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15 Best Side Hustles For Teens To Earn Extra Money

Drishti Choudhary
July 10, 2023
15 Best Side Hustles For Teens To Earn Extra Money

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Table of Contents

In the times when even young kids have a lifestyle that requires a huge amount, as a teenager you definitely want to earn for yourself as well.

For some it is a need, to support their families, their education, or just their lifestyle.

But even when your family is well off you might want to earn to feel the sense of independence and freedom that comes with earning your money. And what could be better than side hustles for teens to earn extra money.

15 Top Side Hustles For Teens

The Digital Buff

In today’s digital day and age, it is easy to earn if you happen to have a PC.

These at home side hustles for teens provide you with flexibility to work at your own convenience.

1. Social Media Manager

Different brands, companies, businesses are always looking to up their social media game, since you are the digital generation, why not take advantage of your tech savvy brains?

Be a social media manager and earn extra bucks.


It is better to start with taking some courses relating to social media management and create a strong base.

There are numerous free and paid courses online for the same.

After training, you could look for work via online service providers like Upwork, or contact companies via their social media handles.


With courses done right and tech savvy skills you can earn as much as $50/ hour.

The earnings from this job depends on the company you work for along with your experience. 

2. Freelance Writing

People in this century like to read online and digitally there are numerous websites looking for writers on a temporary and permanent basis.

There are innumerable topics to choose from to write on.


You could always start by online training on how to write like a professional, even for freelance writing.

After honing your writing skills, you can look for work through some online service providing websites like Fiverr and digital magazines.


It is possible to earn something between $20 to $25/hour on an average even as Freelance does imply that you wouldn’t be getting work all the time.

The rate might also increase above $25 after some experience and your quality of work.


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3. Online Gaming

If you are a gamer, earning money through side hustles for teens can be fun for you.

Keeping in check your addiction for some games, you can earn while playing your favorite’s.


There are numerous apps and games like Swagbucks, InboxDollars and MyPoints that are willing to pay as you play.

Some of these even reach out to pay you for trying their games.


Average income for a gamer is between $12,000 to $187,200 annually. Although it may differ according to different apps and websites. 

4. Online Surveys

This is one of the easiest ways to earn some extra money.

By just answering some questions online, you can earn a respectable amount.

These questions are easy to answer.


You simply need to register with whatever site with your email address and you are ready to begin.

There are various survey completing sites like – Survey Junkie, Branded Surveys, Pinecone Research and InboxDollars etc, which pay you for their surveys.


On an average, you can earn around $5 to $18/hour if you take up higher paying surveys on Survey Junkie.

Income may vary from survey to survey and also site to site.

Best Survey Sites To Make Extra Money

Survey Junkie

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5. Video Creation

If you like being in front of the camera, this is for you.

One of the quick ways for teens to earn quite a lot of money is creating videos and uploading them on various social media platforms.


With just your smartphone, you can start creating videos and as your audience grows you can shift to expensive cameras.

Selecting a tone for your videos’ content is very important.

As YouTube is free to join, having a considerable number of subscribers might bring in big bucks. 


A youtuber on an average earns around $1,154/week, which makes up to $4,616/month.

The income from this depends completely on your audience.

More subscribers bring in more income.

The Hobby Lobby

It is actually possible to earn by doing your favourite thing or indulging in something that you do for fun i.e., hobby.

Side hustles for teens could also come from different hobbies.

6. Photography

If you own a camera and love taking pictures, you can always click photographs for money.

You can even sell your already clicked pictures online and earn.


There are various websites like Shutterstock that can pay you for your photographs.

If you have interest in news around/ in your area, you can even be a freelance photojournalist.


A photographer on an average earns around $35-45/hour, which makes up to $42000.

The income might vary, since different sites pay differently for each photograph.

Some might pay you in stock of your images while others may pay when your photograph gets downloaded. 

7. Designing

If you are into art and designing, it is perfect for you to sell those designs either on t-shirts or bags or products alike.

It is trendy today to wear quirky looking clothing, you can create such products and sell them.


You have to decide on a niche like – footballers or musicians etc, then go for designing the product and creating the same.

And at the end select the platform (can also choose Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram) that could get you an audience and set price for every product.


A designer on an average earns around $40-45/hour although income from this depends completely on the products and price you set for them.

Although with time, if your products are worthy, you can hike up the prices.  

8. Performing Art

If you have knowledge of some instrument or could dance, sing or act, you can earn while also honing your skills in the particular artform.

There are numerous ways to earn while performing in gigs.


You can always look for jobs in cafes, restaurants, or in places like – DiverseWorks, EMPAC, ICA – Boston and earn money by performing gigs there.

Or if you act, you can look for commercials or theaters to act in. You could also try and become an extra or spot on a movie set.


