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30 Best Christmas Jobs For Quick Cash In 2024

Michelle Salater
December 13, 2023
30 Best Christmas Jobs For Quick Cash In 2024

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Table of Contents

There’s nothing like a little extra cash – especially during the holiday season.

Christmas jobs can help you buy the perfect gift for everyone on your list, avoid going into debt, and even find some year-round side hustles

Based on recent years, Americans are likely to spend about $997.79 on holiday purchases for themselves and their families.

This means that if you haven’t been saving for Christmas all year, you’re stressing about where you’ll come up with that extra $1,000.

The good news is that you can find tons of Christmas jobs that will help pack your pockets and fill your stockings this holiday season.

30 Best Christmas Jobs To Make Money

1. Babysit

Parents always need babysitters – especially during the busy holiday season.

A few weekends of babysitting lets parents get shopping done, go on magical holiday dates, and boost your Christmas savings account.

Sign up on to offer babysitting services in your community.

2. Housesit

With so many families traveling during the holiday season from Thanksgiving all the way through the New Year, house sitters are in high demand.

People need someone to stay over and make sure their house stays safe, clean, and ready for their return.

You can find house sitting gigs on, too, and they can pay around $26 an hour.

3. Pet-sit

In addition to babysitting and house-sitting, many people will be looking for someone to watch their pets as they travel during the holidays.

Websites like Rover make it easy to sign up as a pet sitter and start getting gigs.

4. Drive For Lyft

Hourly earnings for Lyft drivers are around $12 – $21 per hour.

You get paid for each minute of the trip, plus tips!

You could reach your $1000 goal in as little as a couple of weeks by driving people to and from one of your Christmas jobs.

This job is especially great if you live near an airport since people traveling will need help getting to and from their flights!

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5. Deliver Food For DoorDash

The best Christmas jobs have flexible hours and allow you to start and quit anytime. 

DoorDash is one of those.

With DoorDash, as you probably know, you get paid to deliver food.

Each gig is paid differently, so keep an eye out for those high-paying trips!

6. Shop For Groceries With Shipt

During the busy holiday season, more people need help getting their groceries.

From packed schedules to flu season, there are many reasons people might want to get groceries delivered.

That makes shopping with Shipt a great Christmas job!

Shipt grocery shoppers earn a base pay plus tips, and funds can be accessed immediately.

7. Sell Holiday Crafts (Locally And Online)

If you are a crafter and maker, use your creativity to make some extra money for Christmas.

Lots of places – especially churches and schools – host holiday shopping events, and they’re always looking for vendors!

You can even try your hand at setting up your own Etsy shop and selling online.

Trim your holiday spending with our Free Christmas Budget Printable.

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8. Decorate Homes

Do you have a flair for decorating?

Not everyone does, so use your unique skill set to turn someone else’s home into a winter wonderland… for some extra cash, of course!

Does a whole hose feel too overwhelming?

Try offering Christmas home decoration services, instead!

9. Install Christmas Lights

Installing Christmas lights can be inaccessible for some people.

In the cold weather, getting up on roofs and fastening the lights securely is a tough job… but one you can get paid well for.

You can put up lights for homeowners or seasonal holiday businesses, such as light displays, which hire light installers to get their drive-thru displays ready for the Christmas crowds.

10. Flex Your Acting Muscles

One of the most fun Christmas jobs is bringing some of our favorite holiday characters to life.

Look for events where you can dress up as Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, an elf, or more!

And don’t stop at malls – there are likely dozens of public and private events that need extra help.

11. Work At Winter Venues

You don’t need to live near a ski resort to work at a winter venue.

Your town might have an ice skating rink, light display, parades, and more!

All of these events need an extra hand, making them great Christmas jobs.

12. Work At Christmas Events

With all the company Christmas parties, many caterers are in need of servers, bartenders, and cooks.

Reach out to your local entertainment and catering services to see if they’re hiring seasonal workers.

13. Give Retail Work A Try

Retail’s busiest season is from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, so they’re always in need of extra help during the Christmas season.

Be on the lookout for Christmas jobs at your favorite retailers, such as seasonal work at Best Buy.

One of the best things about these is that you don’t have to worry about quitting – they understand from the start that you’ll only be with them for a little while.

14. Wrap Gifts

Many department stores offer gift wrapping for shoppers, which means they need extra people at Christmas time to wrap all the presents.

In addition to retail stores, consider offering gift-wrapping services on your own. 

Reach out to those you know and offer your services.

Set a rate based on supplies, time, and quality of wrapping.

15. Be A Personal Shopper

Some people are so busy during the holiday season that they don’t have time to do their gift shopping.

Other people are clueless about what to buy for their loved ones.

Still, others just can’t stand shopping.

That makes being a personal shopper a great (and super fun) Christmas job.

You get to make money shopping – what could be better?

16. Sell Christmas Trees

Flex your sales muscles at your local Christmas tree lot, or offer to set up and decorate people’s trees.

