22 Best Online Jobs For 15-Year-Olds Teenager

Kasali B. Sakiru
May 17, 2024
22 Best Online Jobs For 15-Year-Olds Teenager
22 Best Online Jobs For 15-Year-Olds Teenager

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Best Online Jobs For 15-Year-Olds Teenager

According to a survey, 95% of teenagers in the US have access to smartphones, while 45% claim to be online almost all the time. This result shows massive online job opportunities for teenagers up to 15 years old.

Since teens spend most of their time online, taking online jobs to make extra money during summer or after school is the best way to put their social media addiction to good use.

What I Need To Do To Get An Online Job?

1. The first thing you need to get an online job is to audit your skill sets, as you will need to have at least the skill to work and make money online. Just like offline, skill is necessary to get a job.

2. Since the work is online, you will most likely be paid via gift cards or online payment methods like PayPal and Payoneer. You will need to set up one.

Setting up your online payment account might require your parent’s assistance because many online platforms don’t allow teenagers younger than 18 years to register.

Every online job requires you to have specific skills and specific tools. You might need just your smartphone to carry out tasks like online Surveys, but a PC with Internet access is required for an online job like freelance writing and blogging. 

22 Best Online Jobs For 15-Year Olds

1. Start Your Blog

Age requirement – 13-18 years

Average potential earnings – $1,000 per month

Sites to explore job opportunities – Medium, Tumblr, and WordPress

Do you have a passion for writing or an idea you would like to share with the world? If you answer yes, you can get an online job as a blogger by sharing your thoughts or educating yourself on a particular topic.

Then again, you could start your blog and make money from Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, and selling your product. However, you need to realize that you will need to put in some effort and investment to make money from blogging rather than working for an organization previously searching for a writer.

As a blogger, it’s important to realize that writing for the web isn’t equivalent to writing an article for school. Thus, look at the different blog post tutorials if you are interested in this job.

How To Start A Blog?

To start a blog, you need to pick a niche you are well versed in that will interest your readers. Also, choose a blog name that resonates with your content.

After that, you will also need to buy a domain name and host your website (you might need your parent’s help as some hosting companies don’t allow teens below 18 years).

2. Be A Freelance Writer

Age requirement – 13-18 years

Average potential earnings – $10 – $30 per hour

Sites to explore job opportunities – Freelancer, ProBlogger

You can work as a Freelance writer on a marketplace like Fiverr and Upwork, writing online blog posts and other web page content for organizations that need them.

Freelance writers are normally paid per word or per project. Also, make money faster than bloggers. In case you have solid writing and grammar structure abilities, you can explore the option of working as a freelance content writer.

Freelancing is a fast way to build real-world working experience as a teen for an organization that doesn’t want to hire full-time employees.

How To Start:

Signup and create your profile on the marketplace for the client to order your services. It would be best to have an impressive work portfolio and writing samples with updated writing skills to get jobs.

You can also start freelancing in scriptwriting. You can write and sell your scripts on Scripts.com if you have the flare for writing scripts. They take in scripts for their collection. Some people would want to buy your scripts.

Scripts.com provides you with a platform to buy and sell scripts. Thus, you can make money by selling your scripts. If you need to be better versed in how to write scripts, you can check Scripts.com for the same.

3. Start A YouTube Channel

Age requirement – 13-18 years

Average potential earnings – $3 – $5 per video view

Faze Rug is an example of a YouTuber who started making millions of dollars as a teenager.

However, it’s one of the simplest ways of immediately working and making money online. But only if you are willing to do it long-term and are interested in making a video shoot; it’s certainly worth pondering.

To succeed as a YouTuber, you must be ready to upload video content about your chosen topic consistently. You will start making money from advertisements on your channel when your videos reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

How To Start:

  • Get all the equipment needed to record your videos, like a camera, microphone, and lighting gadgets. If you cannot afford a camera initially, you can start recording with your phone.
  • Decide on the topic you would like to discuss; in choosing your topic, you must not choose a topic on which you won’t be able to create much content. Choosing the topics that interest you and your targeted audience would be best.
  • Start recording your videos based on the topic you have chosen.
  • The last step is to start uploading your videos, seeing your viewers grow and monetizing your channel. However, it involves a lot of work, from content creation to entertaining your audience and getting them to subscribe to your channel.

