21 Best Summer Jobs For College Students In 2024

Drishti Choudhary
April 15, 2024
21 Best Summer Jobs For College Students In 2024
21 Best Summer Jobs For College Students In 2024

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Summertime Peaches! And what does summer bring with it? Vacations.

And, of course, who wouldn’t like swimming or spending the holidays in that one summer vacation house’s backyard? 

But you could also turn your vacations into money-making days. 

When you return home as a college student, you might think you deserve a break from all the hustle and bustle of your college, and why can’t that break be while you also make some bucks?

And so we bring you the 21 best summer jobs for college students because everyone likes some extra bucks.

Reasons To Get Summer Jobs For College Students

A summer job could help you make money, but other reasons could also lead you to take a job this summer and get a clear answer to the question about what college students should do in the summer.

1. Extra Bucks

Do you need clarification about how college students can make money over the summer? Well, summer jobs are the answer. 

As a college student, you should get a summer job because you would be making extra bucks, and no extra money can harm your college life, can it?

Best Websites To Make Extra Money

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2. Resume Boosting

If you are serious about making a career in the field you are graduating in, you could boost your resume if you take on a summer internship in a related field or company. 

This will help you score better jobs when you finally graduate and set your foot in the real market. 

3. New Skills

When you start working, you learn some skills you didn’t have or get a chance to hone your existing skills. 

This helps you be better prepared for the future when taking on a permanent job after grad school. 

4. Networking

Considering the times we live in, it is important that you have a professional network of your own. 

This is possible if you step into the job market earlier. 

If you can get a job in the same field that you wish to make a living out of when you graduate, it could be very beneficial. 

5. Passions

You don’t need to take summer jobs only in the field you are graduating in, but you could also take up your childhood hobbies or recently discovered passions and turn them into money-earning activities. 

You can also find some new interests and passions. 

Ways To Find Best Summer Jobs For College Students

Even if you decide to spend your summer earning some extra bucks, you would need to find jobs that pay you well and are enjoyable. 

This is where we come in; you can find summer jobs for college students through the sources mentioned. 

1. In The Real World

If you want a job in the service sector, visiting the particular company or employer in person could help you get a job or even learn about their openings. 

2. Words O’ Words

If you know someone currently in a line of business that you wish to join, you could talk to them about job vacancies for college students. 

You can also let everyone in your circle know that you are looking for a job; hence, they also put a word in for you. 

3. Online Sites

There are numerous sites where you can find work or internships of your interest. 

You can look at sites like ZipRecruiter or FlexJobs, where you can easily find summer jobs for college students as you can filter your choices out. 

4. Media’s Medium

A lot of companies, even local stores, post about job openings on their social media handles. 

You could follow the ones you wish to join for your summer job and get further information. 

5. Industrial Set Up

If you are graduating in a particular field and want a summer job or internship in the same field, you could look for an industry in that field. 

You can also visit a particular company’s website and search for summer jobs for college students. 

Factors To Consider When Searching For Summer Jobs For College Students

If this is your first time searching for a summer job or even a job, you might need clarification on what you should expect and ask for. 

Here are a few factors to consider when searching for summer jobs for college students. 

1. Salary

Of course, most college students look for summer jobs that pay well. If you work for a considerable amount of time during summer, you will want good pay. 

If your employer is willing to pay around $7.25 to $13 per hour, depending on your state, you could make a reasonable sum. 

Further, the type of job you take also affects the salary.

2. Timings

Before you commit to any job, make sure you are aware of its timing. This would include your working hours and days. 

You might also want to look at the shift that they want you to work and whether weekends are working too. 

This will help you shortlist the job you are most comfortable in. 

3. Duration

If you are looking for summer jobs, you must be careful about communicating this to your employer because the employer is looking for someone who can continue to work even after summer. 

Thus, you must be informed about the period of commitment that is convenient to you.

4. Prestige

When choosing summer jobs for college students, you want to ensure that you get into a prestigious job if it is in the same field as your graduating subjects. 

This will help you boost your resume. Also, working at companies with names generally brings in more bucks. 

Best Summer Jobs For College Students

And now we come to the section with the Best Summer Jobs for College Students.

These jobs could be either offline or online, but they will all help you have a productive summer. 

Best Offline Summer Jobs For College Students

1. Baby/Pet Sitter

Pay Per Hour: Varies

You could become a babysitter or pet sitter if you are looking for a job that pays well and offers a flexible work schedule. 

You can decide your own schedule and how many clients you want to take on each day. 

You can look at sites like Care.com for babysitting and Rover for pet sitting if looking for a way to find babysitting and pet sitting jobs.

2. Camp Counselor

Pay Per Hour: $10-$11

If you love camping and are ready for an adventure in summer, you can work as a camp counselor. 

You can look at or organize the activities that interest you. 

If you are into sports, you could go to a sports camp, or if science interests you, you could attend a science camp.

3. Retail Associate

Pay Per Hour: $14

If you like interacting with people and believe fashion is your thing, you could become a retail associate. 

This type of profession is suitable for learning organizational and communication skills. 

If you are graduating in fashion or any other field that requires retail associates, it can help you better understand the products in your field.

Best Websites For College Students To Get The Job

4. Lifeguard

Pay Per Hour: $18-$19

Like swimming? You can become a lifeguard at your local club or swimming pool and earn a good amount in the summer. 

