38 Best Places To Get Free Birthday Stuff In Colorado Springs

Drishti Choudhary
January 7, 2024
38 Places To Get Free Birthday Stuff In Colorado Springs
38 Places To Get Free Birthday Stuff In Colorado Springs

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Best Places To Get Free Birthday Stuff In Colorado Springs

Do you also feel your birthday is your most special day each year?

If so, you would like to have your favorites as you should.

The fact that everyone wants something special on their birthdays, but keeping in mind today’s economy and inflation, it might seem that celebrating birthdays has become expensive.

And so, we would like some freebies on our birthdays, right? If you are a resident of Colorado Springs, this blog is for you.

This blog will help you to know about places that will give you free birthday stuff in Colorado Springs.

38 Best Places For Birthday Freebies In Colorado Springs

Some brands offer you birthday deals, whether on clothing items, hardware, or theater tickets. Here is the list:-

1. Ace Hardware

As your birthday gift, you could receive a $5 discount on any of your purchases from Ace Hardware.

However, their condition is that your purchase must exceed $5.

Go sign up and grab your bargain now.

2. AMC Theaters

When you become a member of AMC Stubs, you could receive a large popcorn for free one day in your entire birthday month.

Further, if you become a member of Stubs Premiere and A-List, you could also avail a large fountain drink for free.

Grab the offers and make your day memorable.

3. Adidas

Are you someone who enjoys going shopping on their birthday?

This offer is just for you. Sign up and get an Adidas birthday offer.

The condition is that you are a member of their rewards club and are at level 2.

4. Bebe

If you become a Bebe club or program member, you get 100 points over time and can use it as your birthday present.

You can use these 100 points to buy free clothes; if you are a shopper, sign up now.

5. Columbia Sportswear

If you happen to be involved in some sports or like to go to the gym, yoga, or any other physical exercise, this brand is for you.

You get a coupon offering 20% off on your purchase on your birthday. What else could bring you joy?

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6. H&M

If you are one of those shoppers who love brands, this offer will fit you perfectly.

H&M offers you a discount on your purchase.

They offer 25% off on any one of your purchases.

Having an H&M item on or off isn’t a bad birthday deal.

7. Sephora

If you become a member of Beauty Insiders, you get a skincare or makeup gift as your birthday present.

And if you are a makeup-loving kind of person, go sign up now.

Here are a few food and beverage outlets that offer different deals and free birthday food in Colorado Springs to make your birthday more memorable.

8. Old Chicago World Beer Tour

You can receive a World Beer Tour card and choose from the list of beers for yourself.

If you don’t prefer beer, you could still get a pizza for free as your birthday treat from them.

A free pizza on your birthday? Yes. Also, they offer a free appetizer just after you sign up with them.

Go, sign up now.

9. Del Taco

Signing up for Del Taco would make you eligible for their birthday treat.

You could get two chicken soft tacos for free as your birthday present.

A good deal if you are a taco lover.

10. Domino’s

If you are someone who doesn’t like pizza but is someone who wants pizza for every meal, you must be a fan of Domino’s.

If you sign up with them, you will receive 20% off on your order on your birthday.

The condition, however, is that you must order offline.

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11. Which Wich Vibe Club

This must be your place if you think a good sandwich will make your birthday morning memorable.

You will get a 7-in sandwich for free on your special day.

12. Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Big Yellow Cup Club

Become a Big Yellow Cup Club member whenever you get your plastic cup.

Along with this, we have offers for your birthday and also for your sign-up anniversary with them.

What are you waiting for? Go sign-up now.

13. Red Robin

Want a free burger on your birthday?

Become a member of the Red Robin royalty program by signing up and getting a chance to choose your favorite burger.

This is your birthday freebie to make your day even more special.

You will also get other deals and offers.

14. Larkburger

Once again, want a free burger on your birthday?

Join the Larkburger family now and get a free burger as your birthday present.

You can even add extra cheese and bacon at no additional cost.

15. Noodles And Company Noodlesgram

Not only on your birthday, but you could also enjoy birthday freebies around the day.

Noodles and Company Noodlesgram offer you a bowl of free noodles on days around your birthday.

Add whatever you like to the bowl, be it chicken or anything new you wish to try.

They got you covered.

