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How To Make Money on Black Friday

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Does this question – “How to make money on Black Friday” always digs your mind when thanksgiving is around the corner? Well,Black Friday is on the horizon, and this is when every shopper looks forward to the whole year to get the best deals and discounts. It’s that time of the year to get your hands on sleek gadgets, appliances, gaming items, toys, clothes, shoes, and much more at affordable prices.

While Black Friday is the shopper’s dream day, it can also be an excellent day to add money to your wallet.

That’s correct! A Black Friday event can earn you money. And in this article, you will learn different ways you can make money on Black Friday.

Ways to Make Money on Black Friday

As everyone knows, right after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is known to be the most in-demand and busiest shopping day. Thus, we are here with some great ways to earn extra cash on Black Friday.

1. Offer Rideshare Services

It’s Black Friday, which means everybody is out and about shopping, so who will take them back home? People show up in the retail stores in large numbers and tend to shop more on Black Friday.

Research shows that Black Friday in 2020 saw 186.4 million people go shopping. 58.7 million of those people were in-person shoppers, which means they went to the stores physically. And that was when COVID-19 hit heard. You can imagine the number of people that will show up for shopping this year thanks to vaccines and fewer restrictions.

If you offer rideshare services, you can take advantage of Black Friday to provide your rideshare services. And because of the demand for rideshare services on Black Friday, the prices can be rocket-high, which means that you can make more money. According to Uber, the ride costs go up when there is an increase in demand for the service.

2. Provide Delivery Services

Ecommerce and retail stores receive a sheer number of orders and purchases on Black Friday, and they have to fulfill them on time.

However, the problem is there is a shortage of delivery services around this time which means that logistics companies will hire more vehicles and drivers.

We know that Black Friday is the start of the holidays, which means that people need to get their items as soon as they order. If you have a vehicle and are a licensed driver, you can take up delivery gigs to earn extra money. You can signup for package, grocery, or food delivery apps and snag the Black Friday delivery gigs.

Some high-paying delivery apps to work for include Amazon Flex, Roadie, GoShare, Postmates, Dispatch, GrubHub, Uber Eats, Instacart, and GoPuff.

According to Amazon Flex, you can make an average of $18-25/hour, and you can rake in more depending on the distance, packages, time, and location.

GoShare, for instance, offers benefits like cash advances, health benefits, vehicle discounts, cash bonuses, and rewards.

3. Dropshipping

Do you want to start an eCommerce store? The best time to start a dropshipping business is during Black Friday and the holiday season. Research by Adobe shows that online shopping will hit a record high this year, with shoppers spending $207 billion between November and December. And this means that the holiday season can be the best time to launch an online store.

Also, you can create an online store to take advantage of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday sales. The demand for toys, video games, personal care products, jewelry, grocery, books, gift cards, and electronics will spike up during the holiday season, according to Adobe.

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4. Declutter and Sell on Black Friday

Chances are, you have lots of extra stuff that you don’t use at home. Instead of going to the store like the rest of Black Friday shoppers, you can take that day to declutter and sell items you don’t use.

Look around your storage space, and you may find electronics, toys, tools, clothes, furniture, books, appliances, or vintage items in good condition to resell. If you think that junk is not worth anything, you are wrong. One Marrisa of Squerall of Feather made $50000 from clutter!

Moreover, collect items you don’t need in your home and host a yard sale or sell them online and offer irresistible discounts. You can sell on used items in marketplaces like Declutter.

5. Buy and Sell Coupons to Shoppers

Another way to cash in Black Friday is to buy and sell coupons for shoppers. Shoppers love coupons, and data shows that 19% of shoppers always use coupons when shopping. 26% of shoppers use coupons very often, and 32% of shoppers use coupons sometimes. This shows that there is a large number of shoppers who love couponing. However, finding coupons can be quite a hassle.

Furthermore, you can buy and sell coupons to other shoppers and earn extra cash this Black Friday. Use your computer to find coupon deals online. Also, you can help shoppers organize their coupons, so it is easy for them to shop.

Alternatively, you can use coupons to attract shoppers to your affiliate sites, and you can make a commission from the sales.

