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11 Best Travel Insurance Companies For Comprehensive Travel Insurance Of 2024

Charity Jerop
April 14, 2023
Best Travel Insurance Companies

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Let me guess; you are eager to conquer your bucket list of travel destinations. But as you probably know, traveling during this pandemic can be quite a hassle. 

The truth is that the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t over even though countries are opening their borders to tourists.

And with many travel plans hanging in the balance, raving globetrotters face impending challenges like canceled trips, medical emergencies, evacuation, etc.; getting travel insurance is crucial now more than ever.

So, what is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a policy you purchase from an insurance company to cover you during domestic or abroad travels.

The best thing about travel insurance—depending on the travel policy you buy— is that it can help you access emergency medical services and evacuations and get your money back on trip cancellations.

Keep reading if you’re looking for the best travel insurance of 2024 and beyond.

This article will dive into the 11 best travel insurance providers, so you don’t have to waste tons of hours shopping for travel insurance.

How Much is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance costs vary depending on the policy and the policy limit, travelers’ age, the number of travelers, and travel destination, among other factors.

Recent research by ValuePenguin shows that the average cost of travel insurance is $148

A basic travel insurance policy averages at $105, and the average cost of a middle-tier travel insurance policy is $130.

On the other hand, comprehensive travel insurance costs $164 on average.

And luckily, there are ways to keep your travel insurance costs down because you’re in charge of the travel insurance that best suits your travel needs. 

For instance, you can cut down travel insurance costs by researching more about your travel destination. 

Covid-19 and Travel Insurance

Traveling during this pandemic era presents a ton of covid-19 related challenges like contracting the Covid virus while on transit, quarantine, and possibly trip cancellations due to disease outbreaks.

Your best bet as a nomad is to watch out for CDC travel advisory during these times. These travel recommendations can help you plan your trip to avoid high-risk destinations.

Suppose your travel destination is within the U.S territories. You may not need to get another travel medical insurance to cover Covid-related emergencies, and you can use your typical health insurance.

However, if you’re traveling abroad, you might need to purchase travel medical and trip insurance for Covid-19.

The travel medical cover for Covid-19 can be the lifeline when you need emergency evacuation or medical attention after contracting the virus while on transit.

The medical insurance can cover your hospital stay due to contracting Covid-19, Covid-19 tests, medical supplies, treatment, care, etc.

Your trip insurance cover for Covid-19 can help you get money back when you cancel a trip for Covid-related reasons.

For instance, you can recoup your trip costs if you cancel or delay your travel plans because of surging Covid-19 cases in your travel destination.

Canceling a trip for any reason insurance can be great if you can’t predict the event’s outcome of your trip.

Notably, not all travel insurance providers offer cover Covid-19 related emergencies.

It is crucial to review the travel policy to see the plans before investing in travel insurance.

Some of the best travel insurance providers for Covid-19 include HTH Worldwide, Tin Leg travel insurance, Seven Corners, and AXA travel insurance.

Do Credit Cards Provide Travel Insurance?

If you have a credit card, you’re probably wondering if it can provide travel insurance.

The good news? Some credit cards offer travel insurance to cover trip hiccups like cancellations, car rental accidents, loss, lost luggage, and trip interruptions. You have to confirm your credit card provider’s plans.

Typically, the credit card you use to pay for your flights, hotels, rental cars, and other travel expenses can offer some protection in an unexpected challenge while traveling.

And this means that you might not need to get a separate premium travel policy.

In addition to rewards, credit cards like Capital One® Venture Rewards® offer travel accident insurance.

The insurance is automatic, and there are no extra fees charged to your credit card.

Another excellent example of a credit card that provides travel insurance is the AmEx Blue Cash Preferred® which provides cover in case of car rental loss or damage.

The Platinum Card® from AmEx also has travel insurance with no additional charges. This premium credit card can help you recoup money if you cancel or delay your trip. 

For instance, you can get up to $500 back per trip if you delay your trip and up to $10,000 per trip if you cancel your trip.

Additionally, it can cover car rental loss or damage.

To be eligible, your purchases should be through a credit card, and like any other travel policy, terms and conditions apply.

So before you purchase a third-party travel policy, you might need to check with your credit card company and see if they offer travel insurance through their credit card.