16. Baskin Robbins

As you become a member of the Baskin Robbins family with an account, they provide offers and sprinkles.

On your birthday, they offer a free scoop of ice cream cones.

Who would like a free ice cream on their birthday?

17. Pretzelmaker Perks

When you become a member of the reward program of Pretzelmaker Perks, you will receive one free pretzel with a value of $3.15.

You will get a unique birthday pretzel when your special day arrives, and you will even make points along the way.

18. Einstein Bagels

If you like bagels, this place is for you.

Once you join them, you will be offered free bagels with your purchase just after signing up.

And on your birthday, they will provide you with a free egg sandwich, just the birthday breakfast you need on the go.

19. BD’s Mongolian Grill

As you join their rewards program, you can get $5 off on your next visit.

You can also get a free stir fry for your birthday to make it even more special than usual.

20. HuHot

As you join the HuHot family and become a member, you can avail of their offers for members only.

Further, you get a grilled meal for free when you purchase a grilled meal.

This buy-one-get-one offer can be helpful if you have people to eat with.

21. The Melting Pot

Are you a fondue person? The Melting Pot has to be your destination for your birthday.

You need to sign up for their club fondue program, and you will get their signature dipped strawberries as your birthday present.

22. Dairy Queen

Would you like a Blizzard Birthday? If yes, Dairy Queen has got your back.

Sign up with them, and you are all set to get your free Blizzard as a special birthday gift.

23. Good Times Restaurants

They come with the motto that they offer good times at reasonable times.

And if you believe you would have a good time with a frozen custard spoonbender on your birthday, sign up and get yours.

24. Starbucks

Did you know Starbucks offers you a free drink on your birthday?

Is that too of any size? Yes, grab that free coffee.

You can also earn Starbucks gift cards all year round.

25. Nothing Bundt Cakes

Who wouldn’t want to cut a cake on their birthday?

And of course, your friends and family are supposed to bring that for you.

But what if you could get a cake on your birthday? Nothing Bundt Cakes got you.

You get a free cake once you sign up with them on your birthday.

26. Corner Bakery Café

Again, baked goods and birthdays are a great combination.

And a free baked item would make your birthday extra sweet, wouldn’t it?

Corner Bakery café gives you one baked thing for free on your birthday.

Go sign up now and create your birthday extra sweet.

27. DSW

You could receive a $5 gift certificate.

You can typically use this on clearance items, but they also offer cute scarves and boot socks for under $10.

28. Jason’s Deli

You can get $5 off your purchase.

You can enjoy their soup & salad, and the ice cream is always complimentary!

29. Victoria’s Secret

If you wish to receive a $10/ $10 coupon and/or a free panty coupon you have to sign up with Victoria’s secret.

This is sent via mail and may vary from year to year.

30. Zio’s

When you sign up with them you can enjoy a complimentary entree valued up to $12.

With so many delicious options, it might be challenging to choose! 

31. Cold Stone Creamery

Get a BOGO coupon for your birthday and an additional BOGO offer just for signing up.

Now that is some birthday freebie. 

32. Dippin’ Dots

When you join the Dot Crazy email club you can enjoy free Dippin’ Dots on your birthday.

33. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A One member receives a birthday reward, usually a free dessert wouldn’t you want to become a member of this sweet club? 

34. Bare Minerals

As you join the Good Rewards program you can earn points toward birthday gifts.

35. The Body Shop

When you Sign up for the Love Your Body Club you receive a $10 credit on your birthday.

36. Ulta

ULTAmate Rewards members receive double points on purchases during their birthday month and a complimentary gift.

37. Jersey Mike’s

Join MyMikes to receive a complimentary free sub for your celebration at Jersey Mike’s.

38. Abuelos

At Abuelos, you can get a complimentary gift on your birthday, anniversary, and also upon signing up!


It depends on what kind of person you are and what kind of birthday you feel is particular.

Nevertheless, there are various brands with different items to offer for your birthday.

Whether you are a shopper kind of a celebrator or just a pizza for one in pajamas at home kind of celebrator, you can get almost everything for free on your birthday with certain conditions.

You must sign up for brand programs, but most are free and quick.

So, celebrate your special day the way you like, and if you are looking for places to get birthday freebies in Colorado Springs, this blog deserves a read.

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