13 Best Ways To Make Money On Black Friday In 2024

Charity Jerop
November 3, 2023
How To Make Money On Black Friday In 2024
How To Make Money On Black Friday In 2024

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Wondering how to make money on Black Friday? Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and so is Black Friday.

While Black Friday is a shopper’s dream, it can also be an excellent day to put money in your wallet.

People are out spending money left and right, and who says that big companies should be the only ones to benefit?

Here’s how you can use other people’s Black Friday spending to fund your own shopping spree.

13 Best Ways To Make Money On Black Friday

Black Friday is almost the busiest shopping day of the year.

People will plan their entire day around Black Friday shopping.

So how can you grab a piece of the action and make money on Black Friday?

1. Join A Rideshare Service

When trying to figure out how to make money on Black Friday, consider being a driver!

Black Friday sales saw approximately $9.12 billion in shopper spending in 2022, with expectations of reaching $9.8 billion in 2023.

By joining a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft, you can take advantage of the demand for rideshare services on Black Friday.

The prices can be higher than normal, so you can make more money

2. Provide Delivery Services

Ecommerce and retail stores receive a huge number of orders and purchases on Black Friday, and they have to fulfill them on time.

However, the problem is a comparative shortage of delivery services around this time… which means logistics companies hire more vehicles and drivers.

Black Friday is the start of the holidays, so people need to get their items as soon as they order.

When trying to figure out how to make money on Black Friday, try signing up for package, grocery, or food delivery apps and snag the Black Friday delivery gigs.

Some high-paying delivery apps to work for include Instacart, Amazon Flex, Roadie, GoShare, Postmates, Dispatch, GrubHub, Uber Eats, and GoPuff.

According to Amazon Flex, you can make an average of $18-25/hour, and you can rake in more depending on the distance, packages, time, and location.

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3. Dropshipping

Do you want to start an eCommerce store? Starting a dropshipping business is a great option for those learning how to make money on Black Friday.

Online shopping is set to hit a record high this year, with shoppers spending $207 billion between November and December.

This means that the holiday season can be the best time to launch an online store.

Your online store can run Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holiday sales.

The demand for toys, video games, personal care products, jewelry, grocery, books, gift cards, and electronics will spike during the holiday season, so you’ll have plenty of business!

4. Sell On Decluttr

Chances are, you have some extra stuff that you don’t use at home.

Instead of going to the store like the rest of Black Friday shoppers, you can take that day to Decluttr and sell items you don’t use.

Look around your space for electronics, toys, tools, clothes, furniture, books, appliances, or vintage items in good condition to resell.

5. Buy And Sell Coupons To Shoppers

Another way to make money on Black Friday is to buy and sell coupons for shoppers.

Shoppers love coupons, and 19% of shoppers always use coupons when shopping. 26% of shoppers use coupons very often, and 32% of shoppers use coupons sometimes. But finding coupons can be quite a hassle.

Take some work off of other people’s plate (and make some money for yourself) by selling coupons to other shoppers this Black Friday.

Search for coupon deals online and help shoppers organize their coupons, so it’s easy for them to shop.

Alternatively, you can use coupons to attract shoppers to your affiliate sites, and you can make a commission from the sales. (More on that in a little bit.)

Best Websites For Black Friday Shopping

6. Offer Babysitting Or Pet Sitting Services

Everyone wants to go out and snag deals on Black Friday, but it can be a challenge for parents, guardians, and pet owners to get time away. You can offer baby or pet sitting services.

A dogsitter can earn $14/hour on average, and a babysitter can make $16.75/hour to care for one child, depending on where you live. So how do you get baby or pet-sitting gigs? 

Check online, of course! You can get babysitting jobs with these apps; Care.com, Sitterly, Urban Sitter, Bambino, And Sittercity.

Get pet sitting jobs on Rover, Wag, Sitter 4 Paws, and Holidog.

7. Sell Christmas Gifts And Decor

After Black Friday is the Christmas season, so many shoppers buy presents and decoration items during this time in preparation for the holiday season.

43% of people in the U.S start their shopping in October, and Black Friday is the peak time for buying items.

You can handcraft Christmas decor and gifts and sell them online or offline on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season.

