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Before jumping straight onto the facts on Thanksgiving, let us know what Thanksgiving is? Well, Thanksgiving is the American holiday that falls in November on the fourth Thursday.

But do you know why do we celebrate it? Thanksgiving is usually celebrated in honor to commemorate the 1621 harvest meal of the colonial Pilgrims, which they shared with the original natives of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and they were Wampanoag Indians.

Further, as years passed, the fantastic designating feasts fully-dedicated to giving thanks on the occasional or annual basis became a regular practice to people in New England too.

So, Thanksgiving all together is a traditional festival that mainly embodies three essential activities that include spending quality time with your family, enjoying an extravagant dining time, and sipping in your favorite beverage while watching football!

Many of us hunt down some gobsmacking Thanksgiving food or dinner recipes for our family and friends. Our classic recipes include the all-time Turkey recipes, leftover stuffing recipes that only shout Yum like pumpkin pie and sweet potato recipes in the festival of flavors.

It’s possibly even more essential to remember how this holiday period began, in addition to the, unlike ways we celebrate this day today! And that’s how these incredible Thanksgiving facts come in.

While you pass the peas, get amazed by the fascinating information we have covered to educate and at the same time entertain you. And also, don’t forget to keep your dinner amusing and refreshing by sharing these meaningful Thanksgiving’s inside stories that some of you might not know.

11 Interesting Facts About Thanksgiving

1. Did You Know? The First Thanksgiving Was A Three-Day Festival!

Surprisingly, the very first Thanksgiving is reported to take place in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was a three-day gala to wholeheartedly celebrate the ample and lavish harvest. Also, it was believed to be attended by the Wampanoag people and pilgrims that we mentioned earlier also.

2. Every Year In America, Near Around 46 Million Turkeys Are Prepped Up For Thanksgiving.

Such a Turkey preparation tradition is followed as per the National Turkey Federation. It is also noted that around 95% of the Americans voted eat turkey at Thanksgiving. So, time to gobble up!

3. Do You Know The Meats Served At The First Thanksgiving?

Well, this may come to you like a box of surprise, but yes, there’s no record of Turkey being served on the first Thanksgiving. Instead, duck, goose, swan, and Venison were possibly served.

Also, people feasted on seafood that’s charged with flavors, including oysters, fish, lobster, and perhaps eel.

4. Once Thanksgiving Took Place on Other Thursday in November

In November 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt decided to move Thanksgiving from fourth Thursday to last Thursday. The shift took place in the attempt to help our economy was going through during the Great Depression to extend the Christmas shopping season.

Eventually, the majority of states still celebrated Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November month, while a few states like Colorado, Texas, and Mississippi commemorated both Thursdays.

5. The Detroit Lions Interestingly Play On Thanksgiving Day Always

In every Thanksgiving, while people possibly watch football, some might not even realized that every single year, the Detroit Lions play the game. The Chicago bears back in 1934 played on the holiday in a way to attract a significant number of fans.

Though the Detroit Lions lost that game, it was the start of this glorious tradition that still holds its root strong today.

6. There’s a Need for Around 200 Cranberries To Prepare Cranberry Sauce

The largest producer of Cranberry products, Ocean Spray, produces approximately 80 million cranberry sauce cans every year in the U.S. And 85 percent of the sauce’s supply is sold out during Christmas and Thanksgiving.

7. It Was Benjamin Franklin’s Wish To Have Turkey As The Official Bird of the U.S.

In a letter to his daughter, Benjamin Franklin wrote that – “For my part, I wish the Bald Eagle had not been chosen the Representative of our Country…For the Truth, Turkey is in Comparison a much more respectable Bird.”

It means that he lamented the bald eagle’s choice as America’s official bird due to its “poor moral character.” He further acclaimed that a turkey is a “highly respectable bird” and also, it’s native to the country.

11 Interesting Facts About Thanksgiving

8. Central Park Zoo Animals Were Part of The First Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Originally called the “Macy’s Christmas Parade, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is held to start the exciting holiday shopping season. The first parade was held in 1924 that included elephants, camels, bears, and monkeys.

Instead of the traditional character balloons (oversized ones) that we know in today’s date, these animals were borrowed from Central Park Zoo.

9. Originally, Jingle Bell Was Composed As A Thanksgiving Song

Jingle Bells, written by James Lord Pierpont, was first published in 1857. The song was initially written to be sung on Thanksgiving. However, if you carefully listen to its lyrics, then you will realize that there is no mention of “Christmas!”

10. It’s A Secret! Most Americans Don’t Like The Classic Thanksgiving Food.

According to a poll conducted in 2019 by the Harris Poll, 68 percent of Americans dislike the classic Thanksgiving dinner staple. However, they eat it anyway because of the tradition.

Unknowingly, the most hated food items were green bean casserole (24%), pumpkin pie (21%); sweet potatoes or sweet potato casserole (22%); cranberry sauce (29%), and for that matter, turkey (19%).

11. What’s the Perfect Thing As A Thanksgiving Host?

As per the Harris Poll in 2015, around 79 percent of Americans claim that undoubtedly, the best thing about hosting Thanksgiving is having your fridge stuffed with leftovers. So bring on those delicious leftover turkey sandwiches!

All in all, Thanksgiving is an exciting blend of myths and facts. We hope you enjoyed our compiled facts on the occasion of Thanksgiving 2021. We hope this Thanksgiving brings lots of happiness and an abundance of blessings for you.

And Happy Thanksgiving From Penny Calling Penny!



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