You can save a couple of hundred dollars by utilizing your credit card for travel.

What Are The Types of Travel Insurance?

There are a dozen travel insurance plans, and it can be unclear to figure out the best plan for your trip. Furthermore, travel insurance plans can affect the overall insurance costs, so it is crucial to understand each policy coverage to get the biggest bang for the buck. 

1. Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance is a travel cover that can get emergency medical attention if you get ill while traveling abroad. The policy coverage can also be crucial when you get an injury due to accidents.

For instance, with unpredictable Covid-19 virus surges, your travel medical insurance can help you access medical care, supplies, and treatment.

Additionally, your travel medical insurance can cover dental, pre-existing conditions, and medical evacuations, among other health-related issues.

Your U.S health insurance has limited to no coverage while traveling abroad. You can consult your health insurance provider to see your policy options while vacationing overseas.

Travel medical insurance is ideal for people traveling internationally, students going to study abroad, relatives visiting from other countries, business travelers, etc.

2. Trip Cancellation Insurance

If there is something that the Covid-19 pandemic taught us, a change of plans can happen at the last minute. Life happens, and border closures can wreak havoc on your travel plans. 

Or, you might need to cancel a trip due to family emergencies or other unavoidable circumstances.

According to Destination Analysts, 2021 saw 27% trip postponements and 23% trip cancellations thanks to surging numbers of the Delta Variant.

Canceling a flight means you risk forfeiting the flight fees, hotel booking fees, and other non-refundable travel expenses.

And this is where trip cancellation/interruption insurance saves the day to ensure that you recoup money that would otherwise be non-refundable.

Some of the typical reasons travelers cancel travel plans include unforeseeable events like unforgiving weather conditions, work, injury, illness, death, or other personal reasons.

With trip cancellation insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll claim your refund if you cancel your trip.

There is trip cancellation policy coverage that can protect you when you cancel a trip regardless of the reason, and it is known as Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance.

Trip cancellation insurance may sound trivial, but it comes in handy when you spend thousands of dollars on that particular trip.

3. Travel Life Insurance

Also known as accidental death insurance, travel life insurance protects you and your loved ones in the event of premature death or dismemberment.

Typically, your travel life insurance works the same as your life insurance.

Your next of kin will receive compensation in case of accidental death or bodily injury while traveling.

Remember, self-inflicted injuries or life loss due to pre-existing medical conditions may not qualify for compensation with travel life insurance.

For instance, Squaremouth offers three different travel life policies: accidental death, common carrier, and air flight life insurance.

4. Baggage Loss Insurance

Are you worried about losing your baggage while traveling? Losing your stuff while on a trip can make the whole vacation stressful, and it can cost money.

Lost items like expensive jewelry, tech gadgets, art, and other valuable collectibles while traveling can crimp your travel itinerary.

In some cases, your checked bags might be delayed; hence you have to look for alternative essentials to use as you wait for your bags to arrive.

A baggage loss or delay insurance can protect you from such events.

Baggage loss insurance can compensate for your lost items provided that you covered them in the insurance policy.

On the other hand, baggage delay insurance will help you get money to purchase essentials while waiting for your delayed bags to arrive.

Again, limits on the number or types of lost items to claim on baggage loss and delay insurance apply.

It is vital to check your travel insurance plans to see the limits and the type of items you can claim.

Which Is The Best Travel Insurance Company?

There is no one size cut for all regarding travel insurance. We’ve curated the 11 best travel insurance companies that fit your travel plans.

Get ready for anything with a travel insurance policy that covers your travel investments and gives you peace of mind while on vacation.

1. AIG Travel Guard— Best Travel Insurance Company for Insurance Plans that Fit All Travelers. 

AIG Travel Guard is the best travel insurance offering comprehensive travel insurance.

From Basic travel insurance plans, preferred to deluxe travel insurance plans, Travel Guard® offers travel insurance options to fit each traveler’s unique travel budget.

Furthermore, Travel Guard® can be the best travel insurance company to sort you out if you’re looking for last-minute travel insurance.

What travel plans does AIG Travel Guard® offer?

  • Travel Guard® Annual Insurance

This is the ideal travel insurance for people who travel full time. 

The Annual Insurance provides you with comprehensive annual coverage from baggage loss, trip interruptions, delays, medical evacuation, security evacuation, death, and dismemberment.

