22 Helpful Resources To Support Single Fathers

Drishti Choudhary
April 5, 2024
22 Best Assistance For Single Father
22 Best Assistance For Single Father

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Key Takeaways

  • There are different grants, scholarships and charities for single fathers. 
  • Tax credits are a viable option to save money. 
  • Custody or legal guardianship is a must for assistance.
  • Assistance programs may differ in terms of time and scope.

Being a single parent can be difficult.

You not only have to fill the space of a mother in your kids’ lives but also make sure that the house’s finances work smoothly. 

It is never a shame to get assistance from the government or sometimes even your friends and family. 

Numerous grants, scholarships, and charities are especially for single fathers. 

We have curated a list of 22 financial assistance for single fathers. 

The list also includes direct/ indirect assistance along with scholarships and charities.

Data Shark

There are over 7.13 million single fathers, and with $237,482 being the cost of raising a child in the US, assistance for single fathers becomes a need.

Before we move on to the resources that will assist single fathers in better raising their children, here are a few tips for single fathers to manage their finances.

Suggestions For Single Parents/Fathers

Here are a few suggestions for single fathers to better manage their finances.

1. Income

It is necessary to know how much income is coming into your household. 

You must be aware of all the possible sources of income so that you would know how to spend them. 

This is important if you have recently separated or lost your partner. 

2. Budget

You must create a budget keeping in mind your income and expenses so that you can save up for what is most important. 

This will help in keeping your expenses in check and avoid any wasteful expenditures. 

3. Expenditure

Creating a budget will leave you a picture of how bad your expenses are. 

You can then cut down wasteful expenditures. 

Otherwise, if you believe your income isn’t sufficient for your expenses, you might want to slash down some expenses like entertainment, etc. 

3. Saving

You must always save. You can never know about any emergencies that might occur, especially if you have young kids. 

Savings also help keep funds for the future, like college funds for your children. 

4. Investment

Not only saving but investing will make you a smart, single parent. 

You must save some, but you must also invest some. Investing will help in reducing your liabilities and increasing your assets. 

You can make more money by using your existing money.

Eligibility For Assistance For Single Fathers

If you face financial difficulty while being a single father, you can always get help in the form of assistance, grants and funds. 

But it is also important to know if you would be eligible for the same or not. 

Here are a few eligibility criteria for taking any assistance for single fathers.  

1. Income

It is a must to fulfill the income eligibility. Whether you clear the assistance requirement for a programme or not depends on the income you earn. 

Benefits from a particular programme depend on the income that flows into your home and the cost of living in your area. 

2. Custody/Guardianship

You must have legal custody or guardianship of your child before you apply for any assistance for single fathers. 

You might also be required to provide proof of the same. 

3. Dependents

It would matter if the number of dependents is more or less. 

More dependents would mean more services available to you through assistance programmes. 

4. Employment

You would be required to either be employed and provide proof or actively seek a job. 

It is important to make sure that the money goes to people in need and that you are capable in the long run. 

5. Child Support

If you are taking child support from your partner, it would be better to cooperate with child support enforcement agencies. 

Some programmes depend on the child support you are receiving. 

6. Citizenship

Major assistance programmes are available only to citizens of the USA or residents of a particular state. 

You would be required to provide proof of your citizenship or residency to avail the assistance for single fathers. 

7. Age

Some assistance for single fathers might come with age limits or conditions for children/you must become aware of the age requirement of children before applying for any assistance or grant. 

What Is A Grant?

Grants, in simple terms, refer to financial assistance provided by the government, be it federal or state. 

You can also receive grants from your college or career school or even from an NGO. 

Most grants are not to be repaid, unlike loans. The financial assistance for single fathers can also come in the form of grants.

22 Best Assistance For Single Fathers

Here you can find the list of helpful resources for single fathers:-

Direct Financial Assistance

As a single father, you will receive instant financial assistance to buy necessities for your kids when you are in dire need.


Low-income energy assistance programs offer you assistance with your energy bills and even home repairs. 

This helps keep your house warm or cold according to the weather and thus helps avoid any temperature-related health issues. 