You could also become a CPR-certified lifeguard and increase your pay. 

But nevertheless, if you swim, you might as well make money out of it.

5. Amusement Park Attendant

Pay Per Hour: $13

Do you love the feeling of being in a crowd and the vibe of an amusement park? Why not become an amusement park attendant? 

You could socialize, improve your communication skills, and even network for your future. 

You must be more of an extrovert if you wish to apply for a job like this. 

6. Adventure Guide

Pay Per Hour: $14-$15

If you are not a camp counselor, you can look for the job of an adventure guide if you have an adventurous side to your personality. 

You could lead groups on kayaking, hiking, zip-lining, rock climbing, or any other activities. 

You can develop communication and leadership skills. And if you are graduating in any field related to it, it could also be good for your resume.

7. Warehouse Employee

Pay Per Hour: $16- $17

Companies and stores usually hire warehouse employees to pack as workloads increase. 

You could take up a job where you would be involved in packing and ensuring the distribution takes place smoothly. 

Of course, the kind of job might differ. If you are looking to open your own business, this type of work might help you get some hands-on experience. 

8. Tech Intern

Pay Per Hour: $17-$18

If you are enrolled in a tech-related course at your college, you could intern with any tech firm or company for the summer. 

You could gain real experience in the tech industry, learn skills, and network if this is the field you want to pursue after college.  

9. Bartender/Server

Pay Per Hour: $16-$17

You could work as a bartender or even a server in a restaurant or bar to earn some extra bucks

This type of job helps you understand the social environment and work in it. 

These kinds of jobs could also get you extra cash through tips. 

If you are into hotel management courses in college, this could be a huge perk for you. 

10. Golf Caddy

Pay Per Hour: $17-$18

If you like golf, you could become the golf guy. You could contact any gold club and find out if they are looking for anyone to hire. 

You could watch the game from up close; this could be the beginning of your golf career if that’s what you want. 

You can also network with some very influential people in the golf club.

11. Pharmacist Intern

Pay Per Hour: $17-$18

This work could benefit you if you are graduating in a medicine-related field or are a pharmacy enthusiast. 

You could gain experience at work as a pharmacy assistant or technician. 

You can gain more knowledge related to medications. 

If you venture into this field after your graduation, this could help you understand the rhythm of the industry better. 

12. Sports Referee

Pay Per Hour: $18

If you are a sportsperson, this job is for you. 

If you have expertise in one particular sport, or more, you get to be the referee for different games. 

So you get to monitor your favorite sport up close and get paid to do it. 

13. Receptionist

Pay Per Hour: $17-$18

If you like interacting with people and can diligently handle clients and customers, this job is for you. 

If maintaining documentation and organizing schedules is something you excel at, you would be a perfect fit for this summer job. 

It’s a good thing that almost all companies in various industries need a receptionist, so you could work for a company you are pursuing your college in and learn more.

14. Delivery Partner

Pay Per Hour: $19-$20

If you own a vehicle, you can take up this job. 

You need to know about the city where you will spend your summer. 

You must be a licensed driver with a clean driving record. 

You can partner with brands like FedEx or work independently.  

15. Line Cook

Pay Per Hour:$15-$17

Are you admitted to a culinary school? This has to be your summer job. You could take up the job of a line cook. 

Your responsibilities will include preparing dishes, managing stations, and sanitizing the work area. 

This summer job for college students admitted to a culinary school will benefit their school as well. 

Best Online Summer Jobs For College Students

1. Tutoring

Pay Per Hour: $18-$19

This job is for people who like teaching and are ready to tutor their favorite subjects to help other students. 

You can take up tutoring online to have a flexible schedule and teach students from anywhere in the world. 

2. Writing/Blogging

Pay Per Hour: $21-$22

If you have a flair for writing or blogging, or if that is your major in college, you can take up online content writing or blogging and get paid for it. 

You will improve your skills and grow your portfolio for the future. 

You could also network with people in your industry.

3. Graphic Designing

Pay Per Hour: $27-$28

You could take a summer job as a freelance graphic designer for various companies. 

Companies in all industries are looking for graphic designers, and if you are majoring in the same, you could create a portfolio while you are making money. 

The best part is you don’t have to commit and, therefore, could take as many jobs as your schedule allows. 

You can search sites like FlexJobs for the same. 

4. Assistant

Pay Per Hour: $17-$18

You could also become a virtual assistant. 

Instead of a traditional receptionist, many companies are also looking for virtual assistants to manage work schedules and maintain documentation online. 

You could have the perk of flexible working hours, making it the perfect job for summer. 

5. Data Entry Operator

Pay Per Hour: $18-$19

If you are good with computers and managing stuff, you could take up the job of data entry operator, where you would enter and maintain the company’s data on the system. 

You would learn administrative skills and make some new connections.

6. eBay Seller

Pay Per Hour: $18-$19

You can become an eBay seller. If you are thinking about working in the same field, this could help you. 

You can create or produce your own products, become the entrepreneur you always wanted to be, and hence earn bucks over the summer.


As you continue to prepare for the real world, it is necessary that you also prepare for the actual job market as well. 

And having a few internships or part-time jobs on your resume will only make you a better candidate for the job of your dreams. 

You might also want to take up summer jobs for college students, which pay well, to lay off some burden of the student loan you have taken. 

Our guide to the best summer jobs for college jobs intends for you to get a better idea about the kind of job that would be perfect for you. 


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