22 High Paying Summer Jobs For Teens In 2024

Charity Jerop
April 7, 2024
22 High Paying Summer Jobs For Teens In 2024

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A re you a teen looking for summer jobs?

Summer is the perfect time for teens to explore outside of the classroom and working during this time is an excellent opportunity for them to earn valuable skills and make money. 

We have exciting news for parents and teenagers looking for high-paying summer jobs.

Whether you love browsing on the internet, serving people or handy work, there are thousands of summer jobs for teens.

This blog is about summer jobs for teens.

Eligible Age For Teens To Work

While working and making money as a teen sounds exciting, your safety and rights come first.

Understanding the acceptable age for minors to start working for pay is crucial. 

According to the US Department of Labor, various factors can affect the minimum age requirement for a child to engage in income-generating activities, i.e., job type and the minor’s age involved. 

The legal age for children to start working is 14 years.

Again there is a limit to the number of hours a teenager can work.

Check with your state laws, too, ensuring you follow all the rules regarding the employment of minors.

Are There Summer Jobs For Teens?

Yes! The summer job market is up-and-coming for teens, and the pay has increased!

Research shows that young adults (15-19) make up 18% of the workforce.

The booming job markets for teens during summer include restaurants, stores, amusement parks, and hotels.

These jobs can be exciting for teens who love serving and meeting new people.

Do you have or are a teenager that would love to make money at home?

There are tons of opportunities online for teenagers.

Let’s dive in and sample various summer jobs for teens. 

Online Summer Jobs For Teens

The digital space presents tons of well-paying opportunities for young adults.

You can earn money without leaving your parent’s house.

If you’re tech-savvy, these can be the best summer jobs for you.

1. Graphic Designing

Can you create visual concepts by hand or with your computer?

Graphic designing can be an exciting summer job for a teen. 

Many businesses hire young graphic designers to help create stunning images, videos, infographics, chats, memes, slides, and other visual content. 

You can earn $15 an hour working as a young graphic designer.

Where Do You Get A Graphic Design Job?

First, you need to create a portfolio with samples of your work.

Contact your local businesses to see if they need a graphic designer. 

Alternatively, you can search for jobs online through job boards like Fiverr and Upwork

2. Online Tutoring

Are you great at helping others with their homework? Well, you can make this your summer job!

Whether you’re knowledgeable in Maths, English, Physics, Algebra, Science, or Biology, there are plenty of jobs for online tutors.

How Much Can A Teen Make Tutoring?

The average tutor pay is $24/hr; you can earn between $12-$39 an hour tutoring online this summer.

Where Do You Get Online Tutoring Jobs For Teens?

Your teen can offer online tutoring services through Care.com, Fiverr, and Preply.

3. Virtual Assistance

Offering virtual assistance services is another one of the summer teen jobs you can do online.

Your tasks as a virtual assistant include editing, scheduling meetings, writing emails, doing sales, booking travels, editing, marketing, etc.

How Much Can A Teen Virtual Assistant Earn?

Your teen can earn $20 an hour as a virtual assistant this summer. 

Where Can You Get VA Jobs?

The best place to start looking is Fiverr and job boards like Indeed

4. App/Website Testing

The most straightforward online teen summer job is app/web testing.

Thousands of businesses create new apps and websites daily.

Testing if their products work is a crucial part before launching. And this is where you come in as a tester!

How Much Can You Make Testing Apps/Websites?

You can earn $20 per test.

Websites like UserTesting will pay you to try out new apps and websites.

5. Video Editing

Do you have video editing skills?

Video editing involves taking raw camera footage, manipulating and combining it to create quality video content.

Many content creators and businesses seek video editors to help create quality videos.

Companies are allocating more budget for video production, and the creator economy continues to rise.

If you want to gain skills in video production, starting as a teenager will set you up for success. 

How Much Can You Make Editing Videos?

Video editors earn up to $21.70 per hour. 

Where Can You Find Video Editing Jobs?

Look up job boards and marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, and ProductionHub.

6. Data Entry Work

Can you type faster? Data entry is an excellent summer job for teens with fast typing speeds and attention to detail.

Your work as a data entry can involve copying data from paper, like mail, and feeding them into a computer word for word.

How Much Does A Data Entry Job Pay?