In either case, you’ll spend the whole holiday season around one of the most magical parts of Christmas – the green, shimmery, glittering tree.

17. Take Christmas Photos

Taking Christmas photos is another great job that’s easy to start.

You can work as a photographer for Santa visits, offer Christmas card photo packages, and even set up a decorated Christmas photo booth at a holiday event and charge people to take photos at your “selfie stand.”

18. Be One Of Santa’s Real-Life Helpers

With so many people placing online orders, one of the easiest Christmas jobs to get is a package delivery person at UPS, USPS, or FedEx.

They all traditionally do hiring sprees specifically for the holiday season and can pay up to $30 an hour.

Best of all, you get to be instrumental in delivering the magic of Christmas to kids in your area.

19. Sell Unused Stuff

If you need quick, easy Christmas cash, look through the stuff you have in your home and see what you can sell.

Your trash may be someone else’s treasure!

You can sell items online through Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Poshmark.

20. Clean Houses

Many people host guests during the holiday season, which means there is a greater need for house cleaners.

Work freelance or reach out to a cleaning company in your area to see if they could use a hand!

21. Rent Rooms

While you may not have a second home to rent on Airbnb, you may have an extra room.

You can rent a private room to those traveling over the holidays, especially if that room is where the person can enter and leave quietly and easily.

This is another Christmas job that is great for people who live near airports!

22. Stock Some Shelves

In addition to needing more retail workers during the holiday season, stores such as Macy’s, are also looking for more seasonal stock associates.

They need people willing to work late, early, and second shifts to stock stores and fulfill orders, so these Christmas jobs work well for people looking for a second job after hours.

23. Sell Stock Photos

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to sell stock photos online.

Websites such as Shutterstock and iStock Photo allow users to upload photos that can be sold for commercial use.

You can also sell the Canva templates you design.

24. Take Some Calls

With an uptick in sales, there’s always an uptick in customer service calls.

Taking these calls is another easy Christmas job.

Many jobs allow you to work from home and respond to customers online or by phone. 

For instance, Amazon hires 100% virtual work-from-home seasonal customer service associates.

25. Sell Used Books On Amazon

Selling used books on Amazon can be a really lucrative side hustle.

Go through your bookshelves and pull out any you want to sell.

You can fulfill orders yourself (Merchant Fulfilled Network) or utilize Fulfillment by Amazon (which stores, packs, and ships for you).

26. Be A TaskRabbit

Are you a jack of all trades?

TaskRabbit allows users to find “Taskers” (like you!) to complete all sorts of tasks, such as furniture assembly, running errands, home repairs, and more.

With TaskRabbit, you set your own rate and keep 100% of what you charge.

27. Craft Christmas Cards

Do you have excellent handwriting or perfect calligraphy?

Advertise your beautiful handwriting on Etsy for hand-addressing Christmas card envelopes or wedding invitations.

People pay per envelope, so even one sale can be worth more than you think!

28. Sell Baked Goods

Turn your love of baking into a fun Christmas job!

Invest in a few seasonal supplies (boxes, treat bags, etc.) and advertise your baking services on social media.

You can also sign up to be a vendor at your town’s Christmas markets.

29. Rent Your Car

Car rental places are overbooked during the holidays, but people still need vehicles.

Why not let them borrow yours?

You can rent out your second vehicle, a car you won’t use due to travel, or even your primary car – if you can go a few weeks without it.

Car-sharing sites like Turo allow you to set your own rental price, availability, and user rules.

30. Store Someone Else’s Stuff

Around Christmas time, people are in need of additional storage space to hide presents and clear space for guests.

You can rent out storage on the site Store At My House if you have extra storage space.

Your neighbors can safely store their Santa gifts in your backyard shed, and you can earn some easy extra money.


Picking up a Christmas job is a great way to ensure you can enjoy your holidays without putting extra strain on your finances.

Some jobs will be more involved than others, but all of them have some degree of flexibility.

Here at Penny Calling Penny, our holiday blogs are only a part of our growing library.

We’re dedicated to helping you learn to manage your money, no matter where you’re at on your financial journey.

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Consider babysitting, house sitting, pet-sitting, driving for Lyft, and delivering food with DoorDash for quick holiday earnings.

Explore selling holiday treats, printables, flipping furniture, odd jobs, and more to supplement your Christmas budget.

Setting up Christmas lights, virtual assisting, food delivery, gift wrapping, and shopping services are few options you can consider.

Create and sell treats like popcorn and hot chocolate ornaments, or sell printables on platforms like Etsy.

Look into flexible gigs like food delivery, virtual assisting, setting up lights, and delivering groceries for extra cash.

Michelle Salater
Michelle Salater is a freelance financial copywriter with over a decade of experience writing for companies in B2B and B2C. Her passion for personal finance education came from realizing her own toxic relationship to money, healing it, and turning her financial situation around in just 16 months. Michelle is a co-founder of Stop Being Sold®, a community created to transform the way consumers buy financial products. When she’s not in front of her computer, she’s reading biographies and exploring remote areas of Mexico.

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