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30 Best Places To Get Free Birthday Stuff In Denver

Drishti Choudhary
May 7, 2024
30 Places To Get Free Birthday Stuff In Denver

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Table of Contents
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Best Places To Get Free Birthday Stuff In Denver

No other day is as unique as your birthday. And who doesn’t like presents on a birthday?

But even if no one else does it for us, we can make our birthdays special. And free stuff could be one way to make that special day even more fun.

But what are places in Denver to get free stuff on your birthday? This blog is precisely for them.

Let’s jump in straight to the blog, which describes brands and companies offering free stuff to people on their birthdays.  

Best Places In Denver To Get Birthday Freebies

Several restaurants offer free birthday meals or combos. Here are some of them:-

1. Bruegger’s Bagels

You will be offered mouth-watering deals once you sign up for Bruegger’s Bagels Club.

They offer you bagels and cream cheese as your birthday freebie. What’s better than this?

2. Einstein Bagels

If you like bagels, this place is for you.

Once you join them, you will be offered free bagels with your purchase just after signing up.

And on your birthday, they will provide you with a free egg sandwich, just the birthday breakfast you need on the go.


Once you become a member of IHOP, you will be offered free pancakes on the sign-up anniversary each year after signing up with an account.

And as your birthday present, they provide free pancakes.

4. Krispy Kreme

As you sign up with Krispy Kreme rewards, you will receive a free donut just for signing up.

Further, join the exclusive club to get more tips, offers, and deals.

The best thing is that your birthday rewards remain valid throughout your birthday month.

So, make any day special your entire birthday month.

5. Panera Bread

If you like pastry, this place is for you.

Once you join them, you will be offered free pastry as your birthday gift, just the sweetness you need to bring on your special day.

6. Waffle House

Become a Waffle House regulars club member and get free coupons, exclusives, and specials.

You will receive a freebie of Hashbrowns just by signing up. And on your birthday, you will get that free waffle you crave.

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7. Buffalo Wild Wings

Get a little spiced-up meal by joining Buffalo Wild Wings’ reward program.

You will receive a free wings order for your entire birthday month.

So, choose the day you want a spicy meal as a freebie in your birthday month.

8. Del Taco

Registering for the Taco chain’s rewards program allows you to enjoy regular-sized premium shakes for free on your special day.

And when you sign up with them, you will receive two free tacos, so it isn’t only your birthday that could be so special.

9. P.F. Chang’s

You can dine at P.F. Chang’s on your special day and get a chance to receive an appetizer or dessert for free along with your meal right after you sign up for their rewards.

10. Mimi’s Café

As you sign up for their E-Club program, you can receive a mixed berry muffin for free on your birthday.

You can also get various special offers all around the year. Hurry up and sign up for your free birthday muffin.

11. Nothing Bundt Cakes

You will get a free Bundtlet when you join their eClub on your birthday.

Make your birthday extra sweet with Nothing Bundt Cakes.

12. Old Chicago

As you sign up for Old Chicago’s rewards program, you will be able to get a free pizza for your birthday, and what’s better than a free pizza on your birthday?

Pizza is all you need for the perfect birthday.

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13. Burger King

If you have a kid and they love burgers, which they indeed do, you can get a free Burger King kids hamburger meal.

This deal is for kids under 13 and members of the kids club.

14. Pizza Hut

As you sign up for Pizza Hut, you would be eligible for a personal pan pizza and a soda for your kids as a birthday present.

The best news is that you can avail of this offer any day in the birthday month of your kid.

15. Quiznos

Become a member of the ‘Q club’ and get a chance to get a gift coupon that you could use on your birthday.

Sign up now and become a member of the exclusive club.

16. Red Robin

Want a free burger on your birthday?

Become a member of the Red Robin royalty program by signing up and getting a chance to choose your favorite burger.

This is your birthday freebie to make your day even more special. You will also get other deals and offers.

17. The Melting Pot

Are you a fondue person? The melting point has to be your destination for your birthday.

You need to sign up for their club fondue program, and you will get their signature dipped strawberries as your birthday present.

18. LaMar’s Donuts

Sign up for LaMar’s Donuts’ Lovers for Life Program and get that free treat on your birthday.

You would love a free donut on your special day, wouldn’t you?

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19. Cold Stone Creamery

As you join their club with their My Cold Stone Club Rewards program, you get a Buy one Get one deal on your birthday.

You will also receive 25 bonus points along with discounts and offers all around the year.

20. Friendly’s

When you sign up for the BFF Club at the Friendly’s, you can get a medium sundae for free as your birthday present.

The big news is you get to avail of the offer any day in your birthday month.

21. Jamba Juice

If you are not a My Jamba Rewards program member, join now.

You will receive a smoothie for free as your birthday present after you have at least 15 points in your account.

22. Sonny’s BBQ

You get a free big deal combo birthday gift if you join their ‘Q Crew Rewards program.

23. Olive Garden

If you join their e-club, you could receive a free dessert, making your day more memorable.

There are other things to do than celebrate your birthday by eating away.

Here are a few brands offering treats for your birthday and making them unique.

24. Go To The Zoo

If you are an animal person, this deal is for you. The Denver Zoo offers free tickets on your birthday.

You would have to sign up in advance to avail the offer.

The ticket ranges from $14 to $20 in summer and $10 to $15 in winter, thus offering quite a good birthday present.

The complimentary ticket, however, is only for the person themselves, and no family members or friends are included.

You will need a valid photo id with your birthdate to avail of the offer.

After registering, you will get a ticket for your birthday via email.

25. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

As your birthday gift, you could receive a movie ticket for free.

Who wouldn’t want to watch a movie for free on their special day? Go sign up and grab yours now. 

26. AMC Theaters

When you become a member of AMC Stubs, you could receive a large popcorn for free one day in your entire birthday month.

Further, if you become a member of Stubs Premiere and A-List, you could also avail a large fountain drink for free.

Grab the offers and make your day memorable.

27. AMF Bowling

Are you someone who enjoys going to the mall and enjoying a game of bowling? This offer is just for you.

Sign up and get a bowling birthday freebie. Who wouldn’t want a fun bowling game on a birthday?

28. Sephora

If you become a member of Beauty Insiders, you get a skincare or makeup gift as your birthday present.

And if you are a makeup-loving kind of person, go sign up now.

29. Godiva

Are you a chocolate person? How would you like chocolates for your birthday?

Join the Godiva family now and get a 15% off on your first order.

On your birthday, you will receive a gift.

They also provide free delivery for orders specific to their terms and in certain states.

30. Ulta

Become a member of the ultimate rewards program and enjoy double points on all the purchases in your birthday month.

You will also receive a gift making your birthday extra special. And wouldn’t anyone like that?


There are way too many brands to choose from when looking for free meals, deals or offers, or any other present.

But what makes your birthday unique and memorable for you depends on your choices, depending on what makes you happy.

Grab that pizza with pineapple toppings or an extra waffle if that makes you happy.

Brands like IKEA, Wendy’s, Chilli’s, and Victoria’s Secret are among others that also offer birthday offers. 

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