Expect $10-$15 an hour.

Where Can You Find Data Entry Jobs?

Look at sites like Amazon Mechanical Turks, Upwork, and Fiverr.

7. Call Reviewer

Did you know you can get paid to review calls?

Spend time this summer analyzing calls and earning money while at it.

A call reviewer helps businesses evaluate and address customer pain points for better services. 

This gig type can help you gain data entry, proofing, typing, and clerical skills.

How Much Does A Call Reviewer Make?

You can average $17 an hour!

Where Can You Find Call Reviewing Jobs?

Check out companies like Humanatic, PointQA, and Call Center QA

8. Proofreading

Proofreading involves scanning a document, looking for typos, grammar errors, missing sentences, formatting, data, dates, and other errors.

Get paid to proofread blogs, essays, books, and other written materials. 

How Much Do Proofreading Jobs Pay?

Earn an average of $22 an hour proofreading.

When Can You Get Proofreading Gigs?

Check out Proofread Anywhere, Scribendi, and Fiverr for proofreading jobs.

9. Play Video Games

Playing video games is fun for many teens; getting paid is even more exciting!

Many people eke out a living from playing video games, and they earn a lot.

People like Ninja, Ceb, and Sumail make millions as professional gamers.

Jaden Ashman won millions from a single gaming tournament at 15.

My point; you can earn money doing the things you love as a teenager.

You can make income by streaming video games on popular sites like Twitch or coaching your peers. 

Other excellent options to monetize your hobby are video game tournaments, testing, or developing video game apps.

How Much Money Can You Earn Playing Video Games?

You can earn between $20 to $200 an hour.

Which Apps Pay To Play Video Games?

Check out apps like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Kashkick, Solitaire Cube, and MyPoints.

Best Websites To Make Money By Playing Video Games

10. Make YouTube Videos

Video content creation is another excellent summer job idea for teens.

You can generate revenue through your YouTube content.

Creating YouTube videos can be the most effortless summer job. 

You can start content creation with your phone.

So what are the best YouTube content ideas for teens?

There’s no limit to your creativity when making YouTube content.

From cooking videos, day in the life of a teen vlog, tutorials, DIYs, gaming, routines, travels, and more.

How Much Can You Earn from YouTube?

Expect an average of $18 per thousand views on your videos.  

High-Paying Care Summer Jobs For Teens

Does the teen in your life love caring for others?

Below are some of the rewarding activities your teenager can do this summer.

11. Babysitting

Do you love being around babies?

Many parents need babysitters to look after their babies while at work.

You can offer babysitting services to parents within your community.

How Much Can You Earn Babysitting?

The average pay for a babysitter is $17.95 an hour.

Where Can You Get Babysitting Gigs?

Check out websites like Care.com and Sittercity.

12. Work At An Animal Shelter

This summer teen job idea is for those that love caring for animals.

If you want something rewarding this summer, apply to work at an animal shelter.

Be part of a worthy cause by helping keep the animals clean and well-fed. 

How Much Does An Animal Shelter Worker Earn?

Expect an average of $17 an hour.

Places To Find Animal Shelter Work

Check out organizations like The Humane Society of The US, Four Paws, and Humane Pro.

Consider looking for animal shelter jobs within your locality.

13. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is akin to babysitting but with fur babies.

If you love hanging out with animals, why not make money?

Summer means vacation time; many pet owners need someone to care for their animals as they work or are on vacation.

Teenagers can best fit this role.

Your job will include cooking and feeding, cleaning, playing, and reporting any issues with the animal to the owners. 

How Much Does A Pet Sitting Pay?

Expect an average hourly pay of $15.72.

How To Find A Pet Sitting Job?

Look up sites like Care.com, Paws at Home Care, and Rover.

14. Dog Walking

Dogs need a walk, too, and often, their owners have tight schedules.

Get paid to walk a dog for half an hour or a whole hour.

The work of a dog walker involves:

  • Taking dogs through agreed-upon routes.
  • Giving food and water to the animal.
  • Visiting the vet when necessary.

How Much Do Teen Dog Walkers Earn?

An average of $21 an hour!

Where Can You Find Dog Walking Jobs?

Check out Rover, Care.com, and Paws at Home Care.

