9 Best Ways To Make Money On Cyber Monday In 2024

Charity Jerop
November 22, 2023
How To Make Money On Cyber Monday In 2024
How To Make Money On Cyber Monday In 2024

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If you saved cash to spend during the holidays, you’re ahead of the game.

But if you’re short on money, you’re probably trying to figure out how to make some extra cash before Christmas hits.

So, how do you make money on Cyber Monday?

There are a few options, but with all of them the sooner you get started, the better. So let’s get started!

When Is Cyber Monday In 2024?

Cyber Monday is the most important day for eCommerce businesses, as the name implies.

The idea of Cyber Monday dates back to 2005 when the National Retail Federation (NRF) designed it as a marketing strategy to boost online shopping.

Like Black Friday for brick-and-mortar businesses, Cyber Monday is a big event for online sellers and consumers.

So when is Cyber Monday, 2024? Cyber Monday always takes place right after Black Friday – so the Monday after Thanksgiving.

In 2024, this is December 2nd.

Also like Black FridayCyber Monday deals have started bleeding into the weeks before and after the day itself, so start looking for deals in early November!

9 Ways To Make Money On Cyber Monday In 2024

Cyber Monday and Black Friday can be a great time to make some extra cash.

Then you can use that money to do your own holiday shopping without your credit score taking heat for it! 

1. Resell Items

Remember, Cyber Monday is all about online shopping. And Cyber Monday statistics show that this is the biggest online shopping event, with 82% of shoppers buying online during Cyber Monday.

Black Friday will see 76% of consumers make purchases, which means that Cyber Monday is the biggest day to make sales.

Hunt for deeply discounted products on Black Friday (and earlier in the year) and resell them during Cyber Monday.

Check out Oberlo, and Alibaba to source your products from, particularly if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of buying individual items.

The best thing about reselling is that you don’t have to deal with the merchandise because your supplier can fulfil the order for you.

Where Can You Resell Items Online?

There are a boatload of websites for online resellers.

Check out AmazoneBay, Shopify, Etsy, Ruby Lane, and Bonanza, just to name a few.

Reselling on these ecommerce sites has benefits and features that make it easy to sell your items.

Also, these sites offer secure ordering, shipping and payment – providing a needed layer of customer trust.

You can resell pretty much anything!

Clothes and accessories, kitchen appliances, electronics, books, toys, tools, and home improvement products all see big sales on Cyber Monday. 

2. Start A Blog

Another excellent idea to help earn revenue on Cyber Monday is to start a blog.

Blogging didn’t die in the 2000s. Quite the opposite! 

Marcus Cook was able to make $2000 a month on a new, barely established blog.

With a little skill and some excellent strategy, you can make blogging a profitable, year-round side hustle.

Just a heads up, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is the blog hosting fee.

The good news is that many web hosting companies like HostingerBluehost have irresistible offers on domain names and web hosting during Cyber Monday.

This makes Cyber Monday the perfect time to get your blogging business up and running.

Search online for Cyber Monday discounts on Blogging tools like domain and web hosting, Search Engine Optimization tools, writing programs, and social media scheduling tools.

Some web hosting deals offer deep discounts on longer hosting plans.

These plans are the best investment because it gives you enough time to get your blogging project off the ground and start making money.

Some Cyber Monday website hosting deals come with a free domain name, so this is the best time to get your website domain name.

You can also take advantage of the Cyber Monday offers to buy your laptops, desktops, and office furniture.T

3. Become An Affiliate Marketer

Cyber Monday is the ultimate event to make more sales if you’re an affiliate marketer, especially for eCommerce stores, software, and web hosting companies.

Creating gift guides, listicles, and checklists are easy ways to get extra clicks on those links!

There are a thousand of affiliate networks you can join to earn passive income. Some great starting points are –

  • Amazon Associates
  • ClickBank
  • Share A Sale
  • Rakuten
  • Avangate
  • Flex Offers
  • Market Health
  • eBay Partner Network
  • CJ Affiliate

You can be an affiliate for online services, physical or digital products.

Each company has their own pay scheme, but since you can be an affiliate for as many companies as you want, the earning potential is unlimited!

4. Get Rewards And Cashback On Cyber Monday Deals

If you spend $1463 on average this holiday, why not get back a part of this cash?

Seriously, the average American spends over a thousand dollars on gifts, holiday decor, and more this season.

That means those rebates and rewards really add up!

If you prefer credit cards to pay for your Cyber Monday shopping, look for credit cards with the best rewards and cashback programs.

Chess offers credit cards with cashback and rewards, while your Freedom Flex card will give you $200 back when you spend $500.

Freedom Flex also has rewards like 5% on purchases worth $1,500 and 1% back on every other purchase. 

Avoiding credit cards? Try shopping apps to snag discounts and app rewards.

Download Rakuten, KashKick, and DollarSprout to get started!

