25 Best Jobs For Pregnant Women In 2024

Drishti Choudhary
January 29, 2024
25 Best Jobs For Pregnant Women In 2024
25 Best Jobs For Pregnant Women In 2024

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Pregnancy is a stage in a woman’s life which might be the best time of her life. 

She might be on cloud nine. But that doesn’t subside the fact that she might still have to work and earn for herself and maybe even her family.

And getting a job while you are pregnant can be a task. 

We have prepared a list of 25 best jobs for pregnant women that will pay well, pave the way for your financial independence even when you are pregnant. 

How To Land One Of The Best Jobs For Pregnant Women?

Here are some points on how you can start with your job search as a pregnant woman. 

1. Disclosing Pregnancy:

It is completely your choice if you want to disclose it to the hiring manager that you are pregnant. 

Rather let your education and experience speak for you. 

The company that appreciates you for your skills wouldn’t care about your pregnancy. 

Although if you are far along in pregnancy it might be better to reveal.  

2. Time Management:

It is important that you manage your time as per your comfort. 

You must look for a job that sinks with your rest and break time. 

It might be difficult to find such a job on a full time basis but part-time or temporary jobs will come to your rescue.

3. Slow Search:

It is okay if the first job you apply to, rejects you. 

Doesn’t matter if it was for pregnancy as a reason or any other. 

You will find the perfect fit. You must not lose hope and never make yourself stressed or tired out because of it. 

4. Family And Friends:

You might want to shift with your family or friends for the time you search for one of the best jobs for pregnant women. 

This might help in cutting expenses on utilities, and other essentials. 

Virtual Work

Online and work from home jobs are the most comfortable amongst the best jobs for pregnant women. 

1. Graphic Designer

Average Salary: $55,951/year

Sites For Job Search: Glassdoor

If you have some experience in creating posters, templates, designs, logos, etc, you can work as a graphics designer. 

Being pregnant, you could take up work from home graphic designing and earn well.

2. Facebook Advertising Manager

Average Salary: $61,351/year

Sites For Job Search: Jooble.com

You can get hired by businesses to create ads for their products and brand and manage the same. 

If you are a social media enthusiast, this job might be perfect for you. 

You must be creative so you can make your ads and target them towards the required audience.

Best Websites For Pregnant Women To Get The Job

3. Transcriptionist

Average Salary: $41,995/year 

Sites For Job Search: Upwork

If you are a keen listener, and a detail oriented person, if you have good command over language as well, from beginners to experts there is a job for everyone. 

All you need to do is understand the audio content and transcribe it for the client.

4. Market Research Analyst

Average Salary: $78,816/year

Sites For Job Search: ZipRecruiter

As a market research analyst, you would be required to evaluate different sets of data, interpreting them and finally forecasting the trend based on this analysis. 

If this is what you expert in, it is one of the best jobs for pregnant women.

5. Virtual Assistant

Average Salary: $50,749/year

Sites For Job Search: Simplyhired

With the advent of the modern age, virtual assistance has occurred as a new profession. 

You need to be well organized, punctual, diligent to succeed as a virtual assistant. 

You would be required to manage travels, bookings, appointments and more for the required person.

Suggestions For Pregnant Women Who Work Virtually:

  • Get a Lap Desk. It isn’t a safe practice to keep a laptop in your lap while you’re pregnant. Sit comfortably in bed when you work.
  • Keep water within one hand distance. Stay hydrated.
  • Keep all the stationary and other work related items within close reach for your ease.
  • Let your partner and family members do the household chores. You must take appropriate rest after work, even if it is online.

Off The Screen

Not only virtual but there are some offline jobs as well which come under the best jobs for pregnant women that pay well.

6. Babysitter

Average Salary: $36,641/year

Sites For Job Search: Glassdoor, Care.com

Till the time you have your own bundle of joy to play with, babysitting could earn you some greens. 

It is also easier for parents to trust pregnant women with their children. 

You can start with your own relatives and friends and then grow steadily.

