20 Best Ways To Make Extra Money At Home In 2024

Katherine Igiezele
May 28, 2023
20 Best Ways To Make Extra Money At Home In 2024
20 Best Ways To Make Extra Money At Home In 2024

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In today’s world, many people are struggling with money issues, and these money issues can bring about mixed emotions; one look at your account statement may cause a teary eye. They say that love is more important than money, but have you ever tried to pay your bills with a hug? Or a kiss. No, right, I thought as much. More reason you need to learn how to make extra money.

In June 2022, the US recorded a 5.9% unemployment rate. However, today with your smartphone, your laptop, and a strong internet connection, people make thousands of dollars at home without exactly being employed. Amazing right? In this article, you’ll learn 20 proven and trusted ways to make extra money at home in 2024.

20 Best Ways To Make Money At Home

1. Tutor Online

Are you passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge? Great, you can earn as much as $10 per hour of daily online tutoring. You get to tutor subjects you love and have firsthand knowledge and experience about.

There are so many sites you can sign up on. For instance, Cambly and Latin hire. Cambly pays every Monday via PayPal. You can earn about 0.17 dollars per minute, and they have a flexible plan because you can work as little or as much as you want. Cambly Accept tutors from all over the globe. What’s more? You can tutor without a tutoring certificate.

2. Freelance Writing

If you have a bird’s eye for great content, it will help consider freelance writing. You can gather experiences and publicity by writing blogs, essays, and editing copies while getting paid.

By writing a great proposal with a portfolio of some works you’ve done, you should be up and about in no time. However, if you have nothing on your portfolio, you need to write a great proposal to get your clients faster.

These sites have various payment channels; for instance, Upwork uses Payoneer, PayPal, or direct to local bank options. Most sites like Guru.com and Indeed, use PayPal though. These sites link you with recruiters and individuals who require your writing services.

3. Get Paid To Take Surveys

Are you aware that you can earn a few extra bucks by taking surveys? Yes, it’s as simple as that. You may not earn millions of dollars. But remember, the goal is to bring in some extra cash, right? All you need to do is sign up, take some surveys and complete them sincerely; sites like Kashkick and InboxDollars pay for surveys completed. On survey junkie, for instance, you assist brands in dishing out better products by sharing your opinion.

Survey Junkie pays about $1-$3 per survey via PayPal or gift cards – also a trusted source. You can earn rewards on Swagbucks for simple things such as playing games, watching videos, and leaving feedback.

4. Domain Sales

This is a lucrative way to make extra money. You can earn thousands and even millions of dollars doing this. There are various types of domains. There are.com domains, co.net domains, Net domains, Org domains, and lots more.

Register in namesilo.com or GoDaddy to get started; the key is searching for good domains; in 2012, voice.com sold for a whopping 30million dollars. Amazing right? You can search for domains and make a good profit selling them.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is lucrative if you get it right and a great way to make money at home. You can earn thousands of dollars by creating articles or emails and embed links to products in your emails or blog articles.

When your link is used to purchase products on these sites, such as Amazon, you get a commission. An excellent example of this is Shopify Affiliate Program. You get paid for generating sales or traffic to a product. Amazon also runs an affiliate program.

6. Are You An Expert In Your Field? Get paid to Answer Questions.

Whether you’re a lawyer or a finance expert, or a vet, you can earn up to $20 to $50 answering questions online. A website like Presto Experts and just Answer is one of the top websites famous for paying experts to answer questions in various fields.

The most amazing part is you can register for all the options you are an expert in. They pay via PayPal, and you can set your rates for each option.

7. Make Up To $200 Monthly By Renting Your Parking Lot.

This is another excellent way to make money. Did you know you can rent your parking space and make over $100 a month? Yes, you saw that right; so many applications connect motorists with people who own parking lots. Some sites like Curbflip and SpotHero all facilitate advertising and listing your parking lots.

You can also list it out on Facebook. You can make over $200 monthly if you do this steadily. One crucial factor to consider, though, is the location. If you have added security, you can secure more money too. An indoor garage space goes up for over $300 monthly.

8. Web Design

Did you know you can bring in up to $15 -$30 on Upwork designing websites? Some designers even make up to $31-$45 per hour. There are so many freelance websites you can sign up on, such asFreelancer, 99designs, and Toptal. On Freelancer, you bid for projects posted by individuals or recruiters. If your bid gets accepted, the employer will message you immediately. Interesting right?

9. Copywriting

Despite the competition on freelance sites such as Fiverr, people per hour, and writers, you can earn extra cash by providing quality and original content and meeting deadlines. From Editing copies, rewriting articles, and writing copies, you can make up to 200 dollars per article on these sites.