For example, with trip interruptions, Travel Guard® will reimburse up to 100% of your non-refundable unused deposits when you need to cancel your trip for the insured reasons in the plan. 

Furthermore, you can get up to $1,500 to cover trip delays that last more than five hours.

And if you lose your luggage through theft or damage, you can receive up to $2,500 compensation.

Emergency evacuation/repatriation can cover up to $500,000 of medical evacuation expenses or repatriation to your home country.

  • Travel Guard® Pack and Go Travel Insurance Plan

This travel insurance plan provides coverage for spontaneous, last-minute trips.

With this plan, you can get up to $500 refunds if you miss your connecting flights. It also covers travel hiccups like a trip interruption, delay, baggage delay, luggage loss, medical emergencies, and emergency evacuation.

You can recoup up to $1,000—capped at $200 per day— for trip delays that last more than five hours.

Additionally, you can get up to 100% of insured trip costs for trip interruptions, and again the limit is $1,000.

  • Travel Guard® Essential Travel Insurance

If you’re looking for travel insurance that includes family coverage, the Essential Travel Policy by Travel Guard® is ideal.

This travel insurance policy can reimburse up to 100% of trip costs due to trip cancellation or interruption, and the limit is $100,000. 

Furthermore, you can get an exclusion waiver for a pre-existing medical condition to be sure to access medical care while traveling abroad.

With this travel insurance plan, you can also get baggage loss/delay, travel medical expenses, emergency evacuation, accidental death, and dismemberment coverage.

  • Travel Guard® Preferred Travel Insurance Plan

Have you ever had to change your trip dates? The Preferred Insurance Plan by Travel Guard® can help you recoup up to 50% —$75,000 maximum—on the insured trip costs. 

You can also recoup cash for flight cancellation, delay, cruise diversion, runway delay, and river cruise diversion.

And like the essential travel insurance plan, you can add extra coverages like cover for a pre-existing condition to this plan.

Should you need to start your trip earlier than scheduled, this travel insurance plan can reimburse up to $2,500 to cover meals, hotel reservations, and transportation.

Notably, the emergency evacuation cover under this plan is $500,000.

  • Travel Guard® Deluxe Travel Insurance Plan

The deluxe plan is the top-tier travel plan that includes a flight guard to protect you against flight accidents leading to accidental death or loss of limbs.

You can also recoup up to 150% of your trip costs due to interruptions, and the maximum amount is $225,000.

The plan also covers other travel hitches like luggage delay or loss, missed connections, travel inconveniences, security evacuation, ancillary evacuation, medical expenses, and death and dismemberment expenses.

Notably, the Deluxe insurance plan offers up to $1,000,000 in emergency medical evacuation expenses, and you get to choose your preferred hospital.

Travel Guard® Travel Insurance Pros

  • Various travel insurance plans to fit unique travelers’ budgets are available.
  • You can get up to one million dollars in travel medical cover.
  • This travel insurance cover can cushion against travel inconveniences like cruise diversion, rental vehicle breakdown, hotel infestation, rental home lockout, trip delays, etc.
  • Up to $2,500 cover for baggage loss.
  • Up to $100,000 evacuation cover for security reasons.
  • Waiver for pre-existing conditions is also available.
  • You can extend the travel cover to family members traveling with you.
  • Add-ons like pet coverage plans are available.
  • Travel Guard® can provide travel insurance cover for Covid-19.

Travel Guard® Travel Insurance Cons

  • Some of the travel insurance plans are not available in all states.

2. — Best Travel Insurance Company for Comparing Travel Insurance Policies from Different Insurance Companies

Shopping for travel insurance can be pretty overwhelming, and that is where Travel Insurance comes in to save you time and money. can connect you with the right travel insurance policy that matches your travel plans.

It is easy to use the platform, and there is no additional cost to you.

Whether you need to compare plans between GoReady, AIG travel insurance, Global Trip, or Travelex, Travel Insurance curates and vets the best travel insurance providers.

Furthermore, using this platform to compare travel insurance plans is 100% safe, and you don’t have to worry about a data breach.

So how does TravelInsurance.Com work?

You need your trip details, including destination, trip cost, travel dates, number and age of travelers, permanent residence address, citizenship, and the trip payment date.

