100 Cheap Christmas Gifts For All That Looks Pricey

Michelle Salater
October 24, 2023
100 Cheap Christmas Gifts For All That Looks Pricey
100 Cheap Christmas Gifts For All That Looks Pricey

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If you are already sweating finding the time and money for presents this year, our Christmas gift guide is here to the rescue with super cheap Christmas gifts!

We’ve curated a giant list of perfect Christmas gifts under $100 for everyone on your list – mom, dad, nieces, nephews, family friends, coworkers, and more!

The sooner you use this Christmas gift guide, the better. Why?

So you can start budgeting and saving to check all the presents off your list, buy cheap Christmas gifts and save time and be on the lookout for price drops.

Shopping well in advance allows you to set up price drop alerts on CamelCamelCamel or use a browser extension like Honey to alert you when the price drops or if coupons become available.

So what are you waiting for? Let the shopping begin!

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas Of 2024

Here you can find the list of cheap gift ideas of 2024.

Cheap Christmas Gift Guide For Mom

When shopping for a present for mom, you want something that will make her feel seen, known, and loved.

Some of our gift picks below provide a much-needed escape, and others are forever keepsakes. 

No matter what type of mom you have, we’re positive you’ll find the perfect present in this Christmas gift guide!

1. Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

This unique present allows you to customize a birth month garden for mom. It includes all you need to watch your flowers grow. You can buy just her birth month flower or a set for mom’s birth month and her children’s birth months. 

2. Personalized Bracelet Bangle

Add a piece of meaningful jewelry to your mom’s collection with this elegant bangle bracelet. You can customize up to 10 heart charms with important names and dates.

3. Best Mom Candle

Candles are the purest form of gift that symbolises serenity and calmness. A wonderful present for your mother, who is constantly concerned about each member of the family and their little details. For the holiday season this year, get this candle, which has a special message and pure scented oils with lasting effects.

4. Coffee Gift Set

Another gift for coffee lovers! The nine diverse coffee flavours in this gift set, each weighing 18g, make it the ideal present for coffee enthusiasts.

5. Mama Pampering Gift Box

For those who are expecting mothers, the Mama Pampering Gift Box is the ideal present! Get this handcrafted present, which includes a candle jar, a lovely and simplistic alphabet neckpiece, and other luxuries. A cherished memento that will always be with them!

6. Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Now 21% Off

The luxurious bamboo bathtub caddy is incredibly inexpensive and will give your bathtub area a rich appearance. This bath table also has compartments for wine glasses, books, and a cell phone! You can purchase this thoughtful present for your loved ones this holiday season for under $30. Give your loved ones this amazing gift so that they can pamper themselves with self care, and enjoy their me time!

7. Oziva Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Save 47%

Give mom the gift of relaxation with a box of aromatherapy shower steamers. She can place the orange-scented one in the shower in the morning for a burst of energy and use the lavender one in the evening to get ready for bed. 

8. Nature’s Approach Aromatherapy Heating Pad 4 Piece Set

The mom who needs some at-home serenity will love this complete aromatherapy pillow set. It includes a shoulder wrap, a belted lumbar pillow, and an eye pillow, each with natural soothing herbs, as well as a peppermint sinus pack. 

9. Bucket Hat

The bucket hat has steadily returned to the forefront of fashion as POP culture has come to rule the world. It has a great influence from the POP culture and can be easily paired with other fashion accessories. A perfect gift for anyone of any age! They are strong, water-resistant, and have a vintage feel. They may also be quickly folded and slipped into a bag on top of all that.

10. Birthstone Jewelry

Minimalistic fashion is back in style! This birthstone accessory makes the perfect gift if you want to give someone a simple yet beautiful neckpiece. Additionally, birthstones have a few other really unique qualities. According to gem counsellors, wearing these crystals on your body allows you to link to the energy of the ground. The same idea applies when wearing birthstone jewelry.

