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    Home Bar Ideas on Budget

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    othing feels cutesy than working right to your stylish home bar donning your pajamas, and mixing yourself a cocktail. Installing a home bar is an excellent idea if you would love to hang out and enjoy your favorite cocktail in the comfort of your home.

    However, building a home bar can be pretty pricey. According to Home Advisor, you can expect to spend an average of $8,000 to install a custom or premade home bar. Additionally, the prices could increase if you consider installing a wet bar.

    Luckily, the below home ideas are excellent if you’re looking for a DIY home bar on budget.

    Is it Worth Having a Home Bar?

    • In an era where going to a social gathering like your favorite cocktail lounge is a risky business—yikes, COVID—a home bar is imperative.
    • You should consider installing a home bar because it offers the flexibility to entertain yourself and your guests whenever you want.
    • You don’t have to fret about and deal with going to your local bar and cramming your guests in a public space.
    • A home bar also brings the night-out experience right into your home.
    • Perhaps the most important reason is that a home bar provides more security and privacy. You don’t have to deal with strangers and worry about your safety.
    • Furthermore, a home bar can save you money. It is much cheaper to purchase your drinks in stocks from a wholesaler than to spend your money at a local pub.

    What to Consider When Setting Up a Home Bar?

    When designing a home bar on a budget, you should consider some crucial factors.

    • First, you need to think of the design style you need for your home bar. Are you looking for a vintage, rustic, or contemporary home bar design?
    • Also, you need to consider the type of home bar you want to install. There are two types, and these are dry and wet home bars.
      • A dry home bar is a typical bar with a preparation space, seating, and storage. On the other hand, the wet bar features a sink and running water.
    • Space is another thing to consider when installing a home bar. How much space do you have to install a home bar? Typically, the space available can help determine whether you need a permanent or mobile home bar. Also, the area you have will determine the size of the bar that fits your home.
    • Another thing is to consider the storage. Having a secure place to keep your drinks, glasses, and other bar accessories is imperative to make your bar experience a breeze.
    • Importantly, you need to consider the room to install your bar. The common areas for a home bar include the kitchen, dining, basement, shade, patio, and living room area. Whichever place you choose to put your home bar, remember that there are endless home bar ideas to play with and create your dream bar.
    • Lastly, you need to consider the bar fixtures and accessories.

    Best Indoor Home Bar Ideas

    Indoor home bars are pretty popular and offer a serene environment to enjoy your drinks within the comfort of your home.

    1. Upgrade Your Bookshelf Into a Home Bar

    If you’re designing a home bar on a budget, utilizing readily-available materials at home is best. And in this case, you can upcycle your old home library shelves into a home bar. There is not much you need to do to transform a bookcase into a home bar. 

    Bookcases/shelves have pre-built shelves, and the bottle sizes can fit perfectly into these spaces. A simple dusting and organization is the magic to creating a home bar on budget using your Bookshelf.  

    2. Install Your Home Bar Beneath the Staircase

    Do you have some space under your staircase? You can update this section to include your home bar. Depending on the space, you can add outlets to include a fridge and other bar accessories.

    Creating a home bar beneath the staircase is ideal as it is inexpensive, accessible, and a creative way to utilize an odd space in your home. This stylish home bar design under the staircase by Hobb’s Ink, LLC on Houzz is an excellent example. 

    3. Consider a Bar Cart

    A bar cart is another excellent home bar idea if you need a stylish mobile home bar. This home bar makes it easy to grab and mix yourself a drink and easy to fix glass and offer to your friends/guests. Furthermore, a home bar provides a space to keep and display your wine glasses, decanters, bitters, and bottles.

    4. Upgrade Your Dresser to a Bar

    Another excellent home bar idea is to transform your dresser into a bar. Create shelving by eliminating the dresser drawers, and voila! You have a home bar. The top area of the dresser can work as the mixology and serving area. Dress up your dresser bar with a touch of paint, or you can add other bar accessories to make it more elegant.

    If you don’t have a free dresser at home, you can check at the thrift stores, and it is a lot cheaper than purchasing a new pre-built home bar.

    Best Outdoor Home Bar ideas

    Do you feel like taking things outdoors? Your yard space, shade, or patio can be a perfect destination to unwind with your friends. Additionally, outdoor home bars are excellent for outdoor entertainment during the summer.

    1. Upgrade Pallets to an Outdoor Home Bar

    Do you have pallets laying around? You can configure your pallets to create a pleasant and functional outdoor home bar. Fix your pallets to a sturdy area like the patio and upgrade its look with a concrete top. Additionally, you can be creative with the wood color and add lighting accessories to elevate visuals.

    2. Upcycle Your Potting Bench to an Outdoor Home Bar

    Do you have potting benches idling around? These gardening benches make perfect outdoor bar carts. You can customize a potting bench to your liking by painting and adding accessories.

    Furthermore, gardening benches feature several shelves perfect for organizing your drinks. Also, the pegboards are perfect for hanging towels and other bar essentials. The wheels make it easy to create a mobile bar cart for outdoor use. 

    3. Outdoor Home Bar Next to Grill

    If you have an outdoor grill, it can be easy to create a wet pallet bar next to it. An outdoor bar and grill provide a cheery, stylish, and practical outdoor space to enjoy your BBQ and drinks.

    An excellent example is this outdoor wood bar made from pallets and includes a sink by DeGoey Designs on Houzz.  Whether you’re looking for an outdoor bar for the summer season or need an indoor one, the above ideas are a no-brainer and inexpensive.

    Creating a home bar is sometimes no further than transforming your kitchen cabinets into a bar that displays your statement.

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