4. Online Survey

Age requirement – 13-18 years

Average potential earnings – $1 – $5 per survey

Sites to explore job opportunities – Swagbucks, Branded Surveys

Although you are not expected to make millions of dollars taking surveys, you can earn decent money online at 15 years old by taking surveys.

Taking surveys is one of the easiest online jobs for the teen to make money, as some surveys take less than 3 minutes to complete; that allows you to earn money because the more surveys you take, the more money you make.

Many websites offer surveys online, and you can earn points for every successful survey. The points earned could be exchanged for cash or shopping vouchers.

How To Start Taking Survey As A Teen?

You can start by visiting the websites, registering as a teen on the app to take the Survey, then taking the Survey and making money.

5. Brand Ambassador

Age requirement – 13-18 years

Average potential earnings – $15 – $30 per hour

Teenagers with large followers can transform their relentless social media engagement into online job opportunities. You can work as a brand ambassador by using your TikTok or Snapchat videos to promote products and services for brands searching for young influencers.

With your huge followers on social media, you can make money as a teen by sharing links and information with your followers. There are lots of organizations all over the planet that are searching for brand personalities that will help their products and services to reach new customers.

How To Start:

You have to pick a topic or niche to discuss with your followers until you become an expert; soon enough, a brand that resonates with the topic will come with its product for you to promote.

Since your followers see you as an expert on the topic, they are bound to buy whenever you market the product to them.

6. Start A Dropshipping

Online Jobs for 15 Year Olds

Age requirement – 13-18 years

Average potential earnings – $1,000 per month initially

Dropshipping is an online e-commerce business where you sell goods by receiving customer orders and sending them to the supplier or manufacturer without inventory.

Dropshiping can be another online job for teenagers with business and selling skills to earn money by marketing products on their online store.

Dropshipping is not a get-rich-quick job but profitable enough to make decent money, and you can make between 15% to 21% profit on any product sold to the customers.

How To Start:

The first step is to open an online store, contact a supplier with the product you want, invest in the marketing of the product, and make money.

7. Sell Your Merchandise

Age requirement – Above 18 years

Average potential earnings – Depending on the product and margins 

Sites to explore job opportunities –  eBay, Etsy, Amazon

Etsy is one of the sites that help people, including teens, earn money by selling their designs or merchandise online. It’s feasible to bring in great cash, but it depends on your product’s quality and selling ability.

If you have a ton of customized dresses, hardware, design, or other things, you don’t need again; you can attempt to sell them online in one of these marketplaces to bring in additional cash.

How To Start:

Register to sell on site like Etsy and sign up to open your shop to display and sell your design products. Please note that selling on Etsy requires fees, and you must be 18 years and above. You will need your parent’s help to register on Etsy.


If you want to make money selling stuff, register on Etsy and start earning.

8. Tutor Kids Online

Age requirement – Above 18 years

Average potential earnings – $10 – $30 per hour

Sites to explore job opportunities – Tutorme, Cambly, Fiverr

Tutoring is one of the most amazing online jobs for teenagers aged 15 and above. If you’re majoring in English, science, maths, or another core course, you can speak another language.

You could organize an online tutoring class for younger kids who want to learn after-school or have difficulty in some subjects on your schedule.

You will not be required to meet outside at the library or cafés to teach. You can teach your clients via email or online. It would help if you had a quiet and serene environment to operate your online classes and an online platform to host your teaching.

9. Sell Stock Photo

Age requirement – 15-18years

Average potential earnings – $0.02 – $0.25 per image

Sites to explore job opportunities – Alamy, Shutterstock, iStock Photo

Certain individuals have an eye for taking incredible photographs, an ability you can benefit from as a teenager. If they appreciated your photography, selling stock photographs may be one of the most mind-blowing online jobs for you as a teenager.

