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10 Little-Known Ways To Make Money On Facebook

Looking for the ways to how to monetize Facebook videos to make money? This article will help you to make thousands of money from Facebook.
Charity Jerop
January 29, 2023
How to monetize Facebook Videos

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Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  1. Facebook’s got loads of ways for creators to make money, like ads in videos, branded content, Facebook Stars, and more.
  2. To get in on the money-making action, creators need to meet certain requirements, like having enough followers and getting good engagement.
  3. How much money you can make depends on things like how many views your stuff gets and which money-making tools you use.
  4. Besides videos, you can also rake in cash by selling stuff on Facebook, running groups, doing affiliate marketing, and even finding freelance gigs.
  5. The big secret to success? Keep your audience happy and engaged, and keep bringing them awesome content—that’s the key to unlocking those Facebook riches!

Let’s cut to the chase; you are looking for ways to monetize your videos on Facebook or make money as a Facebook content creator.

I mean, who wouldn’t want an additional source of passive revenue?

You are in luck because you can generate a decent income as a creator if you create videos, memes, or posts on Facebook.

Facebook has a content creator studio that offers excellent tools and features for content creators to monetize their FB content.

With this Facebook creator studio, you can post, track content performance, and monetize your content.

This article shows you all the exhaustive ways to make money on Facebook.

Do Facebook Pages Earn Money?

If you have a Facebook page with a substantial number of followers and do not make any money with it, you miss the share of $1 billion that Facebook plans to pay to creators.

Depending on the content you create on your Facebook page, you can earn money from posting on your page.

Whether you like to post memes, articles, photos, or videos, you can monetize your Facebook page and make money.

Here are ways to make money from your videos on Facebook.

How To Earn Money From Your Videos On Facebook?

A. Monetize Your Facebook Videos With In-Stream Ads

If you consume Facebook content a lot, you’ve probably seen an ad pop up while watching a video.

That’s what Facebook calls in-stream ads, and it is one of the best ways to monetize your Facebook videos.

Whether you love going live on Facebook or creating and publishing video content, you can use in-stream ads to make extra income.

To be eligible for in-stream ads monetization on Facebook, you need;At least 1000 followers, have at least five published videos, 3000 total watch hours in the last 60 days, and comply with partner monetization policy.

There are three types of Facebook in-stream ads.

  • Pre-roll ads. These are the Facebook ads that play before your video starts, and it mainly appears to people who actively search for your content. The more video viewers you have, the higher the pay.
  • Mid-roll ads. These ads play in-between your video plays, and they are great for longer videos.
  • Static ads. Also known as image ads, these ads show up throughout your videos on the bottom part of the content. Static ads are excellent for short videos.

How Much Can You Make With Facebook In-Stream Ads?

Facebook in-stream ads are an excellent source of revenue for content creators on Facebook.

The amount of money you can make with your Facebook videos depends on the number of views you get.

According to Social Media Examiner, you can make $8.75 per thousand views.

BMonetize Your Facebook Videos With Branded Content

Another excellent way to monetize your Facebook videos is through branded content. This type of Facebook monetization is perfect for Facebook influencers, publishers, and business partners.

You can leverage your Facebook audience to promote other brands, affiliates, and services in exchange for money.

Your brand partners will pay you to create posts, images, and videos promoting their business on Facebook.

The best thing about Facebook branded content is a brand collaboration manager tool to help you manage your partnership deals and maximize revenue.

To be eligible for this Facebook monetization strategy, you must comply with the branded and advertising policies on Facebook.

The amount of money you can make from branded content depends on your agreement and your brand partner.

If you are a “big shot” in your niche, you can have brands reaching out to you for branded content partnerships. But if you are starting, you may need to reach out to brands for paid partnerships.

C. Monetize Your Videos With Facebook Stars

Are you a gaming nerd who likes to go live on Facebook while gaming? Or perhaps a creator who goes live frequently? Facebook stars are also an excellent way to monetize your Facebook videos.

Your viewers will have to buy Facebook stars from Facebook and send them to you during your lives.

For every star you receive, Facebook will pay you $0.01. To get more money from Facebook stars, you should always encourage your viewers to send you stars if they like your content.

To monetize with Facebook stars, you need at least 100 followers and have 14 hours of gaming video streaming in the last 14 days.

Also, your Facebook page should be in the gaming category, and it should meet the minimum community and partnership policies.

DMonetize Your Facebook Videos With Paid Subscriptions

Do you have a Facebook group with raving fans? You can generate revenue on Facebook with a paid subscription.

Fans subscription is a monetization strategy where you charge your Facebook group members to access your exclusive content.

You need to have 10,000 Facebook followers, 50 000 post engagement or 180,0000 watch minutes to be eligible for paid subscriptions.

With a paid subscription, you can earn as much as you want to, depending on your number of group members and the subscription fee.

How Much Can You Earn With Fan Subscriptions On Facebook?

According to Elegant Themes, the monthly subscription fee ranges from $4.99 to $29.99.

You can cash out your earnings on Facebook once you have a threshold of $100.

EMonetize Your Facebook Videos With Paid Online Events

Have you ever heard of Facebook events? Yes, those one-time events that you register to attend.

You can generate revenue by creating and hosting paid online events on Facebook. These events are one-time, and your viewers can rewatch the videos after the live broadcast.

The revenue you can generate depends on the fee you charge and the number of people attending that event.

If you are a coach, this can be an excellent way to provide an interactive session to your clients while earning money without spending much time editing videos.

You can offer tutoring services, original performances, discussions, or tutorials during a paid online event.