However, this program helps in even those situations.

How To Apply: You can find out if you are eligible to apply or not via your state or tribal LIHEAP office. You can apply through the local Department of Social Services

2. Head Start

This program is designed to help needy and low-income families in relation to education, health, nutrition, well-being and development. 

You can find the programme in your neighborhood and make sure that infants and preschoolers get the education at school they deserve. 

How To Apply: You can apply and find the program near you through the Head Start Center Locator.


The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program offers help to low-income families so that children can achieve economic self-sufficiency. 

You will receive cash assistance payments and other services. 

The assistance you receive through the program requires you to find work within three years of getting the grant. 

It also has a five-year lifetime limit.

How To Apply: You can either apply online or by phone at 877-501-2233 or at your local community services office.

Housing Financial Assistance

Assistance for single fathers also comes in the form of housing assistance when you feel the roof over your head could go away. 

1. HUD Rental

If you have a low income in comparison to the median income in your area of residence, this grant will come to your rescue. 

If you fulfill the requirements and qualify, part of your rent will be paid directly to your landlord. You can be assured of a roof over your head. 

How To Apply: You can apply at the local HUD Field Office or your local HA.

2. Sector 8 Voucher

This is similar to HUD rental. You will be assisted in paying the rent of your home if your income is below the average income of other people living there. 

You have to be a US citizen to avail this grant.

How To Apply: You can apply at your local PHA.

3. Public Housing

On the basis of your income, you will be given a good and safe house by the government. 

You would be required to show proof of your income and fill out some forms at the local housing office. 

Once the level of your income is confirmed as low, you will be assisted in getting a house. 

How To Apply: You can visit the HUD website or apply at your local Public Housing Agency.

4. Continuum Of Care

If you have been evicted from your home, you can get assistance from this program. 

You can also get a cash grant to get housing assistance for single fathers. 

You must be designated by the COC program to avail the funding for the house. 

How To Apply: You can apply at your local administering agency or visit the CoC contact information page.

Charities for Assistance for Single Father

Food/Nutrition-related Financial Assistance

It is important to fulfill your kid’s nutritional needs. Hence, nutrition and nutrition-related assistance for single fathers are important. 

1. WIC

Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children provides food vouchers, healthy eating tips, etc. 

You can purchase fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and baby formula with the assistance of single fathers. 

The kids must be under 5 years of age and have a specific income as the basic requirement for availing of this assistance. 

How To Apply: You can apply at your local WIC office telephone number.


You can be assured of buying good food in even hard times through this assistance for single fathers. 

The government decides if you are eligible for SNAP or not on the basis of your income and the size of the family. 

If you pass, you can use the program’s card to buy food from stores participating in the program.  

How To Apply: You can apply at your state or local SNAP office.


Your kids can get lunch at a lower cost through the National School Lunch Program

This helps in making sure that your child still has their stomach full, even when it is hard to make money.

How To Apply: You can send an application directly to the school or district for this program.

Explore Your Options To Get Grants and Access to Many Other Free Financial Programs.


You can receive food assistance for single fathers via the Emergency Food Assistance Program. 

This program provides good and healthy food at no cost. 

There are different distributing agencies in different states.

How To Apply: You can apply to the State Distributing Agency.

Medical Financial Assistance

Medical assistance for single fathers is a blessing since medical emergencies can come without any warning. 

1. Medicaid

As a single father, you can receive free medical assistance for the well-being of your children free of cost. 

You must make sure that you take children for regular medical and dental checkups.

How To Apply: You can apply on an application website directly on the Health Insurance Marketplace or by your state Medicaid agency.

2. Children’s Health Insurance Program

This program offers health coverage to children in a family with low income. 

Families who can’t even qualify for Medicaid can get assistance under this program. 

Each state has its own CHIP coverage.

How To Apply: You can apply by online application or at your state’s Medicaid or CHIP agency.

3. Medicare

This program is open only to people 65 years or older. 

But if you are a single parent who has a low-income household, you can get assistance. But you need to meet the requirements. 