Likewise, you could join forces with a neighborhood business or promoting office to get paid for marked photoshoots.

How To Start:

Once you have gotten your camera ready, you start taking incredible photography. After this, you can start looking for those who will buy your stock photo.

10. Test Website And App

Age requirement – 18 years

Average potential earnings – $10 – $15 per test

Sites to explore job opportunities –  UserTesting, Userlytics, Ferpection

The site and app testing is another online job that allows teenagers between 13 and 16 to make money while using websites and apps. These are the jobs developing throughout the most recent couple of years.

A few organizations launch their website or app and need users to test the app to determine whether it’s working appropriately. Also, organizations need individuals to utilize and survey their sites before they go for the final business launch.

Since most Teenagers spend most of their time on the internet daily, they are the best choice for testing apps and websites.

How To Start:

Starting this is as simple as signing up on any Online web and app testing company to complete the task and get paid. It is lucrative because some sites pay as much as $4 for a 5-minute task.

11. Virtual Assistance

Age requirement – 13-18 years

Average potential earnings – $5 – $20 per hour

Sites to explore job opportunities – FlexJobs, Upwork and Toptal

Virtual assistance is another great online job for teens to earn money with extra time or during summer. Business entrepreneurs and corporate executives always need a person to help schedule appointments, plan distributions, design introductions and post online media content.

Without leaving home, you’d do these assignments for a business leader or entrepreneur. In all honesty, you don’t need to be 18 to function as a virtual assistant.

A few jobs don’t have the least age necessities to join. You would be required to use a PC and efficiently manage the tasks given. You will also be required to be constant with different social media channels and forums, and the ability to answer and send emails is a plus.

How To Start:

You can get a job on marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr. All you need is your communication and interpersonal skills.

12. Transcribing And Translating

Age requirement – 13-18 years

Average potential earnings – $0.30 – 1.10 per audio minute

Sites to explore job opportunities – Transcribe Anywhere and TranscribeMe

The ability to type quicker than the average teenager can be a blessing and give you an online job opportunity. Just like speaking more than one language can attract extra dollars for working part-time online for those who have a document in one language and want it in another language.

One of the prominent name in the Transcribing Business is Transcribe Anywhere. It teaches individuals how to build and operate a successful transcribing business. The course covers all aspects of transcribing, from the basic skills needed to excel in this field to the strategies required to establish and grow a thriving business.

One of the key features of Transcribe Anywhere is its focus on practical training. Students are not only taught theoretical concepts but also given hands-on experience through real-world transcribing tasks. This practical approach helps students develop the necessary skills and confidence to start working as professional transcribers.

How To Start:

Subscribing as a seller on a marketplace like Fiverr is a starting point while creating gigs for transcribing and translating is another way to start an online job as a transcriber. Your client will send you the video, audio, or text files to transcribe or translate into another language.

The job opportunity here is massive. You can transcribe a YouTube video into an article for a content creator. You can also translate it into a different language for the writer who writes content in one language but wants it in another.

13. Create An Online Course

Age requirement – 15-18 years

Average potential earnings – $10 – $30 per hour, depending on the company

Sites to explore job opportunities – Skillshare, Udemy, and Teachable

Do you have any talent, skills, or knowledge that you can share easily? Online course is another best way to achieve that and serves as an online job for teens. Creating an online course is not a job but a good way to make money from skills or experience online.

Your online course can be video lectures, audio, or an ebook sharing your expertise with people. Websites like Skillshare, Udemy, and Teachable are helping creators to make money from their skills.

However, as a teen, you may need your parent’s consent and assistance to create and sell your course on some marketplace.

How To Start:

After picking a topic to teach, you must decide which format to deliver the course. Determine who are your targeted audience for your course and find them.