7. Administrative Assistant

Average Salary: $43,768/year

Sites For Job Search: Monster Jobs

Even though many businesses are online, there are offices which require assistants. 

You could easily manage this job while being pregnant, if you have organizational and management skills.  

8. Real Estate Agent

Average Salary: $85,793/year

Sites For Job Search: NAR.Realtor

If you know your neighborhood, and believe you could pursue people into buying, selling or renting certain properties, you could become a real estate agent. 

Being an agent in an area close to your house would actually be less tiring and reward worthy.

9. Paralegal

Average Salary: $59,731/year

Sites For Job Search: Paralegal411

If you have a degree in law or related field, or have experience with the legal framework, you could easily work as a paralegal. 

You would assist lawyers and attorneys with their cases.

10. Event Planner

Average Salary: $63,335/year

Sites For Job Search: Flexjobs

Are you one of those who like planning events for family and friends? 

Why not make use of this skill and earn a living through it? 

You can plan events, parties, ceremonies and earn really well even as a pregnant woman.

11. Photographer

Average Salary: $42,345/year 

Sites For Job Search: Icons8

Doesn’t matter if you are pregnant you can always click pretty pictures. 

If you believe you have the eyes for the perfect frame, grab your camera and click through your lens. 

You can also start small by clicking pictures on your phone and creating a portfolio for clients.  

Hustle It Up

These side hustles along with jobs for pregnant women, would help you to earn more and thereby save more for your future baby. 

12. Blogger/Freelance Writer

Average Salary: $62,275/year

Sites For Job Search: Tiger Recruitment

Have a flair for writing? You can become a blogger or a freelance writer. 

You can start your own blog and let other pregnant women know about your journey of pregnancy, thus making money quite literally while you are pregnant. 

For Example: Here is an instance of how you could blog about your pregnancy. Here Whitney Port describes the moment she and her partner got to know about their pregnancy and her journey ahead.  

13. Online Tutor

Average Salary: $39,111/year

Sites For Job Search: Tutor.com

You can either join some online tutoring service provider or start your online classes and earn real well. 

There are numerous students looking for online tutors, be it in college or school. 

This is one of the easiest side hustles to pair up with jobs for pregnant women, since you can have flexible time.

14. Influencer

Average Salary: $57,928/year

Sites For Job Search: Backstage

If you are camera friendly and creative and believe you could create content that might help/influence others, you could create your own channel and become an influencer.

It is easy to manage with your full time job and gives you great returns. 

For Example: Here is an instance of how you could document your pregnancy and become an influencer. In this instance this influencer is using her influence to have conversations about fertility, motherhood.

15. Survey Gigs

Average Salary: $64,602/year

Sites For Job Search: Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, InboxDollars

All you need is a phone and an internet connection. 

You can download various surveys, answer them and earn easy money

This side hustle is not only stress free but also adds more greens in your account.

Best Survey Sites To Make Extra Money

Survey Junkie

Bag $300 monthly just for Dropping Your Opinions with Survey Junkie!


Grab Your Piece of the $879 Million Survey Pie with Swagbucks!


Daily Jackpot: Claim your share of $1000 with Inbox Dollars Opinion Bonanza!

16. Game Tester

Average Salary: $38,039/year

Sites For Job Search: Game Tester

Gaming is your hobby? Turn it into a side hustle and earn those dollars. 

You will play games, test their features, inspect them for any glitches and suggest changes to perfect that game. 

This has to be one of the coolest jobs on the list of jobs for pregnant women.  

17. Data Entry Assistant

Average Salary: $39,629/year

Sites For Job Search: Upwork

There are numerous firms that want to shift their business data online. 

But it could be a horrendous task to do alone. 

You would be required to enter data, update customer information, log in business transactions, etc on the company’s database.

Fleeting Affairs

Besides the full-time best jobs for pregnant women, you could also take up these part-time jobs for pregnant women. 

They can fill up your wallet real soon, if done right. 

