The Fellowship of our Featured Contributors

We want our writers to reflect our readers. We have readers in every age group, and all over the world. We value your perspectives, so we take extra care when choosing our writers so we can represent different backgrounds and walks of life.

  • Some of our writers are masters, with years of experience in writing for financial institutions.  Others came to us when they were just getting started and our team helped them to elevate their skills and experience.
  • Some writers have spent years studying finances professionally, getting degrees or jobs in the field before coming to contribute to our blog. Their education and professional experience make their work perfect for people who have been working on their finances for a while. People who are curious about the more obscure details of how money works will find clear, helpful tips in their work.
  • Others are writers who have researched and learned from experience. These writers are here to help the average Joe. Their practical, everyday experience with money gives their writing a structured simplicity. These writers want to help you take your first steps into taking control of your finances.
  • The diversity of our writers means our content is fresh, exciting, and has something for everyone. Our writers who focus on practicality are perfect for readers on their first steps in their financial journey. If you have the basics down, other writers focus on building your wealth and dealing with risk management to help you find greater security.
  • The one thing all of our writers have in common is a passion for their craft. Our writers pour their heart and soul into researching, writing, and editing all of the content here on Penny Calling Penny. They know money matters, and they’re here to help encourage, educate, and inspire.



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