How Do I Make Money From My Live Videos On Facebook?

Making money from your Facebook videos can take time, but it is doable. If you already have many followers, you can start monetizing your content and earning money while growing your Facebook community.

You can boost your content to get more followers, views, and likes. Also, you can encourage your followers to share your content with their friends so that it can reach a wider audience.

Remember, you earn more revenue with more followers and viewers.

If the above Facebook monetization features don’t work for you at the moment, there are other ways of making money while scrolling through Facebook.

Other Ways To Make Money On Facebook

1Sell On Facebook Marketplace

Do you have your products and need to sell them online? One of the best places to sell your merchandise online is through the Facebook marketplace.

The Facebook marketplace is an excellent feature that makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell on Facebook.

You can sell to your local customers or in other locations that you can ship to effortlessly.

Some of the items you can sell on Facebook include clothes, electronics, toys, furniture, crafts, shoes, pet products, foodstuff, books, office supplies, beauty products, and anything you want to sell online.

The exciting thing is that you can boost your sales with digital marketing, and also customers can connect with you through Facebook messenger.

Remember, you can also sell used items on the Facebook marketplace so you can make money while decluttering your house.

Set your price right and market your products for more sales.

Again, the revenue you can generate on the Facebook marketplace depends on your listings and marketing, pricing, and sales.

2Create and Monetize A Facebook Group

Another excellent way to make money on Facebook is to create and monetize a Facebook group.

You can use the Facebook group to grow your email list to market your services and unlock a revenue stream.

Also, you can sell your products directly to your group members and earn income.

Another way to make money from a Facebook group is to promote your affiliate links. If your group members use those affiliate links to make a purchase, you will earn a commission.

Additionally, you can use a FB group to generate leads for your eCommerce store or freelance services.

Another thing is that you can host crowdfunding in your group and get donations.

Last but not least, you can use your FB groups to post branded content from your sponsors.

Facebook Video Monetization— Ideas to Make Money on Facebook 1

3Use Facebook To Send Traffic To Your Website

Do you run a blog or have a website for your business? You can use your Facebook page and groups to send traffic to your website. Which ultimately can turn to excellent blog traffic and customers.

The more blog traffic you get, the more money you can make through ads, affiliate marketing, and product sales.

If you have a website for your brick-and-mortar business, you can turn that website traffic to customers.

4Be A Facebook Influencer

If you would instead post memes than create videos on Facebook, you can be an influencer and partner with brands for sponsorship.

Whether you are a micro or macro Facebook influencer, you can reach out to brands you like for sponsorship deals. Or better yet, brands can look for you to run paid promotions.

Facebook influencer marketing is an excellent way to make money from your FB posts.

According to WebFX, an average influencer charges $25 for one post per 1000 followers.

5Promote Your Affiliate Products And Services

Are you an avid affiliate marketer? Well, Facebook offers you easy access to consumers, and you can capitalize on it to make more money.

You can make a Facebook group to post and share your affiliate products. Also, you can promote your affiliate products on Facebook with paid ads. And this means you can target the right audience.

The best thing about being an affiliate marketer on Facebook is that you don’t need a website.

You only need your affiliate link and a good copy.

6Offer Your Social Media Management Services On Facebook

If your life revolves around Facebook, you can offer social media management services to other Facebook users.

Some businesses are willing to pay well to have a social media manager run their Facebook page.

How Much Revenue Can You Earn As A Social Media Manager On Facebook?

An average social media manager makes $52 391, according to Payscale.

As an SMM, you can charge your clients per project, an hour, or monthly.

You can be an SMM on a freelance basis, and that means you can work for multiple clients and generate good revenue.

1Use Facebook To Find Freelance Jobs

Another excellent way to boost your revenue is to use Facebook to get freelance jobs. Whether you are a freelance virtual assistant, web designer, transcriptionist, writer, marketer, graphic designer, etc., you can use FB to find paid jobs.

You can join groups and network to generate leads for your freelance business. There are many Facebook groups with free job boards for freelance work.

And that means businesses are actively looking for freelancers on the platform.

2Create A Facebook Shop

You can also earn revenue by selling items through a Facebook shop. Unlike Facebook marketplaces, a Facebook shop offers more eCommerce features.

For instance, it offers instant checkout, either through your website, Facebook, or messaging.

With a Facebook shop, you can integrate your external store, and people can browse your products.

3. Sell Products and Services With Messenger Bots

Messenger is another excellent sales channel on Facebook that can bring you a ton of revenue.

You can use messenger bots to sell more eCommerce products.

Facebook messenger is a great way to create funnels and offers customer support for your products with the live chat features, chatbots, and buy now features.


If you are on Facebook and currently don’t earn even a cent from it, you are leaving money on the table.

Facebook goes above and beyond to woo creators into their platform and constantly creates ways to monetize your Facebook content.

Hopefully, the above monetization strategies will help you unlock passive revenue streams and make thousands of money from Facebook.


Yes, if you have a Facebook page with a substantial following, you can monetize it and earn a share of the $1 billion Facebook plans to pay to creators.

There are several ways to monetize your Facebook videos, including in-stream ads, branded content, Facebook Stars, paid subscriptions, and paid online events.

In-stream ads are ads that appear in videos on Facebook. These ads can be pre-roll (before the video starts), mid-roll (during the video), or static ads that appear on the bottom part of the video.

Facebook Stars allow your viewers to buy stars and send them to you during your live videos. You earn $0.01 for each star received. Encouraging viewers to send stars can help boost your earnings.

Yes, you can monetize your Facebook group by offering paid subscriptions, where members pay to access exclusive content.

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