12 Best Things To Buy On Black Friday In 2024

Erin Gobler
November 14, 2023
12 Best Things To Buy On Black Friday In 2024
12 Best Things To Buy On Black Friday In 2024

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What are the best things to buy on Black Friday?

If you’re an enthusiastic shopper — or just love getting a good deal — then you already have your calendar marked for Black Friday.

But that doesn’t mean you already know what you’re looking for.

In 2024, Black Friday falls on November 29, with deals expected to start in late October.

In recent years, the digital realm has seen a significant surge in Black Friday popularity.

The emergence of the pandemic in 2020 played a pivotal role in shaping this trend, as safety concerns prompted consumers to turn to online shopping.

In fact, according to 2021 statistics, retailers experienced a substantial shift in consumer behaviour during the Black Friday weekend.

Foot traffic to retail stores witnessed a notable decline of 21.7% compared to 2019, reflecting the pandemic’s influence on in-store shopping.

This shift towards online shopping is further evidenced by a 34.2% increase in Black Friday weekend traffic compared to 2020.

While Black Friday can be an excellent opportunity to score discounts, it can also be overwhelming.

After all, when just about everything is on sale, how do you know the best things to buy on Black Friday? Where to buy them? And when? 

Here are 12 of the best things to buy on Black Friday (as well as what you should skip).

Where To Shop On Black Friday?

Before we dive into what you should actually buy on Black Friday, let’s start by talking about the best places to shop.

It’s no surprise that Amazon is one of the best places to shop on Black Friday.

They have just about everything, meaning you can do all (or at least most) of your shopping in one place.

Amazon also tends to have great deals, and you get the added bonus of having your items in as little as 1-2 days.

Black Friday is also a great time to visit Best Buy – in-store or online.

Technology items are usually at the top of the list for discounted items on Black Friday, making this a great choice for that high-tech family member.

Next up, Target and Walmart. These two big-name retailers are one-stop shopping locations for many families.

Where else can you buy your groceries, Christmas gifts, and kids’ winter clothes in one fell swoop? 

Target and Walmart carry a wide variety of products – including some of the best things to buy on Black Friday.

They often have the same technology products you’d find on Amazon or at Best Buy, as well as home goods, clothing, and just about every other major shopping category.

Home retailers like Kohl’s, Macy’s, and similar department stores often have great deals going on, too.

Whether you’re looking for new furniture, a new set of cookware, or just some decor to brighten up your living space, you’re bound to find it on sale. 

Finally, we can’t forget about home improvement stores.

While Black Friday isn’t necessarily a time when people are thinking of home improvement projects, stores like Home Depot and Lowes are great places to find Black Friday deals.

These are especially great for stocking up on power tools or upgrading your home appliances.

What To Buy On Black Friday?

We’ve talked about why Black Friday is such a big shopping day and the best places to find deals.

Now let’s talk about the best things to buy on Black Friday (and why).

Best Websites For Black Friday Shopping

1. Televisions

TVs are some of the most popular items to purchase on Black Friday. And, thanks to their incredible discounts, some of the best things to buy on Black Friday.

TVs are often used as doorbuster deals, which entice people to get their shopping in early. And while doorbusters aren’t as popular as they once were, TV discounts on Black Friday sure are.

Pro Tip: If you’re shopping for a TV on Black Friday, make sure to research what you’re buying. Some brands and retailers mark their cheapest models down the most. Know exactly what TV you want so you can find the best deal on it.

2. Computers And Tablets

Whether you’re looking for a desktop computer, a laptop, or a tablet, Black Friday is the time to do it.

Retailers tend to mark these items down in a big way, making them some of the best things to buy on Black Friday. 

Amazon offers huge discounts on its own products, such as Kindles and Fire Tablets.

Actually, you’ll often get the best prices in general by going directly to the brands you want to shop from!

3. Streaming Devices

Another item that tends to go on major sale on Black Friday is streaming devices.

Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Rokus, and more get marked down.

These devices are one of the best things to buy on Black Friday for someone who wants the benefits of a smart TV without replacing their current model.

4. Wearable Technology

Wearable technology makes up one of the most popular categories of technology products right now – and they’re some of the best things to buy on Black Friday.

You can find great discounts on fitness watches like FitBits and Apple Watches. And don’t forget wireless earbuds like AirPods or Bose!

5. Health And Beauty Items

You might be surprised just how much you can save on Black Friday on health and beauty items.

Especially likely to be on sale are personal care electronics such as hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons, and electric toothbrushes.

You can also find great deals on makeup, hair, and skincare products.

6. Small Appliances

Small appliances are hands-down some of the best items to buy on Black Friday.

If you’re looking to buy new appliances for your kitchen or upgrade your current ones, Black Friday is the time to do it.

Some of the best things to buy on Black Friday include pressure cookers, air fryers, blenders, stand mixers, coffee makers, and more.

In addition to small kitchen appliances, you can also find great deals on other small household appliances, including vacuums.