Once you fill out the form with your trip details, you will get travel insurance quotes that you can compare and pick the best-in-class.

You can buy your ideal travel insurance policy online and get it in your email pretty fast.

TravelInsurance.Com Pros

  • Easy and free to compare travel insurance plans.
  • TravelInsurance works with top-rated travel insurance providers, and you can be confident in getting a trusted provider.
  • Tons of helpful guides on travel insurance for both seasoned and newbie travelers are available.
  • The insurance application is online, and you can get your cover through email.

TravelInsurance.Com Cons

  • TravelInsurance.Com offers connection services to the best insurance provider, and it doesn’t sell travel insurance policies directly. 

3. Travelex Insurance—-Best Travel Insurance Company for Competitively Priced Premium Plans

Travelex Insurance is another best travel insurance company if you’re looking for reliable and pocket-friendly travel insurance premiums.

This insurance company features three travel premium plans suitable for domestic and international travelers.

You can personalize upgrades to fit your trip and get up to 100% claim for trip delays or cancellations.

  • Travel Basic Plan

This insurance policy covers unforeseen travel problems and has customizable upgrades to reinforce your travel protection.

It covers trip delays, cancellation, emergency medical/evacuation/repatriation, and missed connections.

$100,000 medical evacuation is the limit under this policy.

  • Travel Select Plan

This insurance package provides a higher limit than the Travel Basic.

Trip interruption coverage is 150% of your trip cost, and the trip delay limit is $2,000.

  • Travel America Plan

This is the ideal cover for family vacations within the United States.

It provides cover for up to seven people and has a pet return benefit.

The coverage includes 150% trip interruption cost, $2,000 trip delay, $250,000 baggage loss, $100,000 medical repatriation coverage and more.

Travelex Travel Insurance Pros

  • Primary medical coverage is available with the Travel Basic and Select plans.
  • You can get up to a $250,000 coverage limit for baggage loss.
  • Travel assistance is available.
  • Group cover is available with the Travel America package.

Travelex Travel Insurance Cons

  • The travel medical coverage is lower than what most travel insurance companies offer.

4. Squaremouth— Best Travel Insurance Company for Insurance Quotes Comparison.

Squaremouth is yet another excellent tool that can help you compare and get to work with the best travel insurance company.

You can compare and get quotes instantly from over 22 travel insurance providers. 

Furthermore, Squaremouth offers excellent travel policies to fit every adventurer’s needs.

Whether you’re hunting for a one-time travel policy or multi-trip travel insurance, Squaremouth is the one-stop-shop for your travel cover needs.

Some of the notable insurance policies you can get from Squaremouth include;

  • Single Trip Insurance Policy

The single trip cover is excellent when you need to travel once in a while. Typically, this policy can cover any trip length you take once in a blue moon.

  • Multi-Trip Insurance Policy

Annual or multi-trip insurance cover is the perfect choice for frequent travelers. This plan offers various benefits to cover all your trips throughout the year.

This multi-trip insurance plan can offer comprehensive protection on emergency medical evacuation, trip delays, and other benefits.

On the flip side, though, this travel insurance plan doesn’t cover trip cancellations.

  • Cruise Insurance Policy

You can also compare cruise insurance plans on Squaremouth.

This travel cover is ideal for cruisers, and it can reimburse money for cruise delays, medical coverage, and much more.

  • Sports Travel Insurance 

Squaremouth also offers unique travel insurance plans for sports enthusiasts. Whether you love skydiving, bungee jumping, or snorkeling, this travel plan can give you the peace of mind to enjoy your adventure.

The policy can also cover your sports equipment against loss, damage, or theft.

Furthermore, you can get coverage for sports-related injuries and water sports.

Squaremouth Travel Insurance Pros

  • You can compare quotes from more than 22 providers.
  • Squaremouth features over 99 travel insurance plans to fit your travel needs.
  • Travel insurance coverage for sports and adventure-related activities is also available on Squaremouth.
  • You can find travel medical coverage for Covid-19.

Squaremouth Travel Insurance Cons

  • Squaremouth is a quotes comparison website for travel insurance policies and providers and doesn’t sell policy covers directly. This means that you have to deal with the insurance companies directly.

