9 Best Survey Sites To Make Money In 2024 (Join Free)

Alexandria Green
January 18, 2023
9 Best Survey Sites To Make Money In 2024 (Join Free)
9 Best Survey Sites To Make Money In 2024 (Join Free)

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Survey offer sites are great for making money without much effort, and side hustles can often feel like more trouble than they’re worth with all the time, energy, and start-up costs they take.

On the other hand, surveys are quick, easy, and accessible, and they’re perfect for making money in your free time (especially during those long holiday shopping lines).

How To Find The Best Survey Sites To Make Money?

How can you tell if one survey site is better than another? You need to look out for two big things when picking a survey site: Security and compensation.

A survey site with bad security means your data is at risk, and that means you could get hacked, have your identity stolen, or even have banking information compromised. Yikes! Before starting with any survey site, make sure you check up on their security policies.

Compensation is the other crucial thing to check. You want to make sure that you aren’t being ripped off, first of all. After that, check your options for cashing out.

This can be make-or-break. If you’re planning to use cash, make sure the site you’re using doesn’t only offer gift cards.

Lucky for you, we already did this research, so you can see 9 of the best survey sites without breaking a sweat.

9 Best Survey Sites To Make Money In 2024

Here you will find our picks for survey sites you’ve just got to try.

Survey Junkie

Share your opinions and earn cash rewards with Survey Junkie!


Get paid for online activities and surveys with Swagbucks!


Earn cash for completing tasks and surveys on InboxDollars

Branded Survey

Share your opinions and earn rewards with Branded Surveys

Pinecone Research

Share feedback and earn cash with Pinecone Research!

1. Swagbucks

Compensation Plan: 1,000 points = $10

Swagbucks is one of the biggest names in the survey game. They’ve been around since 2008, and they do a little of everything. You can take surveys one day and watch videos the next.

Bring Swagbucks along on your shopping trip for coupons or install their browser extension if online shopping is more your speed.

2. Survey Junkie

Compensation Plan: 1,000 points = $10

Survey Junkie is perfect for people who don’t want to be overwhelmed. When you sign onto their app, you’ll see a clean, simple list of surveys to choose from.

These surveys offer up to 40 points each, and you’ll get 5 points just for trying a study, even if it fills up or you don’t meet the criteria. Overall, it’s a simple, solid survey offer site.

3. CashKarma

Compensation Plan: 1,100 points for a gift card OR 3,500 points for cash = $10

CashKarma has a lower point-to-cash ratio than some of the other sites on this list, but they make up for it in a big way: bonuses. When you use a gift card from CashKarma, you get a 5% point bonus in your account.

When you refer a friend, you get 10% of all the points that a friend earns, and there’s no expiration date.

Finally, they do a little of everything, and you can even earn points by having your location services on and opening the app in certain places. Easy peasy!

Best Survey Sites to Make Money

4. InboxDollars

Compensation Plan: No points! You see exactly what you’re earning.

InboxDollars is a slow burn: initially, it can take a while to get to the minimum $30 cash out. Once you’ve cashed out for the first time, you become a “Gold member.”

“Gold members” get all kinds of perks, including double rewards and exclusive offers. Not the best pick if you need cash now, but it can pay off in the long run!

5. Prize Rebel

Compensation Plan: 500 points = $5 in rewards; 1,000 points is $10, and so forth.

Prize Rebel is an online platform where you get the opportunity to earn cash by taking online surveys and various other small tasks. 

You can cash out the money in the form of gift cards, Visa, Paypal transfers, and direct bank transfers.

It’s one of the best side gigs for earning extra money online in your free time.


Compensation: No points system! Qmee only uses real cash

Qmee is an app you can download onto your phone or computer to earn money, get cashback rewards, and find coupons and deals.

They’re run by a team of marketing professionals who realized they could connect real people looking to make some money with companies looking for consumer trends and opinions.

With Qmee, you can take surveys to earn cash for yourself, but they don’t stop there. When you download the browser extension, you can automatically see cashback rewards and deals when you’re shopping online.

Qmee is the perfect app for people looking for a no-effort way to earn some extra money, so you know they just had to be on our list for best survey sites. 

7. MyPoints

Compensation Plan: 1,750 points = $10

MyPoints has been well-loved for more than 20 years, and it’s easy to see why. They have great offers on surveys, videos, and coupons, and their claim to fame is the “Shop In-Store” feature.

This feature allows you to use your MyPoints balance to pay for your shopping trip. Just scan your receipt at participating retailers, and you can pay with your points!

8. Branded Surveys

Compensation Plan: 100 points = $1

Branded Surveys offer you to take surveys which give insights into the market about different brands. They provide reward points which can be redeemed once you earn a total of 500 points.

You can get a welcome bonus of 100 points when you sign up for free on branded surveys. You also get gift cards for brands like Chipotle, Walmart, PayPal, AirBnB and Amazon. 

9. Pinecone Research

You participate in product studies and the reviews that you give establishes that the products will eventually make it to the shelfs in the stores. Thus, it is more than just a survey task. You get a flat $3/study.

The catch however is that you can get these products for study only through invitees. You can convert your survey points into  gift cards once you reach enough survey points.

Pinecone Research pays you more than any other survey site out there and you can also estimate your earnings. It can take you only 48 hours to get your first earnings.

The minimum cashout value is $1. They also give you the option of cashing out your reward through your bank transfers. And get the funds within three to five days.


Taking surveys isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. What taking surveys is perfect for, though, is spending money.

Taking surveys buys you that new pair of jeans takes you to the latest hit movie or pays for the date night you can never quite fit into the budget.

They’re the perfect side gig for people too tired for a side hustle, and they’re so flexible.

Some people like the security of knowing that they’ll get a payout eventually without noticing they’re working.

Others prefer to work hard and earn quickly to reap the benefits immediately. You might like something mindless to do while you’re watching tv or waiting in line.

Or you might want to be engaged and have fun while you earn points.

Surveys have something for everyone. They’re easy and fun and fit into every lifestyle. Best of all, they’re helping you get your voice heard.

The brands you shop at every day use these surveys to make decisions, so you’re making a positive impact on the world around you every time you take a survey.

The extra money is great, but making that difference is priceless.


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