No matter the depth of your knowledge on the topic, you will still need to do content research for your course. You will also need a platform to host and sell your online course.

Remember, you must teach entertaining and educative ways to understand and learn from the course.

14. Sell E-book

Age requirement – Above 15 years 

Average potential earnings – $100+ per month

Site to explore job opportunities – Amazon

Selling an ebook is another online job for teens; many authors look for people to market and sell their books for a commission. Selling an ebook is an online job opportunity for a teen who wants to earn extra cash after school or during summer; the only job here is to introduce the ebook to the reader who is ready to buy it.

It is affiliate marketing because you can only earn money in commission on each copy of the ebook you sell. You can also write and sell your ebook to your audience on Amazon KDP or your website and social media account.

How To Start:

You can start by looking for an audience interested in a certain topic, researching, and writing an ebook. You can also help other writers to sell their ebooks on websites or social media. What will determine your success is your marketing and social media skills.

15. Become An Editor Or Proofreader

Age requirement – 15-18 years old, depending on the website

Average potential earnings – $10 – $20 per hour

Sites to explore job opportunities – Freelancer, ProBlogger, Proofread Anywhere

Editing and proofreading are other easy online jobs available for a teen of 15 years old. You can make money as an editor if you have an eye for detail and proficiency in language and sentence structure skills.

Since proofreading is relatively easy to do over the web, it can be another online job for teenagers while simultaneously working on their proofreading and editing abilities.

Proofread Anywhere is a brand known for its simple and effective course on proofreading. The course covers essential skills like grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, with practical exercises and real-world examples. It’s structured for easy learning and provides comprehensive resources, making it ideal for beginners and those looking to improve their proofreading abilities.

Enroll in Proofread Anywhere and start earning money by providing high-quality proofreading services.

How To Start:

Once you have the required skills, sign up on the marketplace to register as a freelance editor or proofreader and earn money when you work for an online writer and blogger.

16. Play Online Game

Online Jobs for 15 Year Olds

Age requirement – No Age limit

Average potential earnings – $10 – $100 per month

Sites to explore job opportunities – Swagbucks, InboxDollars, MyPoints

Data show that more than 45% of Americans spend at least 3 hours online playing games or chatting with friends and followers on social media. The online game is an opportunity to monetize that obsession by playing and sending reviews for the new online game that’s looking for traffic.

Any teenager 15 year old can make money for this action and recover such rewards in gift vouchers, cash, or more free access, which then can be resold to peers who don’t have such free access to play the game.

How To Start:

An online game is very easy for every teen of 10 to 17 years of age; the main issue is looking for a new game company for review and promotion.

17. Product Flipping

Age requirement – No Age limit

Average potential earnings – $50 – $100 per month

Sites to explore job opportunities – Facebook MarketPlace, eBay, Craigslist

Product flipping is another easy online job for anybody, including a teen of 15 years old; you need to buy a product at lower prices and sell it to other people at a higher price.

You may not even need to buy an item, you could start with your old items at home, and you can also contact friends and family to help sell their old items that are no longer in use.

When it comes to product flipping, you must concentrate on the items of interest to your buyer. When choosing products to flip, factors like location, the average cost of living, logistics, and personal preferences will play a major role.

You can easily flip many items online, such as a domain name, furniture, used clothes, sport, and equipment.

How To Start:

Find people moving out or changing items like old furniture and children’s old clothes and grandparents selling their children’s old stuff. Buy those items at lower prices and display them online for budget-conscious customers to buy at higher prices at a profit.

You could also act as an arbitrage by reaching out to people who want to sell their old items and offer to help them at a good profit to you.

18. Affiliate Marketer

Age requirement – No Age limit

Average potential earnings – Depends on the Product/Company

Any teenager with marketing skills and the ability to drive traffic can turn it into an online job as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is another high-paying online job that pays a commission for partnering with the organization to help them sell their product.

However, you must understand the product you want to sell, have a good relationship with your followers, build a loyal audience and influence their decision-making and lifestyle.

