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7 Clever Cleaning Hacks To Save Money In 2024

Searching for some best cleaning hacks? Turn your head here as these money-saving cleaning hacks will blow your mind right away.
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June 5, 2023
7 Clever Cleaning Hacks To Save Money In 2024

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Table of Contents

Do you want to know some smart cleaning hacks? Are you one of those who love cleaning your home?

Well, let us get straight to the real talk that these household chores never give you time off, do they? We know the answer, right?

Many are lucky enough to have professional help, but the cleaning also knows no boundaries as it’s endless!

The cleaning process is always in the waiting mode, staring at us whenever we are enjoying our favorite web series and laid back on our comfy couch!

We do know that cleaning comes with costing you money, time, and effort, of course!

But now is the time to bid farewell to those expensive cleaning products when you have these money-saving cleaning hacks in the bucket.

Do you want to eradicate those unpleasant smells? Or, want to remove the stains from your carpet?

Or, you wish to have unblemished corners in your dream home, these tips will prove to be your savior!

7 Best Cleaning Hacks To Save Money

1. Let Those Grease Stains Vanish By Rubbing Alcohol

It is always a headache to get rid of stains. But not to worry, as you can now get those stubborn grease stains out of your beautiful carpets or any other surface. You need to mix one part salt and four parts of rubbing alcohol. 

Further, rub the mixture over the stain to lift that unacceptable grease. Next, allow the surface to dry and vacuum up or wipe the leftover salt, and the job is done! 

2. Clean Your Couch With Baking Soda

Does your favorite couch have a lingering smell? Or, is it having any unshakable stain on the fabric? Well, baking soda is your Hero! Baking soda is one magical natural cleaner that helps deal with such difficulties. For that, first, you need to brush off your couch’s surface. 

Next, dust the baking soda on the area you wish to clean. Remember to let the sprinkle remain in there for approx. 20 minutes. Finally, vacuum it up by using your brush attachment! 

3. Freshen Up Your Stinking Sneakers

To keep your sneakers smelling fresh, all you need to do is that sprinkle the baking soda in them. So, whenever you are ready to wear those shoes again, tap that sprinkle outside. 

4. Clean Your Dishwasher

Is your dishwasher clean? If not, how it will smoothly do its job of cleaning your dishes? When your appliances are in top-notch shape, it makes them last longer. So, if you are thinking to get rid of that awful build-up of soap scum, grease, and food debris, we are here with a solution! 

For that, get a dishwasher container, baking soda, and some white vinegar. 

7 Must-Know Cleaning Hacks That Will Save Money, Time, and Effort

Cleaning Hacks – Dishwasher Cleaning Process

Step 1: First, remove the bottom rack of your dishwasher and get easy access to that dishwasher drain. Then, remove any food remains or gunk that may be present inside. 

Step 2: Now, fill up your dishwasher-safe storage with one cup of vinegar. After this, please put it on the upper rack and run your dishwasher via a hot water cycle. Besides the container filled up with vinegar, keep your dishwasher empty! 

Step 3: Next, spray the bottom of the dishwasher with about one cup of baking soda. Now, run the dishwasher using hot water for a short span. 

What do you get in the end? A clean, shiny, brighter dishwasher is all you get that smells hell better than it was before!  

Tip: Remember to repeat the above process once a month for keeping your appliances in the best condition for a long time. 

5. Clean Your Grimy Microwave

Without any doubt, especially during any festivity season, birthday parties, or on the Thanksgiving occasion, your microwave can get pretty chaotic. However, there’s an effortless way to make it shine brighter once again!

Prepare a mix of vinegar and water (same quantity of vinegar and water) in a microwave-safe container or bowl. 

Also, don’t forget to place a small wooden object like a toothpick for preventing boiling. Now, allow the solution to boil on high flame for 5 to 10 minutes. Allow the solution to cool down for a couple of minutes. 

Further, when you open your microwave, you need to wash the inside of your microwave with a paper towel or sponge. 

And phew! The clean microwave is all yours without buying those overpriced and often non-effective and disappointing cleaners! 

Tip: Also, you can add some lemon to the mixture for a clean and fresh scent! 

6. Give Best Shine To Your Stainless Steel Appliances With Furniture Polish

Allow the furniture polish to do its overtime on your amazing stainless steel household appliances. First, remove the grime and then do the spraying process on the polish and dry it out. 

7. Bleach Your Cutting Boards

Your must-clean cutting board has become a home to “Bacteria”? No worries! You can sanitize your cutting boards with the all-rounder bleach solution. Soak your cutting boards in this solution and feel the happiness!

You need to use two tablespoons of bleach per gallon for wooden boards and two teaspoons of bleach per a gallon of water for plastic boards. There’s no need of soaking them for a long time – a couple of minutes are enough and finally, Rinse! 


Whether you are a last-minute tidy-upper or a fan of constant cleaning, applying these easy and quick tricks will help you in making your cleaning process a lot easier! 

It’s time to dump your frustration, save time along with saving money wasted on those extravagant cleaning products. 

So love your spotless home with these super impressive cleaning hacks! 


These hacks are generally safe for common surfaces, but it’s always a good idea to do a spot test in an inconspicuous area first.

Yes, these hacks can work on both fresh and older stains, as well as lingering odors.

Bleach can be harsh, so always follow safety instructions and rinse surfaces thoroughly after using bleach solutions.

It’s a good idea to deep clean your dishwasher and microwave once a month to keep them in top condition.

While you can use multiple hacks, it’s best to focus on one area at a time to ensure thorough cleaning.

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