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    How to Make Money as a Teenager 15+ Cool Ways

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    Y ou a teenager or high school graduate looking to earn money even without an actual traditional job? With your parents’ or guardians’ approval, you can make money while still young, and luckily, there are a ton of ways for teenagers like you to make money. Also, working as a teen teaches you so many life lessons like money management, and you also earn work experience. The best part is, making money as a teenager can help you save cash to buy stuff for yourself or your college expenses. Below are terrific ways to make money as a teenager in 2023.

    How Can a Teenager Make $1000?

    If you are a teenager and searching for some ways to earn extra cash, know that you’re not alone in this hassle. The number of youth looking to work in the US grows year over year. As per the (BLS) Bureau of Labor Statistics data, 54.4% of Gen Z-ers are working. And this means that as a teenager, you can start working now if you need to earn money. It might take some time and a ton of dedication to hit your first $1k as a teenager, but it is doable. Here are the best job ideas for every teen to earn money online and offline.

    Online Jobs for Teens

    Online jobs are one of the most excellent and flexible jobs for teenagers. Whether you are in your first year in college or about to finish high school, you can learn a skill and work online to make money.

    1. Make Money With the Shutterstock

    how to make 1000 as a teenager
    Are you a photography enthusiast, artist, or musician? Shutterstock offers many ways to earn income while you roll your camera and bring out the creativity in you. Contribute to Shutterstock’s Offset and earn every time a client downloads your work. Alternatively, you can contribute content for Shutterstock’s editorial. If you are a music artist, you can submit your original music releases to Premium Beat and grow as an artist.

    2. Online Freelance

    You can complete different tasks on a contractual basis as an online freelance. Typically, someone on the internet is willing to pay you to do specific jobs like copywriting or web designing. You can learn and offer online freelance services like;
    • Freelance web designing– You design websites at a fee for other businesses. Shutterstock is an excellent place to get high-quality stock photos to use when creating your clients’ websites.
    • Freelance copywriting– it engages in creating marketing materials for helping other businesses to promote their products and services.
    • Freelance virtual assistant– You can offer online office admin services like scheduling calls, meetings, travels, and more.
    • Be a web and an app tester- You can help web designers, app creators, and business owners test their websites and apps before releasing them. Consider websites like User Resting, U Test, and Enroll App.
    • Social media manager– Are you a fan of social media? If so, you have an excellent opportunity to earn around $52,744 per year managing social media pages for other businesses. A teenager can earn 34,809/year, so that means freelance social media management can make you more money than a regular job.
    • Transcription– Another excellent job for a teenager to make money is transcription. As a transcriptionist, you can help people turn audio to text at a fee. You can transcribe legal audio, medical audio, business meetings, podcasts, or general transcription.
    • Captioning-You can help video creators add captions or subtitles to their video content at a fee. Captioning is similar to transcription, and you can do it from home.
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    3. Start a YouTube Channel

    Another excellent job for a Gen Zer is creating video content on YouTube. There are a ton of YouTube niches that you can focus on as a teenage YouTube Creator. You can make money from your videos in different ways like ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsorship from other brands. YouTube pays $18 per 1000 views on average. Examples of teenage YouTubers include MattyBRapsJules LeBlanc, and Jacy and Kacy.

    4. Be a TikTok Creator.

    You are a teenager looking to make money, and you probably have TikTok. Many teenagers are scooping a significant share of the TikTok creator fund, sponsorships, and affiliates by creating content on TikTok. Unlike other video content sites, the virality nature of TikTok can propel your career in a short time. TikTok trailblazers like Charlie D’Amelio (17 years), Arishfa Khan (18 years), and Chase Hudson (19 years) are earning millions of dollars by creating TikToks. To succeed on TikTok, though, you need to be unique, and one way to do that is to use funky music on your TikTok videos. Use Shutterstock’s premium beat to get unique and trending music for your Tik Tok videos.

    5. Run an Instagram Shop

    Another ideal way for a teenager to make money is to start an Instagram shop. You can create your Instagram shop and sell any in-demand merchandise. Some of the products you can offer include apparel, jewelry, beauty, personal care products, art, printables, home decor, and much more. You don’t need a ton of Instagram fans to sell your products —we explain more on this here— and there are also a dozen of ways to make money on Instagram.

    6. Be an Etsy Seller

    Did you know that a teenager can sell stuff on Etsy? Well, as long as you have your parents’ or legal guardians’ approval, you can create an Etsy shop and make money selling your merch. If you are great at crafting, art, and hand-making stuff, Etsy is your place. You can sell home decor, paintings, jewelry, clothes, phone accessories, miniatures, planners, and much more.

    7. Start a Dropshipping Business

    Dropshipping is another excellent job you can do online as a teenager. As a “drop shipper,” you are the bridge between the manufacturer and the consumer. Your job here is to market manufacturer’s products and take customer orders. The manufacture will fulfill the order, so you won’t have to deal with any physical items. You can create a dropshipping store through web hosting service providers like Siteground, Bluehost, or GoDaddy. Alternatively, you can use providers like Shopify to create your dropshipping store. You can then look for your dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress, Inventory Source, MegaGoods, SaleHoo, Wholesale2B, and much more. Dropshipping is flexible, and you can earn between 20% to 30% for every sale you make. Averagely, you can earn $1000 to $5000 per month as a drop shipper.