Work In The Service Industry This Summer

Working in the service industry is ideal for teens 16 and above.

Do you want to work at Starbucks, a coffee shop, or a grocery store? 

Restaurants, fast food shops, movie theaters, grocery stores, and community centers are the busiest during summer.

These are the perfect places to grab yummy food, coffee, or summer jobs for teens!

15. Barista/Waiter

A barista or waiter’s work is to welcome customers, take their orders, serve them, and provide excellent customer service.

If you can do this kind of work, you can start this summer.

How Much Can You Earn As A Barista/Waiter?

Expect an hourly pay between $15 and $22 for entry-level work.

Where To Find Barista/Waiter Jobs for Teens?

Check out Chick-fil-A, Kroger, Baskin Robbins, Starbucks, Mcdonald’s, Taco Bell, and local amusement venues. 

16. Cashier

Are you excellent in math and have great interpersonal and communication skills? A cashier job is calling you.

Your work will include scanning goods, managing transactions, issuing receipts, taking payments (cash or credit), and issuing refunds.

How Much Can You Earn As A Cashier? 

A cashier averages $16 an hour.

Where Can You Work As A Teen Cashier?

Look for a cashier job at retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, movie theaters, and supermarkets. Apply to Macy’s, Target, JCPenny, etc.

17. Work At A Grocery Store

Grocery stores have many jobs fit for teens.

You can work as a bagger, stocker, or cashier at a grocery store this summer.

Grocery Store Job Pay

Expect anything between $23 to $38 an hour.

Where To Find Grocery Store Jobs?

Check out companies like Piggly Wiggly, Kroger, Publix, Casey’s, Sprouts Farmers Market, etc.

18. Library Assistant

Working as a library assistant is another excellent summer job for teens.

Many libraries hire teens as shelving assistants, customer support, etc. 

Furthermore, young adult librarians can help organize education and fun activities for their peers.

Working in the library is the best summer job for you if you love books and helping your community.

Hourly Pay For A Librarian Assistant

A teen librarian assistant can average $29 an hour!

Outdoor Summer Jobs For Teens

Step outside, enjoy the sun, and earn money!

Below are some exciting outdoor works for teens to make money.

19. Car Wash Attendant

Washing people’s cars is one of the easiest jobs you can do as a teen during summer.

A car wash attendant cleans vehicles, removes trash, vacuums the floors and seats, and ensures it is pristine.

Car Wash Attendant Pay

An average of $16 an hour.

Where To Get Car Wash Attendant Jobs?

Check out car washing companies in your area.

20. Landscaping

Get paid to mow other people’s lawns.

Landscaping can be an exciting summer job if you love gardening.

A landscaper’s job is to plant new flowers, trim overgrown bushes, remove weeds, clean walkways, and more.

Landscaper Pay

Expect $15 an hour.

How To Get A Landscaping Job As A Teen?

Offer your neighbors your mowing services or look online for landscaping jobs. 

21. Work As A Lifeguard

Can you swim at least 300 yards using breast or front crawl? Do you know how to dive and retrieve a 10lbs object?

Working as a lifeguard this summer is great for teens with swimming skills. 

Lifeguard Pay

$17-$20 an hour!

How To Get Lifeguard Gigs?

Check job boards like Indeed and Zip Recruiter.

22. Be A Caddy

A golf caddy helps golfers in the field by providing the right club, estimating the shot distance, replacing divots, raking sand traps, cleaning golf balls, and more. 

Golf Caddy Pay

$19 an hour!

Caddy Jobs For Teens

Check country clubs near you for caddy jobs.

Crafty Summer Jobs For Teens

Do you love crafting? Turn your hobbies into a cashing machine by making and selling products.

You can create and sell fashion accessories, woodwork, soaps, scented candles, stickers, personalized stuff, etc.


Construction, transportation, mining, manufacturing, public utilities, and other hazardous occupations.

You should get at least a minimum hourly rate of $7.25.

You can have a job if you want it. Teens having a summer job is a perfect way to kill boredom.

Find Your Ideal Summer Job For Teens

Working as a teen can help you build your resume early.

You also earn money to spend on whatever you want.

Whether you love playing video games, spending time outdoors, or serving people, summer jobs for teens are many.


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