How To Start:

Start giving your audience high-quality and unique content around personal finance, traveling, wellness & fitness. Be original, authentic, and opinionated to be seen as an expert in the field.

Sign up with a company producing or selling the product that interests your audience as an affiliate marketer. It would be best to drive huge traffic to your selling page and convert them to customers.

19. Pet And Baby Sitting

Age requirement – Above 18 years 

Average potential earnings – $15 – $20 per hour

Sites to explore job opportunities – Rover, Care, TrustedHouseSitters

Teenagers at least 15 years of age can make money by combining their engagement on social media with their spare time to create an online job for themselves. Assisting people to take care of their pets or babies for a short time is another lucrative job for any teen. However, the work isn’t online, but locating the job opportunity is online.

Social media handles like Facebook or Instagram accounts can promote your pet or babysitting services to attract a constant flow of jobs in and around your area. Some companies can help you if you are 18 years of age; they can assist with connecting you with possible clients, so you don’t need to do all the legwork.

How To Start:

After saying words to people for your services, you will need to start the business in a clean and safe place to take care of the babies or pets. You can then start charging your client per hour for the services.

Remember you have to choose either sitting or babysitting, you might not be able to cope with the two together.

20. Remote Customer Service

Age requirement – 16-18 years 

Average potential earnings – $15 – $20 per hour

Sites to explore job opportunities – Upwork, Fiverr 

If you are the type that can handle irate customer complaints and answer their question calmly, then this might be an online job opportunity for you as a teen. This job required you to file customers’ complaints, answer questions and give details about the organization’s goods and services, all on the phone.

You will be required to have good interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work independently without much supervision. This job is available for teens from 13 to 16 years of age and only requires a high school certificate or the equivalent, although training is needed.

How To Start:

If you are confident that you have the required skills, visit a job site board for available opportunities.

21. Products Review

Age requirement – 16-18 years 

Average potential earnings – $15 – $20 per test

Sites to explore job opportunities –  UserTesting, Testbirds, Userfeel

Many companies and top brands are looking for people to test their products and give them reviews before they are put out. The company wants to know what consumers think about their products to make necessary changes before putting them on the shelves.

Product review is a job opportunity for teens below 13 years of age, as many companies target teens with their products. Once you fall into the type of people needed according to your demographics and age, you can earn extra money by testing products and giving reviews.

How To Start:

First, you need to contact an agency that handles market research for companies, register with your details, and answer their  Survey question to know whether you are eligible to test their products.

If you are eligible, they will contact you through your home address to deliver the product and send your review via email.

22. Online Or Freelance Journalist

As a teenager, you can get an online job as a freelance journalist for an online publication. As a freelance journalist, you will be responsible for gathering information and creating content for news or articles for education or entertainment purposes.

Organizations like news media, magazines, and editors for writing services per project or hour will hire you. To be a freelance journalist, you must be able to create unique stories and practice the ethic of professional writing. You may need to take online courses in journalism if you don’t have the required degree or experience.

How To Start:

The first assignment is to ensure your writing skill is up-to-date to attract the client. If not, try to improve your writing skills. Put together the best samples of your work to form a portfolio that will help to display your writing skills to your potential clients.

Engage in networking with other freelance journalists and market your skill aggressively to attract clients that will pay for your services.


Since you are a teen who is probably still going to college, you can choose any of the above online jobs that can help you work and earn from the comfort of your home. Although there has been a massive opportunity for online jobs for 15 year olds, your career trajectory and goals will be a major determinant in making your choice. 

However, some online jobs like survey pay a few dollars, while some pay a reasonable amount depending on your skillset and time dedicated to the job.


Pet sitting, completing online surveys, and playing online games are the simplest jobs a 15-year-old can do.

As a teen, two of the highest-paying jobs you can do are tutoring and blogging.

For teens looking for work, searching online using Google or job sites such as Indeed and Snag is a great way to start. Using keywords on job sites is the best way to narrow down results.


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