Get Paid To Sleep: 9 Ways To Make Money While Sleeping

Charity Jerop
April 21, 2023
Get Paid To Sleep - 9 Ways To Make Money While Sleeping

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D o you want to earn money while sleeping?

Forget about your typical 9 to 5 job, and welcome to a world where you can get paid to sleep.

That’s right; you can get paid to dream, literally.

In this blog, we will show you how to get paid to sleep. 

How To Get Paid To Sleep?

You can create a business that generates income while you sleep or get a job that pays to sleep.

Some of these jobs are simple, and you don’t need any experience.

The best part is you can set up your passive income streams while focusing on your full-time job.

Let’s dive in if you are ready to find your dream job—literally.

9 Ways To Get Paid To Sleep

(1) Mystery Shopping

Do you love shopping? You can get paid to be a mystery shopper. Companies can pay you to act as their customer for their market research. 

You can do mystery shopping across many industries, including hospitality, construction, restaurants, medical offices, resorts, government agencies, etc.

The best part is you can work remotely by making calls to request services or to shop. 

How Do Mystery Shoppers Work?

A mystery shopper works for a marketing firm or a company and reports to the company about customer service.

Typically, the research company needs to know how you were treated, your online shopping experience, and the overall shopping process. 

How Much Can You Make As A Mystery Shopper?

You can earn up to $24 an hour as a mystery shopper or up to $967/week

(2) Start A Blog

Are you ready to create a business from scratch that can pay you to sleep? Publishing content online is another excellent way to make money while sleeping. There are dozens of ways to earn income from a blog, which can pay while you sleep. 

As a blogger, you can earn from your content through affiliate marketing, selling e-courses, ad display, brand deals, sponsorships, and many more.  

You can create a blog as a part or full-time job. Statistics show you can earn up to $7.5k per month. One thing is clear, though, that blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick strategy. 

You must find the right niche and monetization strategy and create quality content. Marketing is also crucial to creating a successful blog.

(3) Get Paid To Test Products

Did you know that you can earn money by testing products? Brands always look for people to try and provide product feedback. This is another excellent way to make money sleeping. 

Many programs will pay you to test products before they release them to the market. The amount you can make depends on the number of tests you take. 

Some websites that’ll pay you for product testing include Pinecone Research, User Testing, and Beta Testing.

(4) Start A Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is an online business model where you market and sell products without holding any physical stock. Technically, you build a website, partner with manufacturers, and list products on your site for sale. 

When you receive an order from a customer, you must send those details to your supplier to fulfill it. Automation makes this business easier, and people can place orders anytime.

The best part is that you don’t need a lot of overhead costs or deal with physical products. You can get up to 30% net profit and an average of $50k in the first year. 

(5) Sleep Junkie

Do you want to make up to $2k while sleeping? Sleep Junkie is looking for testers to try its sleeping products. This is a perfect opportunity if you struggle to sleep! Sleep Junkie is the company that pays you to sleep. 

Typically, this company focuses on sleep, providing reviews, guides, tips, and products to help you sleep better. They hire consumers to participate in research and provide feedback. You can do things like eating cheese before bed and make $1000. What a great opportunity for night owls?

Go to Sleep Junkie to participate in the program and earn income while sleeping.

(6) Answer Surveys

Make money using survey junkie

Another way to cash in on your sleepless nights is by taking surveys. Survey Junkie will pay you to do the most effortless online jobs, like browsing, filling out survey forms, and shopping.

Companies and brands use sites like Prize Rebel, Swagbucks, Inboxdollars and AttaPoll to get opinions about their products.

(7) Create And Monetize Social Media Content

Social media pays these days, and you can earn money on your favorite social site. From Instagram to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest, there are dozens of ways to create and monetize social media content.

You can sell physical products and create and monetize video, text, and image content on social media. The best part is you can recycle social media content across the board and earn independently from those sites. 

Social media content can earn you money indefinitely as long as you don’t delete them. There are various ways to make money from your social media content, including ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing. 

(8) Dog Sit Overnight

Do you like spending time with pet dogs? You can turn this passion into a side hustle to make money at night. Nighttime dog sitting is a service type for clients needing overnight dog sitters. 

Dog sitting overnight can be anywhere between six to twelve hours. You can earn up to $85 per night for essential services like feeding the dog and providing water.

Best Websites To Earn From Pet Sitting / Dog Walking

(9) Be A Caregiver

Providing care to the elderly, children, persons with disabilities, or the sick is another way to earn income. Depending on your location, you can get up to $3k as a caregiver. is one of the best places to find caregiver jobs. 

Join by creating your account to get the jobs. Do you need a caregiving certificate to get a job? This requirement varies, depending on your state, so checking it out is crucial. 

How To Get Paid To Sleep: Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Research Opportunities: Explore the various options mentioned above and determine which one aligns with your skills and interests.

2. Prepare Your Workspace: Depending on the gig, you might need a comfortable sleeping area, a laptop, a phone, or other equipment.

3. Sign Up Or Apply: Register on platforms, websites, or companies that offer the gig you’re interested in. Follow their application process.

4. Complete Tasks Or Set Up Your Business: Depending on the gig, you’ll either start completing tasks (like surveys) or set up your business (like blogging or dropshipping).

5. Promote Yourself (If Applicable): If you’re starting a business, promote your blog, social media, or dropshipping site to attract customers.

6. Start Earning: As you complete tasks or make sales, you’ll start earning money while you sleep.

Things To Consider When Getting Paid To Sleep

1. Legitimacy: Ensure you’re dealing with reputable companies or platforms. Research thoroughly before signing up or investing time.

2. Effort And Time: While the idea of earning while sleeping is enticing, some gigs might require effort and time upfront to set up.

3. Consistency: Depending on the gig, consistent effort might be needed to maintain income.

4. Market Demand: Research the demand for the gig. For instance, dropshipping’s success depends on market trends.

5. Personal Comfort: Make sure the gig doesn’t affect your sleep quality or overall well-being negatively.

6. Legal And Tax Considerations: Understand any legal or tax implications of the gig.


There are many options for you to get paid to sleep.

Complete surveys, create a blog, post social media content, dog sit, or provide caregiving services and make money. 

Some jobs don’t require experience or high capital investment to start.

Hopefully, the above tips can help you boost your income.


Yes, it’s possible! There are various gigs and opportunities that can earn you money while you sleep.

Earnings vary based on the gig and your level of engagement. Some gigs, like dropshipping, have the potential for significant income, while others might offer smaller amounts.

Not necessarily. Many of these gigs, like answering surveys or testing products, require no special skills. Others, like blogging or dropshipping, might require some learning but can be mastered over time.

While many of these gigs are legitimate and safe, it’s essential to research and be cautious. Some gigs might involve initial investments or time commitments.

Yes, many of these gigs can be done part-time or alongside a full-time job. It depends on your availability and the specific gig’s requirements.

Consider your skills, interests, and availability. Choose a gig that aligns with these factors and fits your lifestyle and goals.


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