10. Podcasts

Do you enjoy talking as a hobby, then you can earn some extra cash simply talking about the things you love. Did you know if 10,000 people download each episode of your podcast, you can make about 500 dollars to 900 dollars in affiliate marketing? Amazing right.

A podcast can generate money in different ways. For instance, selling advertisements or offering subscriptions. You can do all the above to generate funds. Just make sure your content is captivating and exciting. Once you have thousands and even millions of listeners, imagine how much you can make if your podcast is on iTunes or speaker

11. Sign Up For Writing Competitions

This is a clever way to make more money at home. Win up to 15 thousand dollars or more in writing competitions. If you can write essays, poetry, fiction, and short stories and have already published some of these works, no doubt this is for you. There are so many competitions you can enroll on. A good example is the Catherine Doctorow Innovative fiction prize which is open to all writers in English. You must have three books published. Submissions include novels or a collection of short stories.

Win up to 2000 dollars when you take part in the Rubery prize for book awards. So what are you waiting for? Get started; you can also sign up for the BBC playwriting competition and win up to 2,500 dollars plus a trip to London to see your play recorded for the BBC world service.

12. Focus Groups

Focus groups have become increasingly famous and are a fantastic way to make extra money from home in 2024. It’s incredible how much you can make from these. Can you spare 45 minutes or more? I’m sure you can. Earn $30-$150 and above; some people earn 450 dollars per hour on focus groups. Amazing!

You can get paid to give your opinion on products and services. Focus groups last over 60 to 90 minutes. You can sign up on focus groups such as User interviews and focusgroup.com.

13. Writing Slogan

Slogans are short and punchy messages used in advertising, and brands require punchy slogans to sell. So, you can receive up to 200 dollars writing punchy slogans.

Keep in mind that slogans should be memorable. This implies that you should be able to remember them immediately. You can sell them by listing them on blogs, on Fiverr, Upwork, and SloganSlingers. You can make thousands of dollars from doing this. Many businesses trademark their slogans.

14. Testing Mobile Apps

Make extra bucks testing Mobile Apps before they hit the market. This is easy, and no! You don’t have to be a coder to do this. With your smartphone and a strong internet connection, you get paid to leave an honest review of the apps.

There are different apps, some for desktops, some for mobile phones, and others for tablets. This is easy. You can spend less than 30 minutes doing this and makeup to thirty dollars per test. Sign up on Appcoiner and UserTesting.

15. Get Paid To Post On Social Media

Do you have a Snapchat account, a Tiktok account, a Twitter account, or an Instagram account? You can make over 6000 dollars by tweeting or posting products online. Once your link is used to purchase something, you cash out instantly.

This is fun and easy to do. Advertisers or sponsors will pay you a lot of money to post about their services and products. Exciting right?

16. Become A Virtual Assistant

Did you know you can earn up to 30 dollars as a virtual assistant? This is easy to do and can pull in some extra bucks if you’re good with it; if you have good communication and networking skills, you’ll do excellently well in this.

There are so many sites you can sign up on.  On LinkedIn, fancy hands, and many other websites, virtual Assistants are in high demand.

17. Website Reviews

Earn up to 10 dollars daily reviewing websites. Yes, as simple as that, feedback is vital to manufacturers of a product as it enables them to improve the product. This can be 15-20 minutes long; it is a fun and easy way to make extra money at home in 2024.

Sites such as Usertesting.com or Enrol pay you to share your opinion on products review; they usually pay via PayPal.

18. Music Review

If you are passionate about music, then this is for you. Earn up to 100 dollars by reviewing songs by unsigned artists online. This is not an ongoing gig; it is a one-time thing so that you can do this on the side. You can sign up for this on Slicethepie or Reviewfm. It takes a while to get it going because you need to build an excellent reputation.

19. Book Publishing

Are you good at writing and researching? Kindle store has made it so much easier for anyone to publish an e-book today. You can download and install the Kindle app. By leveraging Amazon, you can generate funds with a brilliant cover and information that can solve problems. You are good to go. If you do this right, you will earn income for years to come.

20. Sell Artwork Online

Art is Gold. Make some extra bucks by selling artwork online. You can negotiate and license your art for stock websites. You can negotiate and sell your artwork on aspire art auctions or Artfire. Once you sign up, follow the prompts with a few quick steps. You are good to go.

Many venues need eateries, hotels, lounges, and restaurants; Saatchi Art is another excellent online gallery.

What Else We Can Do?

With the internet, there are over a thousand ways to make extra money at home in 2024. We all need some extra cash. I mean, we don’t want to relate our pursues to onions, tearing us up whenever we open them.

Remember, this is working; it’s a job, not a get rich quick scheme. With hard work, dedication and passion, pull in extra cash soon. As long as you dish out very quality work, regardless of whatever you choose to do, you will excel.


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