11. Custom Family Recipe Tea Towel

The Printed Gift can take beloved family recipes or children’s drawings and have them printed on a tea towel, where mom can cherish the handwriting and recipe for years to come. This unique gift is about as personalized as they come!

12. Beats Fit Pro

You know what mom really needs? The gift of silence. These wireless, noise-canceling earbuds earn their place on any Christmas gift guide since mom can tune in and tune out whenever she wants.

13. Mommy And Me Bracelets

Bracelets are well known gift that symbolizes a special bond between two individuals. This Mommy and Me bracelet represents the connection between a mother and her child. These elegant bracelets are created with gemstones and hand-dyed cotton yarn. Get this adorable bracelet for your child and yourself so that it’ll look great with any outfit and for any occasion.

Cheap Christmas Gift Guide For Her​

Not sure what to give the important woman in your life?

The ideas here in our Christmas gift guide can help you choose the perfect present – whether she’s a social media expert, a true crime junkie, or a maker.

14. BaubleBar Gift Card

For the woman who has everything, a BaubleBar gift card gives her the unique experience of designing her own customized jewelry. 

15. Etsy Gift Card

If she likes hand-crafted items, you can’t go wrong with an Etsy gift card. She’ll be able to pick something or commission an artisan to make the perfect piece. 

16. Hunt A Killer

True crime is all the rage, and the Hunt a Killer subscription box allows anyone to become a crime solver in the safety of their own home. 

17. SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker

Now 8% Off

This SodaStream is designed specifically to turn regular boring water into sparkling water. 

18. Floral Beachwaver Rotating Curling Iron

Baachwaver tools are popular for a reason besides the cute patterns – they make it quick and easy to get the perfect curl or wave. 

19. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Now 6% Off

Make her feel like a celebrity with this top-of-the-line professional hair dryer that has everyone raving. 

20. Smart Garden 3 – Self Watering Indoor Garden

Even in the smallest spaces, she can grow fresh basil and other herbs with this smart garden. 

21. Retro Pink Wireless Mini Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Now 34% Off

With this retro keyboard, she can turn her tablet into a typewriter! It’s cute and functional. 

22. Revlon One-Step Volumizer And Hot Air Brush

Now 19% Off

If you can’t splurge on the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, the Revlon Hot Air Brush is the next best choice, which is why it’s one of our must-have picks for this Christmas gift guide. It makes it easy to dry, volumize, and style hair. 

Cheap Christmas Gift Guide For Dad

Dad doesn’t need another tie. And if you are going to get him a coffee mug, at least take it up a notch and get him something he doesn’t already own, like a portable french press or smart coffee mug. 

Below is a wide assortment of Christmas gift guide choices for dads.

23. Fellow Clara French Press Coffee Maker

This easy-to-use French Press makes it easy to enjoy your favorite coffee away from home.

24. Starbucks Gift Card

For those who love to sit at Starbucks or just someone who simply can’t live without coffee. Gift your special someone an actual cup of coffee through a gift card at a reasonable price. This gift will make their heart filled with joy and caffeine ofcourse.

25. Grip 6 Belt

Grip 6 Belts have a lifetime guarantee and a legion of fans, earning them a top spot on our Christmas gift guide for Dad. The web belt has no holes, no flap, and is so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing it. 

26. Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick

For anyone hoping to up their golf game, the warm-up stick is perfect for improving your swing tempo, strength, and flexibility. 

27. RENPHO Eye Massager

Now 36% Off

This unique eye massager uses compression and heat to ease tension, aid migraines, and reduce eye strain. Plus, it connects to Bluetooth, so you can listen to soothing sounds, too. 

28. Custom Face Socks

Give dad a true one-of-a-kind gift with these fun custom face socks.

Now 46% Off

The rechargeable, windproof lighter is a must-have for every household. 

30. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Rocking Chair

This portable rocking chair is great for the dad who spends a lot of time cheering on his kids at the sports field or taking them on outdoor adventures. 

31. Storyworth

With Storyworth, your dad will respond to a weekly autobiographical email question. At the end of the year, these questions will be turned into a meaningful keepsake book. 

