5 Smart Ways To Save Money When Netflix Price Increase Ruins Your Binge Time

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February 3, 2023
Netflix Price Increase
Netflix Price Increase

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o you think that the Netflix price increase can put a break on your entertainment factor? Recently Netflix raised the prices for its video streaming customers in the U.S. and Canada. The reason behind fueling is the rise in prices of competitive streaming services.

The company said that Netflix prices have escalated by $1 to $2, which will depend upon the plan. Additionally, the “standard plan,” which most people prefer, will step up by $1.50, to $15.50. The increase in prices is becoming a new normal for Netflix. Earlier, during the pandemic, the platform got a rush of global subscribers.

Out of 213.5 million subscribers, 74 million subscribers are in the U.S., the basic plan (doesn’t include H.D.) rises by $1 to $10, and the most expensive plan of Netflix will increase by $2, to $20. These prices vary according to the variables, such as how many users at the same time can watch Netflix; also, it varies based on the number of tablets or phones that can have the download option. Still, the company sends out DVDs in one of their services that needs a separate plan.

Moreover, Netflix will announce this news to its customers via email and within the app of Netflix before new prices are applied to them. Also, the customers in Alabama, Louisiana, and New York are dealing with local sales tax bills that Netflix claims were due to the video games’ addition to the service.

The escalating prices carry the possibility that people might think of canceling their subscription plans instead of going ahead. Netflix hovers the leading U.S. streaming service. However, others, including Disney Plus and HBO Max, have skyrocketed in popularity.

The shares of Netflix had a downfall by 21.8% that lopped off their market capitalization by $49.1. The decline is higher than the total Zoom Video Communications INC’s market cap.

According to the spokesperson of Netflix, they are updating their prices in order to continue offering a wide range of quality entertainment options to their customers. They also claim to offer a plan that their members can pick according to their budget plan.

Now, if you want to trim the cost of streaming and still wish to see everything on Netflix, then these top Netflix hacks will help you save money. Here’s a compiled list of some money-saving tips to shred your streaming services budget.

5 Brainy Tips and Tricks to Decorate Your Saving With Extras on Netflix

These money-saving hacks will help you continue watching your favorite shows!

Billing Alert! Make a Smart Move by Sharing Your Netflix Subscription

There’s another way to save a lot on Netflix if you are paying for the Premium or Standard tiers. You can pay some of the bills to cut down the load on your pocket. 

This trick of Netflix (sharing a login) has already got enough popularity. But we are here with another way to split this burden of monthly Netflix bills, and you can do it by sharing your subscription!

In this process of splitting the bill, Netflix even offers unique profiles to its users so that their streaming doesn’t have any interference with the recommendations their parents get. Thus, the platform gives you the best opportunity to create new profiles and manage your existing profiles.

Don’t Miss Out on Opportunities to Find the Absolutely Free Subscription Offers!

Aren’t your eyes amazed at seeing this? Of course, you must be rolling your eyes with mouth-opened! Well, T-Mobile is that home internet provider that helps you pay for your Netflix plan. So, if you didn’t know about T-Mobile support, then right away, ask your wireless service provider how you can get the Netflix on Us offer.

Ready to Plan? Download Your Favorite Shows and Movies a Little Earlier

What are the other options that can help you puff up your pockets after the Netflix price increase? There are multiple options that the Netflix plan offers you, and we have gloved up the fittest for you. Many people don’t have the option of unlimited data plans on their mobile devices, so planning ahead is always a smart thing to do! 

If you don’t want to spend extra dollars on your phone plans and continue watching your favorite Netflix shows, stuff your tablet or phone in advance.

Watch out for that download button on the movies and shows that you are crazy about.

Change Settings of Your Mobile Streaming to a Lower Resolution (H.D. Quality)

Sometimes, you find no spare time to plan in this hectic schedule. And you just remembered a Netflix movie or show you haven’t watched yet or thought about, or just got the recommendation of that show/movie at the bar. Now, you wish to watch it, right?

Well, not to worry then, there’s a money-saving feature that will help you cut down the wireless data bill. Also, there’s an option to disable the “Automatic” feature; instead of this, you can go with “Save Data.”

When you have a 1080p T.V., you’ll possibly wish for at least the Standard plan. Also, people who are watching Netflix on a resolution of 720p or lower than that should possibly downgrade their display quality and save $5.49 every month.  

Be the Master by Choosing a Cheaper Netflix Plan

The new pricing of popular Netflix’s Standard plan is $15.49/month after increasing its prices. The below chart gives you the best comparison of the New Price of every Netflix Plan and the offers you get with it.

Netflix planNew PriceWhat you get
Basic$9.99 per month1 stream in SD
Standard$15.49 per monthUp to 2 streams in up to 1080p
Premium$19.99 per monthUp to 4 streams in up to 4K UHD

Formerly $17.99, now $20 per month on Netflix’s premium tier, we aren’t aware of how many people would spend this amount. However, ensure taking advantage of the premium tier that has 4K content and also takes into account how often people are watching non-4K streams. So it will help you share your Netflix account with someone else, too, if you want to watch shows simultaneously on two devices.

What Else Can Help You Save on Netflix Price Increase?

All in all, cheaper and, in fact, free Netflix alternatives can make both your weekend and pocket happy! Hulu ($6.99) and Disney Plus ($7.99) are good options that are way more affordable than the Standard subscription of Netflix, accounting for $15.49 per month.

Another alternative to Netflix, Amazon Prime, costs $12.99/month and even offers you free shipping on a bundle of its products and services. Moreover, the price of the standalone service of Amazon Prime Video is $8.99/month which is wallet-friendly for many.

And if you are a lover of even more content, then Peacock Premium (with ads) retails for $4.99, and without ads, you need to pay $9.99/month, which is again budget-friendly for you!

Last but not least, YouTube is one of the best alternatives for Netflix, where you’ll find a bunch of great movies and episodes from historic T.V. shows like Mr. Bean and more.

Sign up for YouTube Premium for $11.99/month, enjoy those ad-free videos with good background audio support, and don’t let anyone interrupt your BINGE watch!


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