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M other’s Day—May 8, 2022— is around the corner, and you’re probably wondering what best gift to give your mom.

Luckily, there are many Mother’s Day gifts that you can consider giving your mom this year. From books to jewelry, electronics, cards, and even personal accessories, there are plethora of things to purchase for your mom. While it is a challenge picking the perfect Mother’s Day gift, it can be pretty stressful to find the best one on a tight budget.

We’ve rounded up a list that will offer you cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas to make your mom’s day even if you’re broke.

Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that Won’t Cost You Money

Does this question, “What should I get my mom on Mother’s Day when I’m broke?” ring in your mind? You don’t necessarily need a ton of money to make your mom’s day this Mother’s Day.

Little things like helping your mama take a day-off on Mother’s Day can mean so much to her. Below are some of our excellent picks for Mother’s Day gifts that won’t cost you a dime.

1. Help Your Mom with the House Chores

Moms can be busy bees even to get a moment for themselves. One way to spoil your mom without spending money this Mother’s Day is to help her with the house chores.

Let her rest while you deep clean the house, prepare her favorite meals, run errands, and anything in between. 

 2. Finish a DIY for Mom

From fixing the kitchen cabinets to fixing the faucet to organizing the garage and decluttering the attic, moms have many ongoing projects they would love to finish.

Consider helping your mom complete their DIY projects—you can look up DIY tutorials on YouTube. You can go beyond and create a Mother’s Day card or leave a note or an engraving to appreciate your mom.

3. Hike with Mom

Spending quality time with your mother this Mother’s Day is another thoughtful way to celebrate her without spending a dime — just quality time.

Invite your mom for a hike and trust me, she will love to break a sweat and enjoy nature.

4. Bake Tasty Treats in the Kitchen for Mom

You can get into the kitchen and bake tasty treats for your mom this Mother’s Day. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t a Nigella Lawson type of cook because there are many baking recipes online you can consider using. Importantly, remember to keep the kitchen pristine so that mom can enjoy her day without worrying about the dishes.

Cheap yet Thoughtful Mothers Day Gifts From Daughter

Do you want to appreciate your mom as a daughter this Mother’s Day? Many thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts help you recognize your mom for all she’s done for you.

5. Memory Book

Moms treasure memories, and this five-year journal can be the best and cheap Mother’s Day gift.

This memory book goes for $11.60 on Amazon when writing this, and it is nothing compared to the memories your mom will create in five years. 

6. Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

You can also purchase this affordable and handmade silver chain necklace for your mom as Mother’s Day present.

This inexpensive chain is ideal for adding personal charms, and it sells for $7.77 on Etsy.

7. Bath Bombs

Give your mom a spooky yet magical and relaxing bath experience with this Magic Cauldron Bath Bomb on Etsy. This bath bomb costs $6.50, and it features a crystal stone inside to take bath experiences to a whole new level.

If you’re looking for something inexpensive to help your mom relax and get better sleep, bath bombs can do the magic.

8. Mothers’ Day Blanket

What great way to embrace and appreciate your mom than

What great way to embrace and appreciate your mom than with a luxurious blanket? Surprise your mother with this beautiful blanket engraved with thoughtful words about motherhood.

This throw blanket goes for $39.99 at the time of writing this article, and you can find it in merlot red, coral bluer, purple, and silver colors on Amazon.

Best Inexpensive Mothers Day Gifts From Son

If you’re hunting for the best Mother’s Day gifts as a son, you are in the right place. It feels super great to celebrate your deep-rooted bond with mom, and here are some of the inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts for her. 

9. Moon Lampshade

Brighten your mom’s days and nights with a moon lampshade on Mother’s Day.

Personalize a moon lamp for your mom on Etsy for a starting price of $34. The best thing about this Mother’s Day gift is that you can personalize it with a message that is readable every time the lights are on. You can customize everything you want in the lamp, including the size.