5. Allianz Travel Insurance—Best Travel Insurance Company for International Travel Insurance Cover on The Go

Allianz Travel can help you find a swift solution for any travel hitch on the go.

Whether you need a trip cover that offers comprehensive insurance or looking for a year’s worth of travel insurance cover, Allianz Travel has it all.

Furthermore, Allianz’s personable customer support can help you personalize and determine the best travel insurance quote.

Allianz Travel offers its travel cover plans in three categories; Single-trip travel insurance, Multi-trip/Annual travel insurance, and car rental insurance.

So whether you’re a full-time nomad, travel for leisure once in a while, or travel for business, Allianz Travel is a trustable and dependable travel insurance provider.

And what’s more? You can get travel insurance plans for as little as $23!

Let’s look at the Allianz Travel Insurance Plans.

  • Single-trip Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel’s single-trip cover is an excellent choice for family vacations and any traveler looking for a budget-friendly trip cover.

This insurance plan comes in five categories; OneTrip Prime, OneTrip Basic, OneTrip Premier, OneTrip Emergency Medical, and OneTrip Cancellation Plus.

OneTrip Prime, for instance, can reimburse in case of trip cancellation, interruption, epidemic, baggage loss/damage/delay, concierge, travel delay, and other upgrades like car rental cover.

Typically, you can get covered up to $500,000 worth of medical evacuation expenses.

Notably, the OneTrip Prime Plan covers a trip for up to 180 days.

OneTrip Basic plan is budget-friendly and can cover trip issues like travel delays, baggage loss/delay/damage, trip interruptions, epidemic, medical care, and evacuation.

Furthermore, optional upgrades are available under this travel plan.

OneTrip Premier offers higher reimbursement limits —up to $1,000,000 for medical cover— for most items in the OneTime Prime plan.

There are also optional policy upgrades for the sports enthusiast who would love to insure sporting equipment, car rental, vehicle return, adventure, and sports excursions.

Cover for pre-existing medical conditions may also be available with this trip cover.

OneTrip Emergency Medical plan focuses on medical coverage along with other trip hiccups.

OneTrip Cancellation Plus plan is the ideal choice for domestic travelers, and it covers trip delays, interruptions, cancellations, and epidemic-related problems.

  • Multi-trip Travel Insurance

Multi-trip travel insurance plan is the ideal cover for a traveler who needs cover throughout the year.

The plan offers four choices: AllTrips Basic, Premier, Executive, and Prime.

AllTrips Executive plan, for instance, is the best choice for people traveling for business.

The cover includes all other primary travel benefits and additional coverage of up to $45,000 coverage on car rental damage or theft, $1,000 premium on business equipment damage/loss, and up to $500 insurance on loyalty programs redeposit fee.   

Allianz Travel Insurance Pros

  • The OneTrip Premier Plan provides coverage of up to $1 million.
  • Convenient annual travel insurance for people traveling for business.
  • Flexible plans for domestic travelers.
  • You can get a Covid-19 insurance plan.

Allianz Travel Insurance Cons

  • The travel medical insurance limit on some plans is lower than that of competitors.
  • You need to contact the company to get a Cancel for Any Reason plan quote.

6. Global Trip Protection Insurance—Best Travel Insurance Company for Group Travel Insurance

Are you planning group travel and wondering about insurance options available for group travels? Global Trip Insurance offers the best insurance plans for eight or more travelers’ group trips.

This travel insurance company makes it easy to get plans for your travel group.

Global Trip Protection plans include Group Essential, Group Pro, Student Essential, and Student Pro.

The Group Essential plan is perfect for a travel group that needs a budget-friendly travel insurance plan.

With Group Pro travel insurance, you can get coverage that includes benefits for pre-existing health conditions.

The Student Essential trip cover is the ideal plan for student groups. This travel policy accommodates student groups whose majority of their members are under 35.

And lastly, the Student Pro trip cover offers all the benefits in the Student Essential plan but reimburses a higher dollar amount.

Global Trip Protection Travel Insurance Pros

  • Global Trip Protection is the best travel insurance company for excellent group travel insurance.
  • You can get excellent coverage for student groups.
  • Global Trip Protection can accommodate various groups traveling, including organized tours, religious groups, family reunions, volunteers, and students.

Global Trip Protection Cons

  • The policy covers group trips only.
  • Group members traveling to the same destination only are eligible.

