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    How to make money with Youtube
    How to make money with Youtube

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    YouTube is another platform besides Instagram and TikTok where people watch videos to get entertained. But do you know you can make money on YouTube? Whether you are new on YouTube or don’t have a channel yet, the process is all the same. Alyssa Hauer a ‘YouTubeprenuer” shared some hacks on how to make money with YouTube channel. This guide contains those ways. Read on to find out more!

    We have laid out 7 ways from which you can earn extra cash from YouTube in the simplest manner. Let’s get started with these steps.

    7 Easy Steps on How to Make Money With YouTube

    Some of the smart steps which will completely help you while making money on YouTube are:

    1. Choose Your Niche

    “Before going further with your plan, you need to have a specific area you want to focus on. Your area of focus will determine your video content and possibly your channel name” she says. There are seas of niche options to choose from as far as it does not violate YouTube terms and conditions.

    2. Create Your Channel

    “You need a Google account to create a YouTube channel. If you don’t have one, you need to get it” Alyssa advised. In case you already have an account and are already signed in to YouTube, then it’s easy. Just click on the “your channel” option from the dropdown page next to your profile picture on your profile page. After that, enter the verification code sent to your phone number to confirm you are not a robot, and you are done! All you are left to do is upload your videos.

    3. Create Your Content

    Before creating your videos, you should think of your viewers. “Everybody – even me, love interesting and engaging content,” Hauer says. The aim is to make viewers like your video and share it. Anything to make them stay on your platform for long. Another way is to invite them to comment or subscribe to our channel to get more videos.

    4. Upload Your Videos

    Alyssa was enthusiastic when she said, the next thing to do after creating your channel is to flood your channel with videos. “That my favorite part, it’s easy!” she says. You can do that from the menu screen. Be sure to add a video description before uploading your video. “You should also make it a habit of posting videos regularly”, Alyssa advised. The goal is to keep your viewers engaged with your channel.

    5. Optimize Your Videos

    Search engine optimization does not only apply to web content. You can also apply it on YouTube to generate organic traffic to your channel. Most viewers don’t have a particular channel they subscribe to, they search for videos with keywords. It’s up to you to create content around these keywords and add these keywords to your video title and description.

    6. Understand Your Audience

    Having an understanding of your audience helps to monetize your content in several ways. Meaning that the kind of audience you have determines how you’d make money through your YouTube channel. “It took me a while to figure it out but I did eventually”, she says. “To understand your audience, you to know their age range, location, and their watch time”. You can check that from your YouTube analytics.

    7. Monetize Your Channel

    Monetizing your channel is how to make money on YouTube. Alyssa confirmed that there are two ways to do that. “You can either join the partner program or not, either you get to earn,” she says.

    Alyssa suggests to read a story of FaZe Rug who became wealthy through his monetized YouTube channels which generate millions of views per month, and some endorsement deals.

    Another Way to Make Money on YouTube

    There are several other ways by which you can earn huge cash from YouTube videos. Some of them are as follows:

    Join YouTube Partner Program

    YouTube partner program is a special feature for YouTube users to make money through their channels after meeting certain requirements. The channel must have above 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours over the past year. Also, you should live in a country where the partner program is available. If you are sure your channel met the above criteria, you can sign up for a partnership program to start making money through your YouTube channel. The money earned is split between you and YouTube.

    Below are Ways to Make Money From the YouTube Partner Program:

    1. Premium

    YouTube Premium is a special membership feature where users pay to watch videos without ads interrupting. With the YouTube partner program, you earn money when a premium user watches your video. Your earning is based on the number of premium members watching your video. For example, if the pay is $3 per member and five get to watch your video, you earn $15.

    2. Stickers

    Viewers purchase super chats and stickers to stand out when commenting on a live stream to get noticed. That’s their way of showing love and getting your attention. These stickers are different from membership stickers but function the same way. You make money based on the number of super chats and super stickers purchased to comment on your live video.

    3. Run Ads

    Another way to earn money through the partner program is to run ads on your videos. You can run in before your video or in-between play. For most people, ads can be annoying so they opt for YouTube premium which is a win-win situation. However, you must meet content criteria to earn money from ads.

    4. Sell Membership

    Channel membership is a way for loyal fans to stay loyal. Your fans are willing to pay to access perks and exclusive videos, and you should make use of that advantage. You can charge a monthly fee and in return give your fans access to your channel’s emoji, community posts, membership badge, and other exclusive features. There is a clause attached to selling membership. Your channel must have a community tab.

    Make money on YouTube without partner program – In case you don’t meet the requirement to join the YouTube partner program, you can still make money from your YouTube channel.

    5. Influencing

    “I have fans who are ready to copy my style or use the products I use, and I use that to my advantage,” Alyssa said. That’s what influencing is all about she said. You can contact brand owners or they reach out to you to sponsor content featuring their brand. There are special marketplaces for influencers to promote their channels as far as they meet the criteria.

    6. License Your Content

    You can license your video with creative common and earn money from it when it is uploaded on sites. There are platforms for listing your videos for license and connect to potential buyers. Be certain your video already has a lot of attention before licensing it.

    7. Affiliate Marketing

    Just like influencing, with affiliate marketing you can work with brand owners. Rather than getting your content sponsored, you share a link through which viewers can purchase the product. You get paid based on the number of purchases made via your link.

    What You Can Do?

    You too can make extra money with YouTube channel like Alyssa Hauer when you monetize your channel. You can either join the YouTube partner program or make money on your own through your YouTube channel. But for added advantage, you can combine both. Be sure to optimize your video to generate organic traffic to your channel and increase your income.

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