32. Meta Quest 2

Let dad have some fun! The newest in the Oculus world, the Meta Quest 2 is the most advanced all-in-one virtual reality system on the market. 

33. Kindle Paperwhite

Now 20% Off

A commuting dad who spends his time riding on the train or a busy traveler will love the Kindle Paperwhite. 

Cheap Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Next on our Christmas gift guide are gifts sure to impress that special man in your life.

Whether he loves the great outdoors, whiskey, the office, or beef jerky, we’ve got you covered. 

34. Kammok Roo Double Hammock

With a 500-lb weight capacity and a lifetime warranty, this portable hammock makes it easy to set up and relax anywhere. 

35. Cow-pocalypse Crate

ManCrates curates a variety of fun, unique, and masculine gift crates, like the Cow-pocalypse Crate. It contains 12 packages of tasty jerky.

36. Christmas Shirt Men

The quirky shirt is back in style. Give it to a special someone who enjoys breaking the mold with fashion trends. They will undoubtedly smile when wearing this Santa-inspired shirt. Get these odd shirts right away for a fair price.

37. Hot Sauce Gift Set

Don’t just settle for basic gift items! Why do we always buy gifts that are always sweet and beautiful instead of buying gifts that are bold and quirky? Buy some gifts that are totally out of the box. A gift that’ll maybe bring laughter. Well well, hot sauce gift set will do that for you. Primarily for those who enjoy spicy food!

38. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

There has never been a smarter coffee mug. Using an app, you can set your precise drinking temperature for hot beverages, track caffeine consumption, save presets for your favorite drinks, and more. (We know this is a Christmas gift guide, but if you snag one for yourself, we won’t judge you.) 

39. Urban Map Glass

These stunning glasses are etched with maps of popular urban areas in the United States, and you can choose a glass featuring your guy’s favorite city. 

40. Victorinox Swiss Army SwissCard Pocket Knife

Now 41% Off

With all the same features as a Swiss army knife, this is a flat credit card-sized pocket knife that fits a wallet.

41. The Office LEGO Set

Our Christmas gift guide for 2022 couldn’t neglect the newest pop culture LEGO set – The Office. 

Cheap Christmas Gift Guide For Toddlers

When it comes to shopping for toddlers, safety and quality are at the top of the list.

You want to choose toys that will entertain and educate – without breaking.

Classic toys, such as wooden puzzles and blocks, feel at home in our Christmas gift guide, as well as new technology like the Osmo starter kit.

No matter what you choose, your little one is sure to be delighted. 

42. Play Kits By Lovevery

Lovevery offers subscription stage-based play essential kits designed for fun and mind growth for newborns up to 3 years of age.

43. Color The Ocean Magic Bath Book

Make bathtime even more fun with this color-changing book.

44. Little People Launch And Loop Raceway Light-Up Vehicle Playset

Now 35% Off

What could be more fun than combining Fisher-Price Little People, Wheelies, and Hot Wheels tracks? This wonderful set makes our gift guide because it’s perfect for imaginative play and discovering momentum.

45. Osmo – Little Genius Starter Kit For iPad

Now 24% Off

Get kids started early on their path to digital learning with the award-winning Osmo system. 

46. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Wooden Train Set

The wonderful story by Eric Carle comes to life in a new way with this fun train set. 

47. Retrospec Cricket Baby Walker Balance Bike

Toddlers will love the freedom and independence they have with this balance bike. 

48. Melissa And Doug Wooden Peg Puzzle (6 Pack)

Melissa & Doug toys are made to last. This puzzle set includes 6 different wooden peg puzzles to help toddlers strengthen hand-eye coordination.

49. Building Bath Pipes

Toddlers will love sticking and rearranging these leaking pipes on the bathtub wall. 

50. The Block Set By Lovevery

Now 40% Off

Start your little one’s block collection the right way – with a durable set of blocks that grow with their age from 18 months to 4 years. 