18. Maternity Model

Average Salary: $160K/year

Sites For Job Search: Expecting Models

Ofcourse, all of this is for that baby, but why not let your baby bump help you too? 

Become a maternity model and advertise various products and services for different brands.

Brands like: Ingrid & Isabel look for maternity models for their clothing line.

19. Prenatal/Postnatal Fitness Instructor

Average Salary: $63,951/year

Sites For Job Search: Yogatraveljobs

If you are a fitness freak and know about it all, you can be a yoga/ fitness instructor for other pregnant women who have no clue about it. 

You can either take classes online or offline and earn a bounty full of greens.  

20. Handmade Craft Seller

Average Salary: $38,150/year

Sites For Job Search: Etsy

If creativity is your second name, you know some art and crafts like crochet, paper origami, paper quilling etc, you can sell items made with these.

It is convenient for a pregnant woman since you could decide yourself about how many orders to take, how much time to invest, thus being stress free.

21. Call Center Agent

Average Salary: $35,810/year

Sites For Job Search: CallCenterJobs.com

You can become a call center agent where your task would include taking and making calls for customer service of the company. 

You also would be involved in managing customer complaints, account inquiries and support issues.

Other Jobs For Pregnant Women

22. Librarian/Library Assistant

Average Salary: $65,193/year 

Sites For Job Search: American Library Association

If you like being in the house of books, you could take up a job as librarian or library assistant. 

Your job would be related to upkeep of the library or bookstore and the books. 

It would be a stress-free comfortable job for a pregnant woman.

23. Selling Items

Average Salary: Varies

Sites For Job Search: eBay

You could sell old/ used items through a garage sale. 

This would not only bring in some extra cash but also clean out the junk and make space for the baby items you would be purchasing soon.

24. Home Restaurant

Average Salary: $97,173/year

Your home could become your workspace, if you love cooking or baking. 

You can take small orders, starting from friends and family and eventually expand the business as per your convenience.

25. Translator

Average Salary: $57,200/year

Sites For Job Search: Gengo

Multilingual or bilingual? Why not fill up that bank account? 

You can work as a translator either online or offline or even both. 

This could be one of the most comfortable jobs for pregnant women.

Jobs For Pregnant Women Which Must Be Avoided

Since we have discussed the best jobs for pregnant women, here are a few jobs that pregnant women must avoid.

These jobs could either be stressful or tire you out easily. 

1. Exposure To Toxins

You must not take up a job that exposes you to toxins or chemicals. 

This might affect your and your child’s health drastically. Chemicals present in- paints, pesticides, cleaning agents etc.

2. Physically Straining

Doctors suggest not to take up jobs that could physically strain you, get you tired or exhausted easily. 

So, jobs for pregnant women that you must avoid are the ones involving heavy lifting or standing for long hours. 

3. Long Traveling

If a job involves commuting for long hours and/or uncomfortable traveling, you must avoid it. 

You can travel in the middle of the pregnancy but when you are far long avoiding would be best.


Being pregnant doesn’t mean that your professional life has to come to an end. 

You still work and earn for yourself and your child. 

Although it might seem difficult to find jobs for pregnant women that does justice to your education, experience or your pregnant condition. 

But as suggested here, there are some best jobs for pregnant women. 

You must let your quality of work speak for itself.  


You must know that discriminating against pregnant people in the workplace is against the law. The employer could not refuse to hire you just because of your pregnancy. Employers can also not change the terms and conditions of employment because of your pregnancy.

Jobs which include least physical labor, which are virtual, stress-free are the best jobs for pregnant women. Part-time or temporary jobs can also be good options if you don’t want to work for the entire period of your pregnancy.

There are numerous part-time jobs that are a perfect fit for pregnant women. But the best are jobs like- maternity model. This job brings in more bucks and doesn’t require much time or effort.

It is completely your personal choice. Although if you’re far along you might want to reveal. Nevertheless, legally no one can discriminate against you for your pregnancy, so if you feel like, go with the revelation.


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