10. Phone Camera Lens

Does your mom love capturing moments with her phone camera as they unfold? Phone camera lenses are also the best Mother’s Day gifts your can offer as a son.

You can give your mother this Xenvo Pro Lens available on Amazon. This lens set is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones, and she can also mount the lens on her tablet and laptop.

Xeno Pro Lens goes for $39.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this article.

11. Soothing Spa Socks

Another excellent son-to-mom gift for this Mother’s Day is the soothing spa socks. Dr. Scholl’s women’s socks are lavender, and vitamin E infused to give your mom the spa feel with all-day moisturization to keep her feet soft. Furthermore, the socks have grippers on the sole to prevent slipping.

You can get these socks for $9.99 on Amazon.

12. Amazon Gift Card

If you can’t seem to find the perfect and cheap gift for Mother’s Day, you can consider getting the Amazon gift card.

Nothing feels good than letting your mother pick her suitable gift, and she’ll probably pick that one thing she’s been waiting to have.

You can customize this Amazon gift card design and personalize it with your photos or videos. For instance, you can include your mom’s sweet message on the card.

The exciting part is that you can top up the card with money between $1 and $2,000.

Best Mothers Day Gifts for Grandma

One of the important people in life to pull all the stops for this Mother’s Day is grandma. Whether you call her Nana, Granny, Grandma, or Mimi, grandmothers play a significant role in our lives and deserve an appreciation on Mother’s Day.

13. World’s Best Grandma Mug 

Personalize a mug for grandma this Mother’s Day, and this Watercolour Rainbow Mug on Etsy can be excellent. The mug has World’s Best Nana engravings on the front, and you can customize the back massage to your liking.

You can get the mug for $16.79 on Etsy.

14. I’m a Mom Grandma T-shirt

What better way to appreciate your grandma for being a mom first than the I’m a Mom Grandma T-shirt?

Remind your grandma how important she is in your life and that it is a blessing to have her around with an inexpensive tee.

This T-shirt is available in more than nine colors, and you can get it for $16.99 on Amazon.

15. Grandma Heart

Another great and thoughtful way to celebrate your grandma this Mother’s Day is to get her this grandma heart ornament on Amazon.

The beautiful flowers and the word grandma engraved on the hanging heart make it the best handmade product to give your grandmother.

You can get this ornament for $27.99 on Amazon.

16. Important Nana Stuff Bag

Grandmas always have goodies to carry, and a Nana stuff bag can be the best Mother’s Day gift for her. And your best bet here is the handmade Important Nana Stuff Bag on Etsy. 

This bag is available in four different colors, and you can personalize the message on the bag.

The starting price for this bag is $16.23 on Etsy

Cheap Mothers’ Day Gifts for Your Wife

It is equally thoughtful for husbands to honor their wives’ motherhood, and the below Mother’s Day gifts make perfect choices.

17. Coffee Maker

Moms—new and “veteran” alike—practically survive on coffee, and coffee will make the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.

Get this 12-cup coffee maker by Mr. Coffee on Amazon that goes for $27.69 when writing this article.

18. Vanity Case

A toiletry bag is another excellent cheap Mother’s Day gift idea for your wife. This toiletry bag can be super helpful in the safekeeping of bathroom products like make-up, hair care products, and other personal effects.

Get the toiletry bag on Etsy for $37.05.

19. Coffee Subscription

Whether your wife loves bold or lighter coffee, a coffee subscription that gets her the best flavors worldwide can be a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.

The Atlas Coffee Subscription is the best choice for curating the world’s best coffee producers. You can customize the number of bags per delivery, roast preferences, delivery frequency, and grind type.

The Atlas Coffee subscription starts at $4.5/half a bag to $14 for a double pack.

Importantly, spend quality time with your mom or any mother figure in your life and let her know how much you appreciate them. Mother’s Day is a once-in-a-year occasion, but you can get your mom a gift at any time of the year.



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