    8. Photography

    Do you love rolling the camera and snapping? Starting a photography business is another excellent way to make money as a teenager. You need photography skills, image editing software, and the equipment to start your photography business. You can make money as a teen photographer by;
    • Doing Photoshoots
    You can offer photoshoot services to customers and get paid. For instance, you can be a child photographer, wedding, product, maternity, and pet photoshoots.
    • Selling Photos Online.
    Another most straightforward way to earn from your photography business is to sell your photos online. Bloggers, designers, businesses, and many others need photos and pay for professional stock images. You can create a self-hosted photo store and sell your pictures or use other markets available online. The best high-paying markets to sell your photos include Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Etsy, Instagram, Tour Photos, and Alamy. You can make 15% to 40% of the photo price after a sale on Shutterstock. And what’s more? When you sell more photos on Shutterstock, you move up the creator level, which means more earnings. Additionally, you can sell videos on Shutterstock. The most lucrative photos to sell are nature, working people, food, and places.
    • Participating in Photo Contests.
    There are a ton of photo contests that bring photographers together and offer huge prizes. You can join these contests, and you might win a good reward for your work. Some of the fantastic photo contests to try your luck include Sony World Photography Awards, Smithsonian, Alexia Foundation Student Grant, iPhone Photography Award, The Young Ones ADC, and Nikon Small World.
    • Create a Photoblog
    Photo blogging is an excellent niche for professional photographers. You can start your blog and share your adventures as a photographer. Also, you can use the blog for marketing your photography business, selling photos, and monetizing through ads. You can also create a photography and filming course and sell it on your blog.

    9. Start a Blog

    how to make 1000 as a teenager
    Are you a teenager that loves to cook, craft, design, fashion, money, gaming, tech, etc., and have a knack for words? You can start a teen blog and make money as a teenager. The best thing is to write and blog about something you are passionate about and build blog traffic. You’re probably wondering, “How will the blog make money?”. There are a thousand plus ways you can monetize your teen blog. And these include; Affiliate marketing, ads, sponsorship, and you can also create and sell merch, courses, and services through your blog. So how does a teen start a blog? First, you need a domain name and a host—a name and space on the internet— to create a blog. You can get these with blog hosting sites like Siteground, Namehero, Bluehost, Godaddy, etc.

    10. Take Online Surveys

    Online surveys are also the most straightforward online jobs for teenagers looking to earn income. Online surveys are quick gigs that you can complete in less than 30 minutes for longer surveys. These surveys are from brands looking to get consumer market insights. You can complete online surveys from your laptop or phone wherever you are and at any time. Check out Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars for online surveys. Some of the best paid online survey sites that can help create extra income. Apply Now Apply Now Apply Now

    11. Tutor Kids Online

    Did you recently finish high school and need to keep busy making money? Online tutoring can be an excellent source of income for teenagers. As an online teen tutor, you can offer services like homeschooling, homework help, teaching English, and much more. You can offer your teaching services on Fiverr, PalFish, and Student-Tutor. Other tutoring sites that pay require 18+ years to tutor, including VipKids, Qkids, and Cambly.

    12. Make Money on Facebook Gaming

    Do you love gaming? You can play live on Facebook and make money while at it as a teenager. You can request fan donations, use in-stream ads, create exclusive games for fans that pay, sponsor brands or sell your merch. If you aren’t a hardcore gamer, you can create your FB shop and sell stuff on the marketplace.

    13. Create Apps

    Do you have coding, writing, and design skills? You can create apps for businesses and make money online as a teenager. There are many sites to build apps, and you need to have computer and app creation programs. Choose an app creation platform like and Appy pie if you don’t have any coding skills. You can offer your app creation services on online marketplaces or through your website.

    14. Be an Expert on Just Answer.

    Did you know that you can work and get paid to answer questions online? That’s right! Sites like Just Answer will reimburse you up to $7,000 to answer questions online using your computer or phone. The best idea is to have a computer or a phone and a strong computer connection. You choose the questions to answer and set your working hours with Just Answer.

    Offline Jobs for Teenagers

    If online jobs for teenagers don’t work for you, you can consider the traditional offline jobs. Unlike online jobs that offer pay flexibility, most of these jobs pay per hour.

    15. Pet or Babysitting

    how to make 1000 as a teenager
    Do you love babysitting or love looking after pets? You can look for pet or babysitting jobs near you and earn some cash. You can make between $10 to $25 per hour as a babysitter, which can be great pay for a teenager.

    16. Sell Your Stuff

    If you have extra unwanted stuff and are in excellent condition, you can sell them and make money. Also, selling this stuff can be the ideal way to get capital to start your business as a teenager. Sell those games, clothes, jewelry, shoes, books, or even your old phones and make money. Furthermore, selling your excess stuff is a great way to create space in your room and keep it clutter-free.

    17. Be a Grandkid on Demand.

    If you didn’t know, there are grandkids on-demand on Papa Pal. This job is perfect for teenagers who love to care for elderly citizens. You can get paid to help older people by running errands, giving them company, and general care. For instance, you can go shopping grocery, offer car rides, do house chores for the elderly or give them company and friendship. According to Papa Pal, you can earn up to $3000 per month if you commit yourself to this gig.

    Opportunities Knocking Your Door

    There are endless opportunities for teenagers to make money. Whether you work online or take a traditional job, making money early as a teenager is an excellent way to prepare for the future.

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