6. Offer Baby and Pet Sitting Services

Everyone wants to go out and snag deals on Black Friday. But it can be a challenge for parents, guardians, and pet owners when they don’t have a sitter. You can take this time off to offer baby or pet sitting services.

According to Zip Recruiter, a dogsitter can earn $14/hour on average, and a babysitter can make $16.75/hour to care for one child, according to Today. So how do you get baby or pet-sitting gigs? Luckily, there are apps that you can use to find pet or babysitting gigs. You can get babysitting jobs with these apps; Sitterly,, Urban Sitter, Bambino, And Sittercity. Get pet sitting jobs on Rover, Wag,, Sitter 4 Paws, and Holidog.

7. Sell Christmas Gifts and Decor

After Black Friday is the Christmas season, many shoppers buy presents and decoration items during this time in preparation for the holiday season.

According to recent research, 43% of people in the U.S start their shopping in October, and Black Friday is the peak time for buying items. You can handcraft Christmas decor and gifts and sell them online or offline on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season.

Also, you can DIY and sell many Christmas items, like Christmas wreaths, trees, cards, and much more. Create an Etsy store to sell your DIY items. Do promotions on social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to create awareness of your Christmas products.


8. Sell your Affiliate Products

Are you planning to start an affiliate marketing side hustle, or perhaps you are an affiliate marketer? Black Friday is the best season to earn thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing.

While shoppers rush to buy stuff, you can take the opportunity to drive more sales for your affiliates and earn a commission. Many online stores partner with affiliates to sell products and payout high commissions.

Which eCommerce Companies Offer a Great Commission on Affiliate Products?

Some of the best affiliate programs you can join include;

Promote Your Online Store

Do you have merch that you sell online? Black Friday is the perfect time to boost your sales. Create and optimize your online shop for maximum sales. 50% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices, so you want to make sure that customers can place orders on your eCommerce store using their phones.

Also, create Black Friday offers and make sure that you promote them one week ahead of Black Friday.

You can use social media and ads to promote your products and create awareness of your offers and discounts.

Make Money Selling Products on Amazon

Another excellent way to generate revenue on Black Friday is to sell Amazon products. This type of side hustle is different from Amazon affiliates. FBA means fulfilled by Amazon, and it means that you store your merchandise on Amazon warehouses, and they fulfill the customer orders for you.

You should note that with Amazon FBA, you should have products, and Amazon will handle the rest. Also, remember that Amazon FBA charges you a small fee for operations, including order fulfillment, customer management, and storage space. This strategy is good if you have products ready to sell.

Offer Virtual Assitant Services to Online Store Owners

Are you a professional VA? Black Friday and the holiday season, in general, is the best time to get more gigs. eCommerce entrepreneurs are super busy at this time and always looking for support. Pitch your store management, customer support, email marketing, graphic design, social media management, copywriting services, and much more.

There are a dozen ways to find clients as a virtual assistant. For instance, you can use job boards like Indeed or freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr.

Also, did you know that you can find Virtual Assistant gigs on Shopify? You can join the Shopify Partners program and snag designing, branding, copywriting, marketing, store management, and more freelance jobs. You can also look for VA jobs on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Buy Products at a discount and resell on eBay and Amazon.

Another surefire way to make money on Black Friday is to buy and resell products later. You can take advantage of the crazy discounts on black Friday to purchase products for reselling.

The step to buying items for reselling is to identify the winning items that will earn you profit. Check the prices of items on sale in the stores during Black Friday and compare the prices on eCommerce stores.

You can use tools like to track prices so you know the items to purchase for reselling. Once you find your products, you can resell them on eCommerce sites like Amazon and eBay after the Black Friday craze is over.

Hunt For Cash Backs on Black Friday

Black Friday is not only a crazy-discounts day but also the time to get cash backs. There are apps and tools to help you find cashback deals like Retail Me Not. This website has a tool finder to help you track down the best deals, get coupons, rewards, and cashback.

Wrapping up on How To Make Money on Black Friday – Are you ready for Cha-Ching on Black Friday? Hopefully, the above Black Friday tips will help you earn extra revenue.



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