Supplemental Security Income is especially for lower-income people, and if your children are under 19, you can take up insurance- the Kids Now Insurance Program. 

How To Apply: You can apply by Social Security.

4. Subsidies For Private Insurance

Those who do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare can get health subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. 

This can help you lower your insurance costs. There are four kinds of subsidies offered under the ACA. 

These depend on the cost you have to bear alongside the program help.

How To Apply: Visit the website of the government authority or agency concerned.


Assistance for single fathers also comes in the form of scholarships or grants for their education.

1. Pell Grant

You can get a grant if you are a single father but continue your education or degree. 

The government will provide you with assistance not just for tuition but also for books. And this is a grant which doesn’t need to be paid back. 

You must meet the requirement of your income to avail it. 

How To Apply: Fill out the FAFSA form and let the school decide your eligibility for the grant.


This Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant is also assistance for single fathers who are undergraduate students with financial needs. 

Your school’s financial office handles it, and it is not necessary for your school to participate. 

With the meeting of special qualifications, this grant becomes non-returnable.

How To Apply: Fill out the FAFSA form and let the school decide your eligibility for the grant.

3. TEACH Grant

This assistance for single fathers can be up to $4000. If you want to become a teacher, this grant will help you pay for your education. 

But you must work for 4 years in the high-need area. If you work for four years, you will not be needed to pay back this grant. 

This grant can cover your tuition, fees, books and other school expenses. It doesn’t matter if you are new to school or returning to school. 

You can apply under this program. 

How To Apply: Fill out the FAFSA form and let the school decide your eligibility for the grant.

4. Work-Study Program

As a single parent with poor financial condition, you can opt for the Federal Work-Study Program. 

This allows you to work up to 20 hours a week and get monthly payments. And you can use these earnings for your educational expenses. 

You can even choose to work in a company or field related to your area of study. 

How To Apply: Fill out the FAFSA form and let the school decide your eligibility for the grant.

Other Grants/Assistance For Single Fathers

1. Single-Dad Transportation Grants

Several free car programs in different states can act as assistance for single fathers. 

These programs help in getting free or very reduced transportation expenses. 

You will be granted help depending on the state you live in and the grant type needed. 

How To Apply: Apply at the local Department of Social Services.

2. Head Of The Household

Being a single parent automatically makes you the head of the household. 

You can apply for the claim of a $20,800 deduction against a $13,850 standard deduction for single filers with no dependents. 

You would have to inform either your taxpayer or check the box manually for this tax deduction. 

How To Apply: Visit the website to learn how to file for it.

3. Earned Income Tax Credit

If you are a single father with a low to moderate income, you could qualify for this assistance. 

This will help you get a substantial refund and get you extra financial support during tax season. 

How To Apply: You must file for a tax return, and if you have a qualifying child, then you will be required to file the Schedule EIC listing the children with Form 1040.

Online Assistance For Single Fathers

There is a lot of assistance for single fathers, which is available online and thus more accessible anywhere, anytime.

  • There are numerous websites and online groups that offer free automobiles, like Carsforyourhelp and 800 cars, amongst others. 
  • Single Dad and the Single Dad Network work religiously for assistance for single fathers only. 
  • Joining some Dads Club along with twice-weekly Dad Email offering parenting advice can also assist single fathers. 


It is not easy to be a single father, especially in times when inflation is on the rise. 

But it is always possible to manage your financial condition with the assistance of single fathers.

These grants and funds and scholarships can come to your rescue when in dire need, given you fulfill the basic requirements. 

Parenting can sometimes be a tried and failed matter, but trust yourself and follow our guide to take assistance for single fathers to ease your financial burden. 

Wouldn’t it be a tiny bit easier to manage your finances if you had assistance for single fathers?


Not in every case would you be required to pay back your grant. But in cases like if you withdraw from school or become a part-time student from a full-time student. 

A few government assistance for single fathers are – TANF, SNAP, CHIP, Medicaid and more alike.

You can receive child support from your partner if separated or divorced. You can also get financial assistance for single fathers through fuel assistance, housing assistance, child care assistance, and Earned Income Tax Credit.


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