10 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support This Juneteenth

Itishree Parmar
June 8, 2024
10 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support this Juneteenth
10 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support this Juneteenth

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Juneteenth, the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of ending slavery in the United States, holds immense historical and cultural significance. 

On June 19, 1865, Union General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas, and proclaimed freedom for all enslaved African Americans. This momentous announcement marked the final implementation of the abolition of slavery in the United States, symbolizing liberation, hope, and the resilience of a community that persevered through immense hardships.

Juneteenth is also known by various names, such as Freedom Day, Emancipation Day, Jubilee Day, and Juneteenth Independence Day.

Early celebrations of Juneteenth emerged in Texas in 1866, a year after General Granger’s proclamation. Freed African Americans organized community gatherings, church services, parades, and other festivities to honor their ancestors’ struggles and rejoice in their newfound freedom. These early celebrations laid the foundation for the enduring legacy of Juneteenth.

Today, Juneteenth is celebrated across the United States with various events and activities. Communities come together to commemorate enslaved individuals’ emancipation and honor African American heritage. Parades, festivals, picnics, barbecues, concerts, and educational programs are organized to reflect on the history of slavery, celebrate African American culture, and promote unity and understanding.

Juneteenth has gained increasing recognition and significance in recent years. Efforts to establish it as a national holiday have gained momentum, culminating in its designation as a federal holiday in 2021. This historic milestone acknowledges the importance of Juneteenth in American history. It provides an opportunity for people across the nation to reflect on the legacy of slavery and work towards a more just and equitable society.

As we reflect on the historical importance of Juneteenth, it is crucial to recognize and uplift the achievements of black-owned businesses. These stories of success and resilience inspire us to dream big, overcome challenges, and positively impact our lives and communities.

Discover 10 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support This Juneteenth!

Financial Services

1. Brown Girls Do Invest

Brown Girls Do Invest, is a black-owned platform dedicated to educating and empowering women of color to become successful investors. Through their online community, courses, and resources, they inspire women to build wealth through investing.

Built by and for women of color, Brown Girls Do Invest shatters the stereotype that investing is only for a select few. Through their online community, courses, and resources, they’re making investing accessible and encouraging, inspiring a generation of women to become financially secure. Imagine the power of building wealth and achieving your financial goals – Brown Girls Do Invest equips you with the knowledge and confidence to do just that!

2. Lynnette Khalfani-Cox

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, Known as “The Money Coach,” is a personal finance expert, speaker, and author. She specializes in helping individuals improve their financial situations, reduce debt, and achieve financial independence.

Feeling overwhelmed by debt or unsure where to start with your finances? Look no further than Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, “The Money Coach.” With her expertise and guidance, you can gain clarity on your financial situation, develop a plan to crush debt, and finally achieve financial independence. Lynnette empowers you to take control and build a future free from financial worry.

3. Clever Girl Finance

Clever Girl Finance, Founded by Bola Sokunbi, offers financial education, resources, and a supportive community for women. She guides budgeting, saving, investing, and building wealth through her blog, books, and online courses.

Founded by the dynamic Bola Sokunbi, Clever Girl Finance is your one-stop shop for financial literacy. From budgeting basics to savvy investing strategies, Bola provides a wealth of resources – blog posts, books, and online courses – to help you navigate your finances with confidence. Join the supportive Clever Girl Finance community and watch your wealth grow over time!

4. The Budgetnista

Tiffany Aliche is a financial educator and author who has made it her mission to empower people to take control of their finances. Her YouTube channel, “The Budgetnista,” offers advice on budgeting, debt management, saving, and investing. Tiffany provides practical strategies for achieving financial goals and frequently collaborates with other experts in the personal finance space.

Tiffany Aliche, the mastermind behind The Budgetnista, is on a mission to make financial literacy fun and accessible! Her engaging YouTube channel tackles everything from budgeting hacks to debt management, offering practical strategies for achieving your financial goals. Whether you’re a budgeting pro or just starting out, The Budgetnista has something for everyone. Tune in, learn, and take control of your finances!

Fashion and Beauty

5. Tal & Bert

Tal & Bert is all about empowering you to express your unique personality through their stunning handmade jewelry and fashion-forward handbags. Every piece is carefully crafted with love and attention to detail, guaranteeing exceptional quality that will last. By supporting Tal & Bert, you’re not just shopping, but joining a community that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

6. Omi Woods

Embrace cultural diversity while adorning yourself with Omi Woods! A world of exquisite jewelry that blends tradition and contemporary design. Each piece crafted by Ashley Alexis McFarlane tells a unique story, celebrating African heritage and promoting sustainable practices. From stunning necklaces to delicate earrings, Omi Woods offers timeless elegance and conscious craftsmanship.

7. Dorcas Magbadelo’s

Dorcas Magbadelo‘s stunning artwork celebrates diversity and empowers women through her unique designs. From vibrant prints to enchanting stationery, her creations inspire joy and positive energy.

Dorcas Magbadelo’s captivating artwork, from her bold prints to enchanting stationery, is designed to uplift your spirit and celebrate the beauty of diversity. Imagine adorning your walls or desk with a piece that sparks joy and inspires you every day. Dorcas Magbadelo’s art is a constant reminder of your own strength and the beauty of the world around you!

Home and Lifestyle

8. Kindred Essence

Discover Kindred Essence, a sister-run small business based in New Jersey, specializing in scented candles, soaps, and body butters. Founded in 2008 by Sandra and Jennifer Mapp, Kindred Essence offers a timeless collection of giftable goodies designed to soothe the soul and lift the spirits. Their products are perfect for self-care and make great gifts, especially during the holiday season.

9. Sweet Home Alberti

Support creativity and transform your space with Sweet Home Alberti on Etsy! Casey Alberti’s captivating macramé pieces add vibrant colors and personality to any room. From custom hanging planters to exquisite wall hangings, her artistry brings joy to your home. By supporting this Black-owned business, you not only embrace diversity but also elevate your home decor to new heights.

Content Creator

10. Jennelle Eliana

Jennelle Eliana is a popular vlogger known for her van life adventures. She shares insights into budget-conscious travel and minimalistic living. Her content provides inspiration for those looking to live a frugal and unconventional lifestyle, showcasing creative ways to save money while enjoying life on the road.


Let us take action and make a meaningful difference. This Juneteenth and beyond, we urge you to:-

1. Discover and support black-owned businesses in your local area or online: Explore the diverse range of products and services they offer, and choose to invest your resources in their success.

2. Spread the word about these businesses: Share their stories, products, and achievements through your social media platforms, word of mouth, or by leaving positive reviews. Amplify their reach and impact within your networks.

3. Collaborate and partner with black-owned businesses: Engage in meaningful collaborations, events, or partnerships that support their growth and foster mutually beneficial relationships.

4. Educate yourself and others: Learn about the history, culture, and contributions of the black community. We can build a more inclusive society by understanding and appreciating diverse perspectives.

5. Advocate for change: Use your voice to advocate for policies and practices that promote equality, fairness, and support for black-owned businesses. Engage with local leaders and organizations to create an environment enabling entrepreneurship.

Remember, supporting black-owned businesses is not just an act of commerce but a way to uplift and empower the black community economically. Together, we can contribute to the ongoing fight for equality and justice, honoring the legacy of those who paved the way for freedom and prosperity. 

Let us celebrate freedom, embrace diversity, and build a future where every voice is heard, every dream is realized, and every community thrives. Join the movement. Support black-owned businesses today and every day.


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