Smart Financial Insurance Reviews 2024: Is It Legit And Safe To Use?

Charity Jerop
February 19, 2022
Smart Financial Insurance Reviews 2024: Is It Legit And Safe To Use?

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Smart Financial

Yelp Rating – 2.1/5


It is a virtual marketplace for you to find the perfect insurance policy, as you can compare different policies. It has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau and helps in finding best prices for an insurance policy without any cost. It also has a 2.1 stars rating on Yelp.


Fast and Precise Insurance Policy


Customizable Policy Searches


First Rate Insurance Providers


Round the Clock Customer Support

A re you shopping for the best insurance cover? Buckle up because you are about to deal with a thousand and one insurance company before getting the best one.

Well, at least that’s what you should expect if you use the traditional method to search for an insurance company that matches your needs. And that process can be time-consuming and at the same time, expensive too.

Luckily, this is 2024, and there are tools you can use to find your perfect insurance company. Best-in-class companies like Smart Financial make finding the best insurance coverage fast and a breeze. And this is a complete Smart Financial Insurance review.

What is Smart Financial Insurance?

Founded in 2012 by two ingenious individuals, Smart Financial insurance is a digital tool to help you and other consumers compare and find reliable insurance companies. 

The founder/CEO, Lev Barinskiy—a seasoned insurance agent— teamed up with a tech-savvy, Nate Kropp, to create a best-in-class tool to generate insurance cover leads. And thanks to their zeal to provide a seamless insurance marketplace, you can now shop for the most affordable insurance provider and get one within minutes.

For the record, Smart Financial isn’t an insurance company but rather a lead generator to help you find the best rates for an insurance cover for free. 

With the help of professional data scientists and engineers, Smart Financial can help you compare hundreds of insurance companies for free.

Smart Financial has all under one roof, whether you need to buy auto insurance, life insurance, home insurance, or commercial insurance.

How Does Smart Financial Work?

Smart Financial insurance’s goal is to offer you a fast, seamless, and premier experience when you’re shopping for insurance covers.

This insurance marketplace vets and matches you with top-tier insurance agents and companies, unlike other tools. The insurance comparison process is pretty straight forward with different companies to select at no cost.

Smart Financial uses cutting-edge technology to find an insurance provider that matches your needs and is within your locality—you don’t have to lift a finger or pay anything for the services.

You select the insurance coverage you need—life, auto, home, etc.— fill up a form on the website, and the tool will pull a list of companies where you can get your insurance quote.

Also, Smart Financial does much more than offer insurance options; it helps you find discounts and the best rates on insurance policies. Additionally, you can find all the resources and information about an insurance policy that you need to make informed decisions on Smart Financial. Notably, Smart Financial insurance can help get insurance quotes in less than three minutes with just a few clicks.

What Type of Insurance Policy Can You Get on Smart Financial?

Smart Financial Insurance’s ultimate goal is to match you with policies unique to your individual needs. And it also aims to create a marketplace where you can find any insurance cover you need. Below are some of the insurance covers you can find on Smart Financial.

Smart Financial Reviews

Smart Financial Auto Insurance

Are you looking to get auto insurance cover? Whether you’re looking for comprehensive auto coverage, standard coverage policy, or any other optional car policies, Smart Financial is your one-stop-shop.

Smart Financial sources, vets, and matches you with reliable and cost-effective car insurance companies within your geographical location. You can weigh up car insurance quotes from over 200 auto insurance providers.

Whether your vehicle is an SUV, truck, or whichever model, you can be sure to save up to 50% on vehicle insurance. In addition to the auto insurance shopping feature, Smart Financial also offers actionable tips and resources to help you get the best insurance policy for your vehicle.

Smart Financial Health Insurance

If you’re looking for a health insurance policy to buy, there is no better place to get plenty of offers than Smart Financial. You can request health insurance rates and compare several policy providers and get the best price in the market. 

Whether you need an individual health care plan for your loved ones or one for your employees, Smart Financial is your reliable health insurance shopping engine.

Also, Smart Financial offers different health insurance plans like HMA(Health Maintenance Organization), POS(Point of Services), PPO(Preferred Provider Organization), and much more.

Again, all these come with many health insurance guides and tips at no cost to you.

Smart Financial Home Insurance

Home insurance is another policy that you can get on Smart Financial. If you are a homeowner, you understand how vital it is to get coverage for your property.

Smart Financial search engines can help you compare home insurance policies from insurance companies like American Family Insurance, Lemonade, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual Insurance, among many others.

Smart Financial Life Insurance

Buying a life insurance policy is imperative and getting it from a dependable insurance company is equally vital. And that’s why Smart Financial brings you competent, affordable, and reliable life insurance companies.

Depending on the information you supply to Smart Financial, you can compare dozens of life insurance companies and get the best life insurance policy.

Smart Financial Renters Insurance

Theft/burglary, injuries, and property damage resulting from a disaster can be a renter’s nightmare. Luckily, a renters insurance coverage policy can help you recover your losses in case of peril. And this policy, too, is available at Smart Financial. Purchase an insurance policy that can protect your home in case of water damage, theft and cover your vehicles and bikes.

A renters insurance policy can also cover you if you get injured within your rental premises. You can find great renters insurance options on Smart Financial.

