an emergency fund would have helped a lot. An emergency fund is a personal budget or some amount of money kept aside as a financial safety net and to be used in times of need and or any unexpected expenses. Keeping an emergency fund would really help lessen your burden and stress when it comes to back to school 2022 shopping. 

When and how do you need to shop for school supplies?

Even though many people are concerned about inflation, it can undoubtedly cause problems for many families. There are still some ways in which you can save money and plan a budget for spending on school supplies. The earlier you shop for the back to school 2022 supplies, the better. 

More than half (56%) of shoppers began their back-to-school 2022 purchases by early July, up from 51% in 2021 and 52% in 2020, according to the retail federation, suggesting that this need to budget and spend less may have played a role. Shoppers are now looking for sales and free items more than compared to the previous year. 

Some of the brands that’ll help you save a lot of money on school supplies are- Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Rakuten, and Macy’s.

Even though back-to-school spending is expected to be high, there are still ways to save money on supplies. Cutting out any extraneous and unnecessary expenses will also help you get through this problem. Some other ways to save include asking your relatives or neighbors for hand-me-downs or any unused products that your kids can use. You can also start buying supplies in bulk to get big discounts.


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