Also, you can DIY and sell other Christmas items, like wreaths, trees, cards, and much more.

Create an Etsy store to sell your DIY items. Then, don’t forget to promote yourself on social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook!


If you want to make money selling stuff, register on Etsy and start earning.

8. Sell Affiliate Products

Have you ever thought about becoming an affiliate marketer? Black Friday is the best season to earn thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing.

While shoppers rush to buy stuff, you can take the opportunity to drive more sales for your affiliates and earn a commission.

Many online stores partner with affiliates to sell products and payout high commissions.

Which Ecommerce Companies Offer A Great Commission On Affiliate Products?

Some of the best programs you can join include;

9. Promote Your Online Store

Do you have merch that you sell online? Black Friday is the perfect time to boost your sales.

Create and optimize your online shop for maximum sales. 50% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices, so make sure that customers can place orders on your eCommerce store using their phones.

Also, create Black Friday offers and make sure that you promote them one week ahead of Black Friday.

You can use social media and ads to promote your products and create awareness of your offers and discounts!

10. Make Money Selling Products On Amazon

Another excellent way to generate revenue on Black Friday is to sell Amazon products. This type of side hustle is different from Amazon affiliates.

FBA means fulfilled by Amazon, and it means that you store your merchandise in Amazon warehouses, and they fulfill the customer orders for you.

You should note that with Amazon FBA, you should have products, and Amazon will handle the rest.

Also, remember that Amazon FBA charges you a small fee for operations, including order fulfillment, customer management, and storage space.

This strategy is good if you have products ready to sell.

11. Offer Virtual Assistant Services To Online Store Owners

Are you a professional VA? Black Friday (and the holiday season, in general) is the best time to get more gigs.

eCommerce entrepreneurs are super busy at this time and always looking for support.

Pitch your store management, customer support, email marketing, graphic design, social media management, copywriting services, and much more.

There are countless ways to find clients as a virtual assistant.

For instance, you can use job boards like Indeed or freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr.

Also, did you know that you can find Virtual Assistant gigs on Shopify? You can join the Shopify Partners program and snag designing, branding, copywriting, marketing, store management, and more freelance jobs.

You can also apply or look for VA jobs on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

12. Buy Products At A Discount And Resell Them On eBay And Amazon

Another surefire way to make money on Black Friday is to buy and resell products later.

You can take advantage of the crazy discounts on black Friday to purchase products for reselling.

The trick to buying items for reselling is finding items that will earn you profit.

Check the prices of items on sale in the stores during Black Friday and compare the prices on eCommerce stores.

You can use tools like camelcamel.com to track prices, so you know which items to purchase for reselling.

Once you find your products, you can resell them on eCommerce sites like Amazon and eBay after the Black Friday craze is over.

13. Hunt For Cashback Deals On Black Friday

Black Friday is not only a crazy-discounts day but also the perfect time to get cash back.

There are apps and tools to help you find cashback deals like Retail Me Not.

This website has a tool finder to help you track down the best deals and get coupons, rewards, and cashback.


Making money on Black Friday is a great way to be financially savvy.

The shopping craze impacts large businesses the most, but there are plenty of ways to ride the wave.

When you choose one or two things, you can more than cover the cost of your own shopping spree.

That makes this a great way to do your holiday shopping without going into debt!


The amount of savings you can get on Black Friday varies depending on the retailer and the specific deals they offer. It’s common to find significant discounts, ranging from 20% to 70% off regular prices. Some retailers also provide doorbuster deals, which are extremely low prices on select items to attract customers to their stores or websites.

Black Friday is a major shopping event that takes place after Thanksgiving in the United States and has spread to many other countries. Retailers offer substantial discounts and special promotions to attract customers and boost sales during this holiday season.

While Black Friday does offer many attractive discounts, not everything becomes cheaper during this time. Retailers tend to focus on specific product categories, such as electronics, appliances, clothing, and toys, to draw in more customers.

The most popular items people typically buy on Black Friday include Electronics, Appliances, Clothing and fashion accessories, Toys and games, Home goods and furniture, Beauty and grooming products, Gift cards and subscriptions.

In some cases, prices may go up after Black Friday. Some retailers may raise prices to their original levels or adjust them slightly higher once the Black Friday sales are over.


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