7. HTH Travel Insurance—Best Travel Insurance Company for International Vacationers, Business Travelers, and Students.

HTH Travel Insurance is the trustable provider for all things domestic and international travel.

You can access excellent health care in case of an emergency in more than 190 countries.

HTH Worldwide provides both short-term and long-term insurance policies.

Furthermore, there are year-round covers and group policies for five or more travel groups.

You can choose your cover from three categories: Travel Medical, Expat Medical, and Travel Protection.

With travel medical cover for single trip options, you can get coverage for people with or without primary health insurance.

Notably, you can get a medical cover of up to $1,000,000 per policy period.

Expat Medical features two travel insurance plans; Explorer and Navigator plans.

And lastly, Travel Protection offers three options: TripProtector Economy, Classic and Preferred.

TripProtector Economy can cover trip cancellation of up to 125% of the trip cost. It also offers $75,000 medical cover and $500,000 coverage for medical evacuation and body remains repatriation.

With the Tripprotector Classic policy, you can get an exclusion waiver for a pre-existing medical condition and higher policy limits for all insurance types in the TripProtector economy plan.

If you purchase the policy within the first two weeks of the trip deposit payment, the exclusion waiver qualifies.

The TripProtector Preferred plan offers up to 200% of the trip cost to cover trip cancellation loss. The Pre-existing exclusion waiver is available if you purchase the policy within the first three weeks of your initial trip deposit.

HTH Travel Insurance Pros

  • Add-ons like “cancel for any reason” are available.
  • A generous medical policy plan of up to $1 million is available.
  • Travel insurance plans for diverse travelers are available.
  • Generous trip cancellations cover up to $50,000 per trip.
  • You can recoup up to 200% of the trip cost for trip interruptions.

HTH Travel Insurance Cons

  • You need to buy your travel insurance policy within the first two weeks at least to qualify for a pre-existing condition waiver.
  • The trip interruptions cover qualifies for trip delays that last more than twelve hours.

8. Seven Corners—Best Travel Insurance for Group and Individual covers

Whether traveling within or outside the U.S borders, Seven Corners Travel Insurance offers ideal plans to accommodate your unique travel needs.

And the best part is that they have coverage for people visiting the U.S, which can be great if you need travel medical coverage to cover your visiting friends or family. 

The Covid-19 coverage is also available for international travel.

So, what travel insurance plans can you get with Seven Corners?

  • RoundTrip® Travel Protection

This insurance plan is the ideal cover for domestic trips and abroad travels, and it covers your travel expenses, medical expenses, and baggage.

Notably, there are RoundTrip® Basic and Choice plans, with the latter offering higher limits on coverage.

For instance, you get secondary medical coverage with the Basic policy, while the Choice plan offers primary insurance of up to $500,000. 

You can add options to this plan to cancel or interrupt your travel plans for any reason.

Furthermore, you can enjoy Covid-19 sickness medical insurance to cover medical expenses if you contract the Covid virus while on the trip.

  • Liaison® Travel Medical

Seven Corners’ Liaison® Travel Medical is the best option to get medical coverage outside the U.S.

Again this insurance plan is available in three tiers and these are Liaison® Travel Basic, Choice, and Travel Plus.

The Travel Plus plan covers Covid-19, and it is best for travelers to the Schengen area.

Furthermore, the cover length for all plans under this category is between five days and 364 days.

  • Liaison® Student

This is the best plan for students traveling and institutions or sending students abroad to study.

There is the Liaison® Student Basic and Liaison® Plus, and the difference between the two is the coverage limit.

  • Wander® Frequent Traveler Plus

If you want to travel all year round without worrying about medical emergencies or travel hiccups, the Wander® Frequent Traveler Plus is your long-term travel insurance plan.

And you can customize this travel policy to suit your travel dates and length.

Furthermore, this plan has Covid-19 coverage automatically.

  • Explore North America Plus

This is the best plan for visitors coming to the United States. Seven Corners will cover you if you contract Covid-19 on your trip.

  • The inbound® USA

Inbound® USA is another visitor medical cover for non-US citizens visiting the country.