51. Ride On Electric Bumper Car

Our Christmas gift guide for 2022 wouldn’t be complete without the ever-popular electric bumper car for toddlers and kids. 

Cheap Christmas Gift Guide For Kids

When we curated a Christmas gift guide for kids, we had to cover several age groups at once.

Fortunately, there are tons of fun, engaging toys for kids of all ages, like the ones you’ll find below.

52. Baketivity Subscription

Baketivity makes kid-friendly cooking subscription boxes that come with a recipe, dry ingredients, and a bonus learning lesson. 

53. Walkie-Talkies For Kids

Now 12% Off

Walktie-talkies have been gracing Christmas gift guides for years. Even with today’s modern technology, walkie-talkies are still a hit with kids of all ages.

54. Grow N’ Glow Terrarium

Give kids the gift of craft time and nature with this neat terrarium by Creativity for Kids. It comes with everything needed to decorate and complete a terrarium with two plant life cycles. 

55. Door Pong

Kids can enjoy a game of ping pong without the table using Door Pong. It’s easy and safe to attach to any standard door frame. 

56. Melissa And Doug Deluxe Solid-Wood Magic Set With 10 Classic Tricks

Now 40% Off

Ideal for kids 8 years and above, this magic set has everything a budding magician needs with easy-to-understand instructions! 

57. Green Toys Construction Vehicle – 3 Pack

These exceptional Green Toys are built to last, made from 100% recycled plastic, and are perfect for Christmas gifts. This set of construction vehicles will be great for younger kids.

58. SmooSat E9 PRO Electric Scooter For Kids

This foldable, lightweight electric scooter is a great gift choice for kids under 8 years old and up. The scooter has speeds of 5 mph, 8 mph, and 10 mph and has a max load of 132 lbs.

59. Classic Fairytale Pop-up Book

Christmas would be nothing without magic, so our Christmas gift guide had to include these keepsakes. Classic fairytales are brought to life with 3D illustrations in these stunning pop-up books. 

60. Crazy Forts!

This 69 Piece set allows kids to use their imagination and building skills to create indoor forts of all different shapes and sizes. 

61. VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam

Now 36% Off

This All-in-one kids video camera gives kids the opportunity to become movie makers while providing safety restrictions to put parents’ minds at ease. 

62. Got2Glow Fairy Finder

Now 28% Off

This ultra-magical Walmart-exclusive Fairy Finder jar is on our Christmas gift guide for a very special reason – kids get to find and collect hundreds of magical fairies and interact with them in the jar.

63. Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System

Kids can have a concert on their own with this light-up karaoke machine. Don’t worry – there are volume controls so parents can turn the noise down as needed. 


The fast-stacking building block game is like Tetris in real life and fun for the whole family. 

65. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Plenty of kids whose parents have looked at a Christmas gift guide will be getting this silly card game in their stockings. This simple game is designed to make everyone laugh. 

66. Amazon Glow With Tangram Bits

Now 9% Off

If you have long-distance grandparents or loved ones, Amazon Glow will let you feel a little closer. It is a video-call and interactive game system, so long-distance family and friends can play together.

Cheap Christmas Gift Guide For Teens

If you have teens on your Christmas list, look no further.

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular gifts for teens (and most popular with teens) in our Christmas gift guide.

67. Doughp Bestseller Pack

Treat the teen in your life to this pack of four of Doughp’s bestselling cookie dough flavors that can be enjoyed raw or baked. 

68. The Original Buddha Board Art Set

The Buddha Board is the ideal gift for relaxation and artistry. Teens can paint with water to create beautiful work of art. When it dries, teens can start over again. 

69. Polaroid Hi-Print – Bluetooth Connected 2×3 Pocket Photo Printer

Now 23% Off

This handheld device allows teens to print photos from their mobile devices from anywhere. 

70. Musee Women Of Change Gift Set

These aren’t your everyday bath bombs. Each one comes packaged in a unique box honoring powerful women, such as Rosa Parks and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and includes a magnet featuring them. 

71. Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 – Instant Film Camera

Now 6% Off

Polaroid cameras haven’t graced a teen Christmas gift guide in years, but that doesn’t mean instant photos have lost their charm. Allow today’s teens to experience some of the joys of instant polaroids with the Fujifilm Instax Square camera. 

72. Blendjet 2 Portable Blender

Teens can easily and quickly whip up a smoothie in this self-cleaning blender. With tons of designs, including Lisa Frank, this is a hit. 

73. Xyron Create-A-Sticker

Teens will love creating stickers to personalize their water bottles, lockers, skateboards, and notebooks through Xyron create-a-sticker.

74. Bitty Boomers Star Wars: The Mandalorian – Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Now 13% Off

This budget-friendly miniature Bluetooth speaker looks fun and has great sound quality – it might be on our Christmas gift guide for teens, but people of all ages will love this sweet speaker! 

75. Double-Sided Giant Buritto Throw Blanket

This 80-inch blanket will make teens laugh and keep them warm as they wrap themselves up like a giant burrito. 

Cheap Christmas Gift Guide For BFFs

If you’re looking for gift ideas for your besties, consider getting something that represents your friendship (like a friendship lamp) or something you think your friend can’t live without (like an Olive and June Mani Weekender set). 

76. Friendship Lamp

Send your long-distance BFF some love with this Wi-Fi Touch Lamp. Simply tap it to light it up in your friend’s home. 

77. 3-in-1 Hand Warmer, Makeup Mirror, Power Bank

Small enough for a purse, this 3-in-1 multifunctional pocket mirror is a must-have. 

78. Drinking Glasses

As Tyrion Lannister said, “Everything’s better with wine in the belly”. However, who wants to enjoy wine, beer, or cola in a basic glass? If you’re totally out of options for what to gift, these drinking glasses with two cleaning brushes will do the work. It can work for any drink and will look rich!

79. Wearable Blanket With Sleeves

Drums!!! Here comes the most cozy gift for the coziest season! Wearable blankets! Even getting out of bed on the weekends during the Christmas season feels like a big task. 

80. Bath And Body Works (Hamper For Men And Women)

Phrases could never express what a nice fragrance does. Anybody could feel special and have their spirits lifted by a lovely scent. Get this gift combo for men and women by Bath and Body Works, It has the undesirable effect of making people smell like a snack!

81. The Best Friend Game

Celebrate this Christmas Eve with the most exciting gifts. Through this game, you will get to know all those secrets about your best friend or maybe your special someone. Gift this Best friend game and enjoy with all the laughter, drinks and fun.

82. Around The Pearl’d In 80 Days Wristlet Phone Strap

String Thing sells adorable, wearable accessories for smartphones allowing you to turn your phone into a wristlet. 

83. Minute Mimosa Sugar Cube Trio

Turn any glass of bubbly into a mimosa with these deliciously flavored sugar cubes.

Cheap Christmas Gift Guide For Family Friends

Family friends aren’t always easy to buy for.

You may need to get a gift their whole family can enjoy.

You may not see them often and therefore don’t know them very well. 

No matter the reason, we got something that is just right on our Christmas gift guide.

84. Cribbage Board Game Set

Celebrate this Christmas Eve with full enjoyment by playing cards and board games! Gift this simple but exciting gift set, which involves two to three players participating in this 3 track cribbage game. Players can enjoy the luck of the deal and practice their discarding and gaming abilities starting at the age of eight.

85. Uber Gift Cards

Uber gift cards are great choices, especially for family friends who live in different locations. The recipient can use it for rides or food with UberEats after it’s delivered to them via email – no postage necessary. 

86. The Adventure Challenge Dinner Dates

The Dinner Dates cookbook by the makers of the Adventure Challenge is at home on any Christmas gift guide. Couples will uncover fun adventures and delicious recipes. 

