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Is there anyone who isn’t curious about Black Friday Deals 2022? The time is ticking, and chances are you are looking forward to the best Black Friday deals. It’s no secret; everyone is excited to get an item at an incredible discount.

Research shows that 174 million Americans blow up $335 per person on Black Friday on average.

However, Black Friday can be pretty stressful if you don’t know how and where to source the best deals.

Luckily, you don’t have to go through FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on the discounts, rewards, rebates, doorbusters, cashback, and much more, thanks to our complete guide on Black Friday deals 2022.

But first, let’s take a second to learn about the history and when Black Friday takes place each year.

You’ve probably heard and participated in many Black Friday events, but have you ever thought about its origin?

Black Friday was first coined in 1869 when two investors caused a market crash by heightening the gold prices.

It was until the mid 20th century when the term would appear again. But this time, it was used by police in the Philly area thanks to the sheer amount of work they’d to do to control shoppers and the fans of the Army-Navy game.

The term became popular in the 1980s among retailers as it signified the day when retail sales would go up.

Since then, Black Friday—which happens after the Thanksgiving Day of each year—has become the ultimate shopping day around the world.

According to Practical Ecommerce, consumer spending hit a record high at $9 billion for Black Friday 2020.

So when is Black Friday happening this year?
And this means that this year’s event will happen on Friday, 26th November.

When It Comes To Black Friday and Cyber Monday, What Is The Difference?

Big retail chains predominantly dominate Black Friday, and this is when you can focus on getting discounts for high-ticket products.

Cyber Monday, on the other hand, is like the online version of Black Friday. You shop purely online, and often, they are small retailers running Cyber Monday deals.

If you are looking for deals on clothes, small appliances, and other smaller items, you can consider Cyber Monday sales. Cyber Monday is also the time to shop for software, games, books, and programs.

You should also note that Cyber Monday can start on the Thanksgiving weekend, so you should also watch for deals on the weekend leading up to Cyber Monday. Additionally, you can still find Cyber Monday deals in department stores.

Is It Best To Shop Before Or After Black Friday?

Talking more about the Black Friday deals 2022, Black Friday happens both online and offline, which means you get to choose to shop in person or order online from eCommerce stores. The biggest problem, though, about both retail stores and eCommerce shops is the delivery delays.

Experts project that shipping delays will hit hard this holiday shopping season due to flooding in Europe and China. Furthermore, many people shop on Black Friday; hence you can miss out on discounted Black Friday products. There will be either delivery delays or a lack of enough items in the store to buy or deliver to you.

According to an expert at Fox Business, Toys are one of the product categories that’ll be hit hard by the supply chain glitches. So when is the perfect time to shop for Black Friday deals this year?

Unlike before, retail and online stores start rolling their Black Friday deals ahead of the d-day and extend it to Cyber Monday. And this means that you can start your holiday shopping before the Black Friday sale, shop on Black Friday, during the weekend, or on Cyber Monday.

If you want to avoid the long lines and the late package deliveries, you can consider snagging your Black Friday deals a month or a week before Black Friday. Many retail and digital stores release their deals as early as the first week of November, so it is easy to search and place your orders early.

You can use Black Friday to compare item prices and check the stores with jaw-dropping discounts. With this website, you can check for early deals and doorbusters available in different stores like Walmart, Bestbuy, Target, Kohl’s, Amazon, Macy’s, and much more.

If you decide to go shopping on Black Friday, consider going in-stores to big retailers like Walmart, Target, and Bestbuy because they have bigger and better discounts. Digital stores like Amazon have the best deals on Cyber Monday.

Are Prices Lower On Black Friday?

The idea behind Black Friday is to offer irresistible discounts so that shoppers can purchase more. Sadly, some tricks and scams make you wonder if the prices on Black Friday are genuinely lower.

Generally, prices during this mega shopping day are lower, but you have to be keen to ensure that the price tag is has a discount. Offers like doorbusters can trick you into buying a high-ticket item that you hadn’t budgeted for, thanks to impulse buying.

If you need to enjoy lower prices on Black Friday, you need to create a list of items to buy and avoid discounted items that are too good to be true. Some retailers use last year’s discounts on this year’s items, or they can discount outdated items to trick you into purchasing them.

Also, if you are an avid online shopper, you should verify the merchant or the seller to avoid scams. If you pay online, ensure that you purchase items through encrypted websites.

To maximize Black Friday offers, ensure that you stick to your shopping list, hop on early deals and hunt for coupons. As you shop early, you can leave your cart at checkout and wait for the cart offers in the email. Often, the seller will entice your to check out your cart with a sweet deal.

Another thing is to use reward apps and capitalize on the rewards of your membership from your retailer.

What Black Friday Deals in 2022 Can I Shop for Now?

Below are some categories with the best Black Friday offers to help you make your shopping a thrilling experience.


Electronics like TVs, smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, etc., sell at incredible discounts on Black Friday. And this means that this is the perfect time to get yourself a new electronic device or a holiday gift for someone close to you.

Early Black Friday discounts are on at Walmart and Amazon if you need to shop early. For instance, this 65 inch Samsung TV is $568 on early Black Friday deals category from $647.99. Also, Amazon has up to 30% off on some of the Samsung TVs.

If you need a brand new iPhone, camera or looking for refurbished laptops, you can count on Black Friday for deep discounts on electronic devices. Best Buy, for instance, is running epic discounts on PC laptops and Chromebooks, and you can expect doorbusters on all types of electronics from different brands.

Major Appliances

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances? Perhaps get a new fridge, air fryer, instant pots, mixer, coffee maker, etc. Black Friday is the best opportunity to remodel your kitchen and receive great deals on new appliances.