Seven Corners Travel Insurance Pros

  • Travel insurance plans are available for both U.S citizens and non-citizens.
  • Comprehensive yearly travel medical insurance policies are available.
  • Best comprehensive plans for group travelers, and you can cover more than ten people in one insurance policy.
  • Covid-19 coverage is available up to $100,000.

Seven Corners Cons

  • The travel insurance policy may not be available in all the states.

9. GoReady–Best Travel Insurance for Covid-19 coverage

If you’re looking for a travel insurance company that offers policy plans for pandemic coverage, GoReady is it.

The best thing about GoReady is that you don’t have to go through the hassle when claiming your reimbursement. You can get the funds quickly and avoid spending out of pocket to cover trip disruptions like cancellations or luggage delays.

With over thirty years of travel insurance experience, there are travel insurance plans for every trip, vacation, or adventure with GoReady.

  • GoReady Choice Plan

This policy is excellent if you need comprehensive single-trip coverage.

The benefits of this policy include CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason), evac/repeat coverage, travel medical, baggage, and rental car protection.

It provides coverage of up to $500,000 for medical expenses and up to $200,000 for medical evacuation.

  • GoReady Pandemic Plus

If you’re worried about contracting Covid-19, this GoReady Pandemic Plus travel insurance will give you peace of mind to enjoy your trip.

You will enjoy all other travel insurance benefits like trip delay/cancellation, interruptions and ticket change fees, and primary pandemic coverage.

The limit for emergency medical evacuation is $500,000, and you can receive primary medical coverage of up to $50,000.

  • GoReady Trip Cancellation Plan

GoReady’s Trip Cancellation plan is full travel insurance if you don’t need primary medical coverage.

Additionally, it is the best option if you’re traveling within the United States. 

You can cancel your trip for any reason and recoup up to 75% of the trip cost.

The Covid coverage is applicable with this plan if you cancel your trip because you or your family member is sick from Covid.

  • GoReady VIP Plan

This travel coverage is perfect if you don’t need to worry about a thing while traveling.

GoReady VIP Plan is the travel insurance plan if you need to enjoy the highest insurance limits. 

Some of the items in this insurance plan include Covid-19, travel pitfalls, accident and health, baggage protection, and ancillary coverage. 

You can get up to $2,500 if you lose your belongings and up to $1,000,000 for medical evac.

  • GoReady Cruise Plan

Best travel insurance for avid cruisers! This plan accommodates CFAR, Covid-19, trip delays, baggage coverage, etc.

The plan can provide up to $250,000 to cover emergency medical evacuation and up to $2,500 to compensate for baggage loss.

  • GoReady Annual Preferred Plan

Have you got two or more trips in the pipeline this year? The Annual Preferred Plan can be the best choice for various insurance benefits.

This policy offers crucial add-ons like missed port of call —up to $1,000— you’ll be thankful to have them insured.

The Annual Preferred Plan provides coverage of up to $100,000 for emergency assistance and evacuation.

  • GoReady Annual/Multi-trip Primary Plan

This plan features all the insurance benefits of the Preferred Plan and is ideal if you intend to travel more than three times a year.

You’ll get primary medical coverage of up to $30,000!

GoReady Travel Insurance Pros

  • GoReady offers stress-less insurance benefits.
  • Various insurance policies for all travelers.
  • Customizable plans to fit your budget.
  • Upgrades like CFAR are available with some of the policy plans.
  • Covid-19 coverage is available.

GoReady Travel Insurance Cons

  • Some insurance plans like the Annual/Multi-trip primary plan may not be available in all the states.

10. AXA Assistance USA Travel Insurance—Best Travel Insurance for Top-notch Insurance Plans

AXAA USA is the ideal choice for comprehensive plans to cushion all sorts of travel glitches.

Whether you’re looking for primary medical or coverage for pre-existing condition waiver, AXAA USA has it all in one place.

You can purchase a policy between the three available plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • AXAA Silver Plan

This plan provides up to $25,000 coverage for medical emergencies and $100,000 for medical evacuation.

You can recoup $500 for missed connections and 100% on the trip costs in case of cancellation or interruptions.

  • AXAA Gold Plan

The Gold plan provides a higher insurance limit than the Silver Plan and an option to upgrade to primary medical cover.

Additionally, you can upgrade to accommodate the pre-existing condition waiver.

You’ll get up to $300 for baggage delay and $1,500 for baggage loss/damage.