Best Websites To Get Rewards And Cashback

5. Monetize Your Skills

The easiest way to make money on Cyber Monday is to monetize your skills.

Do you have customer support experience, design, copywriting, or social media management?

Offer your services to online merchants and get paid.

You can create a contractor account in less than 5 minutes with freelance sites like UpworkClear Voice, and Fiverr.

During the holidays, copywriters, virtual assistants, and graphic designers are in high demand.

Online sellers need savvy people to handle product listings and run marketing campaigns.

Monetizing your skills works best when you start a while before Cyber Monday, so don’t put it off!

6. Make And Sell Custom Gifts

Do you know how to make something beautiful, functional, or both?

Creating handmade gifts to sell is a great way to make money on Cyber Monday.

People cherish personalized items and will pay you to make custom gifts for them.

The best part is that crafting helps you explore your creativity and keeps you busy.

You can craft a range of products and sell them on Cyber Monday.

Some of the most popular custom gifts you can make and sell online are:-

  • Handmade blankets
  • Candles
  • Pillows
  • Soap
  • Toys
  • Sweets
  • Dog treats
  • Gift baskets
  • Art
  • Jewelry
  • Digital planners and printables
  • Subscription boxes
  • Cookies
  • Bags

You can also buy, customize and resell phone cases, cups, crocs, hoodies, T-shirts, accessories, shoes, office stationery, and bags.

A quick word to the wise – you’ll need supplies and marketing skills to make money this way.

It’s a micro-business, so you’ll have to be willing to put in the work!

7. Start A Pet-Sitting Business

Do you adore pets? Start pet-sitting!

People who plan to leave town for the holidays are always looking for friendly, trustworthy people to look after their beloved pets.

On average, you can expect about $12.68 an hour or $26,370 per year as an animal caregiver.

To succeed here, you’ll need experience in animal care – either through caring for your animals or working at an animal shelter – a license, and a love for animals.

Get started with WagPetBackerFetch Pet CareRover, or Trusted House sitters.

8. Be A Product Tester

Another easy way to earn money on Cyber Monday (and all year long!) is to be a product tester.

Brands need users to test their products before releasing them to the market.

As a tester, you try out products and services and give an opinion – usually guided by a survey or interview.

Brands will compensate for the time you use to test their products with cash and/or give you products for free.

You can test apps, websites, skincare, clothing, and many other products.

With digital testing, you can quickly complete tasks using your smartphone or laptop.

The best thing about user testing is that it pays more for short and straightforward tasks.

For instance, as a tester at User Testing, you can make $4 for a 5-minute task or up to $120 for interviews.

Check out UserTestinguTestValidatelyUserlytics, and Userfeel to get started!

9. Take Paid Online Surveys

Company spending on market research in the US stands at a whopping $24.3 billion, which means research companies are willing to pay you to take quick surveys online.

Online surveys can’t replace your full-time income, but they’re an excellent opportunity to earn a buck online.

Some online survey sites pay as high as $50 for every survey you complete, while others send you products in exchange for your opinion.

Check out these sites to get started.

(i) Survey Junkie pays about $5/hour to complete surveys. Their other tasks –  like installing their browser extension, referrals, and focus groups – pay more, though.

(ii) InboxDollars lets you earn extra cash by watching videos, playing games, and taking surveys! They’ve got a $5 sign-up bonus and incredible rebates for shopping online, as well as an affiliate program.

(iii) PineCone Research is one of the best survey sites that will pay to voice your opinion as a consumer. Typically, you’ll make around $3 for every survey that you take.

(iv) Survey Club is maybe the most well-established survey site, founded in 2005. Your options for earning include high-paying research, product testing, focus groups, private panels, and clinical trials.

(v) Harrispollonline rewards through Amazon Gift Cards, Starbucks, and iTunes cards. And every time you begin a survey – even if you don’t qualify – you’ll be entered into their $10,000 sweepstakes!

Best Survey Websites To Create Extra Income


By this point, you’ve probably noticed a trend.

The best ways to make money on Cyber Monday are things you can do all year long!

The more well-established your side-hustle is, the bigger your Cyber Monday profits will be.

So get out there and grab those extra dollars!


Top selling items on Cyber Monday included Amazon’s own-brand products like the Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, and the Echo Show, as well as popular items like the Nintendo Switch and AirPods Pro.

Cyber Monday can be as profitable as Black Friday, and both events generally feature deals of similar quality across a wide range of categories.

Yes, things can be cheaper on Cyber Monday, as it offers discounts on various tech products, TVs, laptops, and consoles.

The exact percentage of price drops on Cyber Monday varies depending on the product and retailer, but discounts can be significant, similar to those on Black Friday.

The benefits of Cyber Monday include the opportunity to find discounted prices on a wide range of products, especially tech gadgets and electronics, and the convenience of online shopping.


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