87. Snack Box

The “Good food is good mood” saying is something that everyone follows with their heart. The snack box includes the most loved snacks in just a single pack. Give this lip smacking gift to anyone and watch their mood and spirits lift!

88. Taco Toaster

A perfect gift if you’ve run out of options. Tacos are the most loved snack by people of all ages. Give them a reason to make their favourite snack every other weekend, easily and deliciously crispy through Taco Toaster under a reasonable rate.

89. Indoor Electric S’mores Maker

This nostalgic indoor s’mores maker is the perfect gift for family friends who have everything. Include s’mores ingredients, and you have a winner.

90. Olive Oil Gift Set

Literally, what’s better than olive oil? Nada, nothing. And what if you get three bottles in a super elegant wooden rack of different varieties? Give this wonderful extra virgin olive oil from Greece as a gift. This olive oil gift set is flavored and scented with fresh organic herbs rather than with essential oils.

Cheap Christmas Gift Guide For Coworkers

A gift for a coworker shows you enjoy the time you spend with them at work.

If you’re stuck on what to buy your coworkers, check out our Christmas gift guide top picks below.

We’re pretty sure there’s something for everyone!

91. Grubhub Gift Card

Make work lunches a little easier for your coworker with a GrubHub gift card. 

92. Desk Dumpster Pencil Holder

Give your coworker a laugh with this dumpster fire pencil holder, complete with flame-shaped notecards. 

93. COCODOR Signature Reed Diffuser – Lemon Eucalyptus

Freshen up your friend’s cubicle with this lightly fragranced reed diffuser. This belongs on our Christmas gift guide as a gift to your co-worker and yourself. (As long as you sit close to your co-worker.)

94. Cinema Light Box Message Board With 400 Letters And Emojis

Do you have a coworker who’s always leaving notes? Upgrade her system with this LED message board. 

95. Wrapables Animal Mini Tabletop Vacuum

Now 19% Off

Our co-worker’s Christmas gift guide wouldn’t be complete without this cute and silly desktop vacuum. Your coworker will never have a dirty desk again!

Cheap Christmas Gift Guide For Pets

When it comes to Christmas gifts for pets, ask yourself, “Is this gift for the pet or the pet parent?”

If you want a gift for the pet, consider Barkbox.

If you want a gift for the parent, think about a doggie DNA test.

Check out our top pet gift picks below.

96. Custom Pet Portraits

Create a custom pet portrait from West and Willow. You submit a photo of your pet, choose backgrounds and frames, and the digital artists will get to work turning your photo into a sleek piece of modern art. 

97. Embark – Dog DNA Test

Now 20% Off

Help your dog find out his ancestral history with Embark. In addition to finding family, it helps identify key health information. 

98. Pet Cuddler Bed

It’s a big sin to leave your furry friend with no gifts during the Christmas season. The cozy season is for everyone, even your pet. Give them this cute pet cuddler bed to make them all happy and joyful. Not just this but you can even help your furry friend in the reduction of joint and muscle pain, which we think your adorable pet will cherish.

99. Furbo Dog Camera

Stay in touch throughout the day with the Furbo Dog Camera. Not only can you see and speak to your dog using the WiFi camera, but you can also give him treats using the device. 

100. Veken 95oz Pet Fountain

Now 32% Off

Delight your cat or dog with this large capacity water fountain. Made of the highest quality materials and filtration, you can ensure your pet always has fresh water to drink. 


In the spirit of spreading joy and holiday cheer, this 100 Christmas gifts offers many thoughtful, affordable ideas that prove you don’t need to break the bank to make loved ones smile.

From personalized trinkets to DIY creations, we’ve explored various options to suit every taste and budget.

As we navigate a world that often feels fast-paced and materialistic, remember that the true essence of gift-giving lies in the sentiment behind it.

These inexpensive yet meaningful gifts reflect the warmth and love of the season, emphasizing that the best presents are those from the heart.

Here at Penny Calling Penny, we’re dedicated to helping you learn to manage your money, regardless of your financial journey.

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