Whether you’re in the market for a new stick vacuum, a robot vacuum, or anything else, Black Friday is the time to buy it.

7. Large Appliances

It’s not just small appliances that you can save on during your Black Friday shopping.

You can also find excellent discounts on large appliances.

Some of the best things to buy on Black Friday include clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other large appliances.

8. Power Tools

If you’re an avid DIYer or just looking for the basic power tools for your home, Black Friday is a great day to look for those items.

Like many electronics, these items tend to be discounted!

Pro Tip: Black Friday is a great time to buy power tools, but it’s not the only great time. These items also tend to be discounted for Labor Day and Father’s Day. If power tools or large appliances aren’t in your budget, plan to buy them in 2024 during one of these sales instead!

9. Smart Home Technology

Walk into just about any American home today, and you’re bound to find smart home technology. And like other electronics, smart home tech includes some of the best things to buy on Black Friday.

First, you can find great deals on smart home hubs like the Amazon Echo or Google Nest.

You can also find discounts on other smart home products, such as smart lighting or outlets.

Finally, you’ll find discounts on DIY home security systems like SimpliSafe, Ring, and more.

10. Video Games And Consoles

You’ll have an easy time finding discounts on video games and gaming consoles on Black Friday.

Even if you don’t find a discount on the newest and best console, you can definitely find deals on the older models and games!

Best Things to Buy on Black Friday

11. Home Goods

Many people aren’t thinking about home goods on Black Friday, but they’re some of the best things to buy on Black Friday.

Whether you’re in the market for towels and linens or home decor, you’ll find discounts on exactly what you’re looking for. 

12. Fitness Equipment

If you’re looking to build up your home gym, Black Friday is a great time to do it.

Plenty of retailers offer big savings on home fitness equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, and more.

Big-ticket items like this might not be in your gift budget, but have no fear!

Smaller fitness equipment pieces are still some of the best things to buy on Black Friday.

What Not To Buy On Black Friday?

There’s no doubt you can find good deals on Black Friday.

However, there are definitely some items that are best purchased another time of year.

Sure, you may be able to find these items on sale on Black Friday, but often not at their best price.

When you’re looking for the best things to buy on Black Friday, stay away from the things on this list.

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is a popular item for people to purchase as Christmas gifts, so it makes sense that you’d be looking for great deals. But jewelry stores actually tend to offer their best discounts around other holidays, such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

2. Furniture

Unlike other items, furniture isn’t exactly known for its great Black Friday discounts.

Instead, furniture stores tend to offer huge deals during other holiday weekends, including President’s Day in February, the Fourth of July, or Labor Day in September.

3. Toys

Many people use Black Friday as an opportunity to do their Christmas shopping, including buying toys for their kids. And while there will be some discounts on toys on Black Friday, you can save even more by waiting a bit longer.

Retailers tend to discount toys even more in mid-December in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

You can also find great deals in January after the Christmas frenzy has ended—so plan ahead.

4. Outdoor Furniture

Black Friday is a bit too late to snag the best deals on outdoor furniture.

By that time, most retailers have already had their end-of-season sales earlier in the year, such as August or September. And because they’ve already had their clearance sales, the best pieces are either in very low supply or sold out entirely.

5. Vehicles

A vehicle is one of the most expensive items many of us will buy, with the exception of our home. But generally speaking, Black Friday isn’t the best way to save on your car.

Instead, experts recommend shopping in December for the year-end sales.

In fact, around Christmas is one of the best times to buy a vehicle, so hold off for a month or so.

If you’re planning to gift a vehicle, opt for a card or photo of the car and buy it after the day itself.

Best Things to Buy on Black Friday

6. Travel

If you’re planning to travel, Black Friday probably isn’t the best time to start booking.

Some companies might be offering discounts on travel (including flights and hotels) on Black Friday.

However, you’ll probably find even better deals just a few days later on Cyber Monday.

Travel companies also tend to offer discounts in January, so you could save more by holding off even longer.

7. Apple Store Products

Let’s preface this by saying that, yes, you can find great deals on Apple products on Black Friday.

However, you probably won’t find them at the Apple store itself.

In fact, the Apple Store is known for having lackluster Black Friday sales.

If you’re in the market for Apple products, be sure to shop around at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart to see where you can get the best deal.

8. Gym Memberships

As we near the end of the year, many people are thinking of their new year’s resolutions and looking for deals on gym memberships.

While some gyms offer discounts around this time, they’re often not offering the best price.

After all, gyms know that the new year is when people tend to be signing up for memberships.

As a result, many of them offer their best discounts at that time – or around March when New Year’s resolutions start to wane.


If you’re doing any shopping on Black Friday, you’re sure to find some good deals.

But you’ll get the most bang for your buck when you plan your purchases ahead of time.

Certain items are known for having the best discounts on Black Friday.

When you shop smart, you can grab these items… and skip the rest. 

Want more tips on how to find the best deals at any time of the year?

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