  • Smart Financial Medicare Plans

Smart Financial offers instant quotes for Medicare health insurance plans. 

Shop for comprehensive medicare plans that can cover dental, vision, and hearing.

You can compare premium Medicare Plans sellers like Aetna, Humana, Oscar, and BlueCross.

  • Smart Financial Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is the way to go if you need to protect your company/business from devastating losses. You can get basic insurance policies to cover property damage, crime, cybercrime, business vehicles, workers’ compensation, etc.

Whether you need general liability insurance for your business or workers’ compensation, you can be confident that Smart Financial knows the best insurer for your business.

Smart Financial can pull the commercial insurance rates depending on your location, full years you’ve been in business, the type of building you use for your business, annual business revenue, and the commercial vehicle type you have.

Additionally, all the tips and information on commercial insurance are accessible on their website free of charge.

Smart Financial Insurance Pros and Cons

Like any other digital tool or online marketplace, Smart Financial has benefits and a few drawbacks.

Pros of Smart Financial Insurance

  • Fast and Accurate Insurance Policy Quotes

You can get the best insurance plans within minutes—Literally. And the quotes you get are accurate depending on the information you provide.

  • Various Insurance Types are Available on Smart Financial

This site provides quotes for various insurance policies and links you with the best company. Furthermore, you can get discounted deals on any of those insurance covers.

  • Customizable Insurance Policy Search

You can customize your insurance cover search to match your location, company, zip codes, etc. What’s more? Insurance search and comparison on Smart Financial is free.

  • Value-packed Insurance Information

Notably, Smart Financial insurance’s website is packed with valuable information to help you learn more about insurance. You can use the insurance information as a reference point before making any decision.

  • Top-tier Insurance Companies and Agents

Another reason why consumers use Smart Financial insurance is the wide range of top-rated companies to consider. Smart Financial partners with trusted insurance companies and agents to ensure that you get the best experience when shopping for a cover policy.

  • 24/7 Customer Support 

Smart Financial insurance offers around-the-clock customer support, so you can request insurance quotes or help any time.

Cons of Smart Financial Insurance

Some of the drawbacks of smart financial insurance are:

  • It’s not an Insurance Provider

Smart Financial is only an online insurance marketplace. You can only compare insurance companies, and you’ll have to personally deal with your company of choice.

How to Get Insurance Quotes on Smart Financial?

The Smart Financial website is user-friendly and pretty easy to navigate. First, you need to select the insurance category you need to buy. Do you need health, auto, life, renters, or commercial insurance? The first step to simplify your search is to pick a specific category.

Once you pick your policy category, it will redirect to the quote page to submit your information. Enter your zip code and click the quotes button. Once you submit your zip code, a list of insurance firms will pop up, and you can select one to view the actual rates.

Alternatively, you can consider speaking with an insurance agent on the phone. Smart Financial insurance agents have licensed professionals with the knowledge and expertise you can trust. Compare the rates you get and choose the insurance provider from the recommended sellers.

Smart Financial for Insurance Agents

Are you an insurance agent looking for top-tier leads? It can be pretty taxing when looking for qualified leads as an agent. Smart Financial is the number #1 insurance marketplace that can connect you with millions of consumers looking to purchase insurance covers.

Take Brad’s —an insurance agent— case, for instance; He testifies that with Smart Financial, he gets real-time leads and gets access to excellent tracking tools to maximize success.

With hundreds of thousands of insurance shoppers using Smart Financial every day, you can be confident to grab most customers before anyone else.

Once you partner with Smart Financial as an agent, you’ll link up with a dedicated account manager to support you. Furthermore, the lead generator is cost-effective and offers live calls. And the best thing for you is that you can cancel your account with Smart Financial anytime you want.

Is Smart Financial Legit and Safe to Use?

We understand how online marketplaces can be fishy. You give out your personal information, and the next minute you’re dealing with dozens of spam calls, texts, and emails—Yikes, it sucks. If there is a legit online insurance market, then Smart Financial is it.

As an award-winning insurance marketplace, you can trust Smart Financial with your information. Smart Financial insurance works with more than 6.5k insurance firms, serves 15m+ consumers, and is available in fifty states.

Also, this insurance marketplace works with licensed and trustworthy brands and insurance agents. Furthermore, Smart Financial boasts over 250 knowledgeable teams of insurance agents, tech-savvy engineers, and data scientists.

With that said, you can be 100% sure that your personal information is in the hands of the best specialists in the insurance industry. Notably, Smart Financial has over a decade serving millions of consumers, putting them at an edge over others.

Smart Financial Insurance Reviews on Customer Satisfaction

According to Consumer Advocate, Smart Financial boasts an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

On Yelp, Smart Financial has a star rating of 2.1, with many customers praising its excellent customer support and discounted deals on insurance. Overall, Smart Financial Insurance is an excellent marketplace if you need to save time and money when buying insurance coverage. Please don’t give out your information to marketplaces that sell it to third parties.

Smart Financial has a clear policy regarding your privacy and how it uses your personal information. Search and compare all insurance companies in one place.

Hopefully, this comprehensive Smart Financial Review will help you find the best discounted and reliable insurance for you or your business.


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