  • AXAA Platinum Plan

Of all the three plans by AXAA USA, the Platinum Plan takes the trophy for generous insurance limits.

This plan offers a generous $3,000 coverage for baggage loss and up to $600 for baggage delays.

It also covers sports with $1,000 worth of insurance for sports equipment rental. Furthermore, you get $25/day for lost skier days and $500 for lost golf rounds.

You can also cancel for any reason with this policy and claim up to 75% of the trip cost. 

Additionally, AXAA Platinum Plan provides up to $50,000 coverage for the collision damage waiver.

AXA Assistance USA Travel Insurance Pros

  • AXAA USA provides round-the-clock concierge services.
  • This travel insurance also offers various travel benefits.
  • You can add the “cancel for any reason” benefit.
  • Generous travel medical insurance benefits.
  • It covers Covid-19.
  • Ideal for international and domestic trips.

AXA Assistance USA Travel Insurance Cons

  • Your trip and baggage delays apply after twelve hours of delay.

11. Tin Leg Travel Insurance—Best Travel Insurance for Turn-key Policy Benefits

Tin Leg provides dependable travel insurance policies whether you need a budget-friendly or comprehensive plan that caters to broad benefits.

It is ideal if you’re looking for options that cover cancellation for Covid-19 or medical coverage for Covid-19.

Tin Leg offers nine different travel policies to meet every traveler’s needs and budget.

And if you need a cover for your trips within the United States, there is the USA Only policy to get comprehensive coverage for your domestic trips.

Coverage for sports is also available and broad coverage for cancellation reasons.

  • Tin Leg Economy Travel Insurance

With up to $20,000 coverage for medical emergencies and $100,000 for medical evacuation, the Economy Plan is the best travel insurance to insure typical trip concerns.

  • Tin Leg Standard Travel Insurance

The Standard Policy covers all the Economic Policy items and pre-existing health concerns.

Also, it covers up to $200,000 for medical emergency evacuation.

  • Tin Leg Luxury Travel Insurance

This is the ideal Tin Leg policy if you need higher limits for primary medical coverage and comprehensive cancellation benefits.

  • Tin Leg Adventure Travel Insurance

Do you have adventure activities like cave diving on your bucket list? Tin Leg’s Adventure Travel Insurance is the ultimate choice.

You claim up to $500 for sports equipment delay and available round-the-clock concierge services.

The plan also covers a $1,000 maximum for sports equipment or personal items lost during the trip.

  • Tin Leg Silver Travel Insurance

If your trip destination requires you to have Covid-19 insurance, the Tin Leg Silver policy is the perfect insurance investment, and it covers cancellations and medical emergencies related to Covid-19.

You can also upgrade it with “Cancel for Any Reasons” to enjoy more trip cancellation coverage.

  • Tin Leg Gold Travel Insurance

This plan provides up to $500,000 in primary medical coverage, among all other benefits in the above plans. 

Pre-existing condition cover, sports equipment protection, and benefits upgrade are also available.

  • Tin Leg USA Only Travel Insurance 

Tin Leg USA Only is the ultimate choice for trips within the country. It provides secondary emergency medical cover, which means you have to exhaust your primary health cover for Tin Leg to kick in.

  • Tin Leg Basic Travel Insurance 

If you’re worried about a hurricane or unforgiving weather disrupting your trip, this Basic Travel Insurance package is the best option.

It also provides coverage for crucial trip issues like medical, delays, and cancellations.

  • Tin Leg Platinum Travel Insurance

This plan features more benefits than the Basic plan and provides higher limits.

Tin Leg Travel Insurance Pros

  • Nine travel insurance policies to fit your trip needs.
  • Top-rated insurance companies like Berkshire Hathaway Specialty and Starr Indemnity & Liability underwrite policies by Tin Leg.
  • Comprehensive trip cancellation benefits.
  • Covid-19 coverage is available.
  • Cancel for Any Reason upgrade is available.
  • Coverage for sports equipment, activities, fees, and equipment delays is available.

Tin Leg Travel Insurance Cons

  • You can claim trip delay benefits after a common carrier delay of 24 hours.
  • Most of the Tin Leg policies don’t have car rental coverage.

And there you have it! 11 best travel insurance companies to cover your next adventure.

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