A performer on an average earns around $23-$25/hour, though income varies as depending on the kind of place you perform in.

This job among the side hustles for teens, might pay averagely in the beginning but if you have real talent and with time, you might even start earning through these as your source of livelihood. 

9. Handicrafts / Art Piece

If you happen to know DIY craft or have art skills, you can easily turn this hobby of yours into easy bucks.

You can decide on what kind of handicrafts you want to indulge in like – pottery, jewellery, digital art work etc. 


You can come up with a design plan and finally set a price and sell the crafts offline and online.

You can also work on restoration and care of items at museums and galleries like – Walker Art Center, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts etc. 


An art and crafts maker on an average earns around $17/hour, which is up to $35,710/year.

Prices for your own selling can start off low and increase overtime. 

Home It Up

These are some side hustles for teens where you have to get involved in some old-school ways of earning extra money.

10. Babysitting

If you are good with children and are okay with devoting some of your evenings to babysit, you can earn pretty good with this side hustle.


You can start by babysitting for some of your relatives’ kids or your parents’ friends’ kids.

You can promote yourself as a weekend babysitter to your neighbours etc. you can further go on sites like for babysitting work. 


You can earn somewhere between $10 to $15/hour.

Although when starting new you could also begin with a low rate maybe between $8 to $10, till you start getting regular calls for babysitting.

11. Lawn Mowing

This is one of the few side hustles for teens that isn’t season bound.

You can mow your neighbours’, your friends’ lawn and earn extra money.


You need to know how to operate gardening tools like trimmers, lawnmowers, edgers etc, and look out for lawns to be mowed.

You can even get in touch with companies like – Lawnbright, SavATree, Lawn Love, LawnStarter etc. 


A lawn mower on an average earns around $15/hour, which is up to $31,200/year.

Income depends on your mowing skills and also the rate that you set for yourself.

With all seasons round work, you could earn a few many bucks. 

12. Car Washing

If you are a person who doesn’t mind cleaning dirt and in fact might even enjoy it, this has to be your calling for the side hustle.

This too isn’t season specific, and can get you enough extra money.


You can start with washing your neighbours’ cars and others’ cars in your area close by.

Some sports teams also look for people to wash cars, you could also join them.

You can join service providers like – doorstep wash, prime car wash etc, for the same. 


Income might vary depending on services asked for like vacuuming, tires, etc, but nevertheless it can be between $5 and $20/car. 

13. Pet Sitting / Dog Walking

If you are an animal person, this is your perfect side hustle.

You can offer pet sitting and dog walking services to people who are too busy to take care of the pets by themselves.


You can look for work with sites like Rover and

You can start by offering the services to your friends and relatives and neighbours. 


Income could range between $10 to $15 per half hour.

The biggest perk is you bonding with animals and getting paid for it. 

Best Websites To Earn From Pet Sitting / Dog Walking

The Side Of Side Hustles

Some side hustles for teens don’t even require a lot of skills or effort.

These jobs may not bring in a lot of money but nevertheless, they are worth trying.

14. Delivering Newspapers

This is one of the most traditional jobs for teenagers which isn’t popular nowadays but brings in money equally. 


This job requires you to know your area well.

Depending on your time availability you could deliver paper in the morning or after school.

You need to be aware of the newspaper guidelines in your area.


You can earn an average pay of $10-104/hour.

You can actually have a regular income with this job.

15. Recyclables

With increasing climate change dangers, something that is not only environment friendly but also that brings in bucks for you isn’t bad.


You need to be comfortable with getting dirty and learn about the paying schemes for your state and area.

You can look on the web for a scrapyard near you to start.


This depends on the number of recyclables you bring in and differ from state to state.

Like – Oregon pays 10 cents for bottles, California pays 5 cents for 24 ounces of weight of bottles, etc.

Pros And Cons Of Side Hustle For Teens


  1. Hone your existing skills.
  2. Learn new skills.
  3. Understand money management better.
  4. Explore marketing skills.
  5. Gain time management skills.
  6. Turn side job into regular job.


  1. Jobs could be boring and tiring.
  2. Some may have high starting costs.
  3. Hustles might demand too much time.
  4. Could make hobbies less interesting.
  5. School might be negatively affected.


There are many other side hustles for teens like tutoring, live streaming, making deliveries etc.

With each of these side hustles you would definitely learn one thing or another along with earning extra money.

Side hustles are also a great way to enter the outside world and gain experience before formally entering the workplace.


At home side hustles for teens provide you with flexibility to work at your own convenience. These jobs are- social media manager, freelance writer, video creator, online gamer, tutor among others.

Some old-school ways of earning extra money are offline ways of earning money. These jobs are- babysitter, dog walker, car washer, lawn mower etc.

Fun side hustles are the ones which have your hobbies involved. These jobs are- Designing products, selling handicrafts, performing arts etc.

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