It’s time to update your kitchen with new cooktops, ovens, smart dishwashers, refrigerators, e.t.c. Amazon has Early Black Friday deals on some kitchen appliances like 50% off on select hand mixers, up to 42% off on select ovens, 40% off on cast ironware, and much more.

Best Buy is also ahead with top deals on significant kitchen appliances from different brands like Samsung and LG. Walmart also has jaw-dropping deals on kitchen appliances like 40% off on TeoTronic Air Fryer, 33% discount on MOOSO air fryer ovens, and much more.


Has your living room furniture seen better days? It is time to get brand new sofas with the best Black Friday deals on furniture.

Whether you need a new kitchen and dining furniture, gaming chair, mattress, or kid’s vanity table, you can be confident that many stores will offer sweet deals on Black Friday. You can find great discounts on vintage furniture on Etsy, Walmart, Amazon, among many other stores.

Black Friday Deals 2021: A Complete Guide to Best Discounts

Video Games, Consoles, and Virtual Reality

Black Friday is also the perfect event to save big on video games, consoles, and virtual reality.

Whether you need a play station games and accessories, Nintendo Switch, X-box, virtual reality, or gaming accessories, Black Friday is the season to shop for your favorite consoles, video games, and VR.

There is plenty of video game offers on significant stores like Amazon. I was checking the gaming category on Amazon, and there are up to 60% off on video games and accessories.

Toys, Collectibles, and Games

It is the holiday season which means it is the gifting season. If you are looking to shop for dolls and dollhouses, ride-on, collectibles, plush toys, bikes, action figures, etc., Black Friday offers excellent savings in the Toys category.

Make your loved one happy with new toys, games, and collectibles as you enjoy unbelievable deals and discounts on Black Friday.

Home Tech

You’ve probably seen those innovative home videos on TikTok, and you can’t wait to get home tech for your home.

Whether you need smart lighting, security cameras, assistants, thermostats, switches, or speakers, you will get all these and more on offers on Black Friday.

Get home tech compatible with the brand of your choice. For instance, you can shop home tech compatible with Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, Samsung Smart Things, or IFTTT.

Soundbars and Speakers

Soundbars and speakers are also other items to shop for on Black Friday. Gift yourself with new soundbars, intelligent home speakers, a home theatre, and home audio accessories on Black Friday.

Fashion and Apparel

Are you looking to upgrade your wardrobe? Fashion is another category to focus on if you need to score hot discounts on clothes and accessories. You can hit the jackpot with terrific discounts on these items from jewelry, bags, shoes, and designer clothes.

Also, don’t forget the sheets and towels. These are items that you can snag for up to 60% off on many retailers like Kohl’s, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walmart, Target, and Macy’s.

Health and Fitness Items

If you are a health and fitness enthusiast, you probably have a dream exercise equipment you need or need to stock on your care items. Or, if you are looking to start on a health and fitness journey, you have a list of items you need to buy to get you started.

Black Friday is your ideal time to grab the most significant discounts on various items. These items include treadmills, weights, yoga, benches, exercise bikes, and much more. It is also the perfect event to get deals on wellness products. These products include vitamins, proteins, sleep support products, and much more.

Additionally, you can get the best discounts on beauty and grooming products like hairdryers, facial steamers, colognes, perfumes, face masks, and much more.

What Stores Are Having Black Friday Deals 2022?

Everyone knows that Black Friday is the peak shopping event of the year. Also, every store is striving to offer unmatched discounts and rewards to customers.

Black Friday Deals 2021: A Complete Guide to Best Discounts

Here are some of the stores with the ultimate Black Friday Deals 2022

  • Ashley Furniture. Get discounts and deals on your favorite furniture, home decor, outdoor seating, kids’ furniture, bathroom fixtures, lighting, and much more.
  • Amazon. For all Black Friday deals, Amazon is the ultimate one-stop-shop. From furniture, intelligent homes to video games, you can get discounts in all categories.
  • eBay. This store is the ultimate choice for Black Friday tech deals, TV deals, fashion, gaming devices and accessories, and much more.
  • Target. Get ready to save on electronics, furniture, clothes, toys, kitchen deals, home items, outdoor, and entertainment items at Target.
  • Walmart. This is also another retail store that will run Black Friday deals on all categories.
  • Kohls. Shop for kitchen appliances, apparel, furniture, men’s accessories, home decor, cleaning appliances, and toys at slashed prices.
  • Macy’s. Get Black Friday specials on all things fashion, jewelry, furniture, bed, and bath, appliances, and more at Macy’s.
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club. It is another store to get amazing Black Friday deals, from queen-size mattresses, smart TVs, trampolines, laptops, massage chairs, and much more.

BJ’s Black Friday ad is already out, so you can check its early deals and offers.

  • JC Penney. This is also another store for kitchen appliances deals, toys, jewelry, clothes, and much more.
  • The Home Depot. If you are hunting for a markdown on tools, home improvement, holiday decor, home decor, and appliances, then The Home Depot is for you. It’s a store from where you can shop on Black Friday.
  • Nordstrom. For all things fashion and jewelry, Nordstrom is your ultimate store for Black Friday fashion deals.

All in all, Black Friday can be pretty confusing and stressful if you don’t have a plan. If you need to score the biggest bang for the buck, create a shopping list and focus on the items on that list.

Don’t be swayed by doorbusters or discounts that sound too good to be true. Also, focus on quality items to avoid junk in the name of saving money. Take your time to weigh up the prices from different retailers ensuring that you get the best deal of the day.

For instance, if you need a Dell laptop, you can compare the deals on the Dell website and the prices of the same item on Amazon. So, enjoy the Black Friday deals 2022 to the fullest!



"Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving."

Warren Buffett

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