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30+ Best Places To Get Free Birthday Stuff In St. Louis

Itishree Parmar
January 4, 2024
30+ Best Places To Get Free Birthday Stuff In St. Louis

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Table of Contents
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Best Places To Get Free Birthday Stuff In St. Louis

Welcome to the vibrant city of St. Louis – where birthdays are not just any old day, they’re like a blast of confetti and a bucket of surprises! Guess what?

We found some cool places that love giving out free stuff on your birthday. 

From super-sweet treats to tasty meals, fun adventures, and a mix of everything, St. Louis is the place to be for an epic birthday bash. 

So, buckle up as we take you on a ride through the best spots in town to make your birthday extra awesome. 

Let’s get this party started!

Top 30+ Places For Birthday Freebies In St. Louis

Here are the best places for free birthday stuff in St. Louis:-

Best Places For Caffeine And Sweet Delights

1. The Cup

Celebrate your birthday with a burst of sweetness at The Cup. 

Indulge in a complimentary cupcake, choosing from a diverse range of flavors that cater to every palate. 

The Cup’s delectable treats ensure your special day is filled with delightful moments and sugary bliss.

2. Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

Cool off your birthday celebration with a free scoop of frozen custard from Ted Drewes

Known for its rich and creamy texture, this frozen delight adds a touch of joy to your day, making your birthday celebration even more refreshing and memorable.

3. Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Café

Take your birthday treats to the next level at Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Café.

Enjoy a free gourmet cupcake or benefit from a discount on a custom birthday cake. 

Jilly’s tantalizing flavors and expertly crafted desserts promise a celebration filled with indulgence and sophisticated sweetness.

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4. Crown Candy Kitchen

Immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of Crown Candy Kitchen, where your birthday comes with a free ice cream scoop or chocolate bar. 

As a St. Louis institution, Crown Candy Kitchen blends sweet traditions with a timeless atmosphere, creating a unique and memorable birthday experience.   

5. Gooey Louie

Keep it classic with a complimentary slice of gooey butter cake from Gooey Louie

This St. Louis’ favorite promises a sweet surprise that will linger on your taste buds, making your birthday celebration extra special.

6. Starbucks

Enjoy a free drink or snack of your choice at Starbucks for your birthday. 

Whether you like coffee or pastries, Starbucks has something special for you on your big day. 

Just sip and celebrate with your favorite flavors.

7. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts treats you to a free hot or cold drink on your birthday. 

Dive into delight as you kickstart your special day with a sip of joy. 

It’s a simple and delicious way to add happiness to your celebration.

8. Panera Bread

Indulge in a free pastry at Panera Bread to sweeten your birthday. 

From croissants to sweet treats, Panera Bread adds a touch of yum to your celebration. 

Enjoy the simple pleasure of a free pastry on your special day.

Best Places For Savory Feasts

1. Pappy’s Smokehouse

Celebrate your birthday with a flavorful feast at Pappy’s Smokehouse, where barbecue enthusiasts find a haven. 

Dive into a world of delicious ribs, pulled pork, and more with a free birthday meal. 

Pappy’s Smokehouse guarantees a BBQ bonanza to make your celebration memorable.

2. The Fountain On Locust

Indulge in sophistication at The Fountain on Locust, offering a complimentary meal for birthday guests. 

From salads to sandwiches, savor the elegance of a diverse menu and expect a celebration full of savory delights. 

The Fountain on Locust ensures your birthday is a tasteful and refined experience.

3. Lion’s Choice

Roar into your birthday with Lion’s Choice, where roast beef lovers find paradise. 

Enjoy a free sandwich or meal as part of the Lion’s Choice Birthday Club. 

Your birthday celebration just got meatier and more savory with this delicious offering.

4. Fitz’s

Elevate your birthday celebration with a visit to Fitz’s, offering a complimentary birthday root beer float. 

Explore a variety of fizzy and savory flavors as you toast to another fantastic year. 

Fitz’s Birthday Club ensures your celebration is both refreshing and memorable.

5. Blueberry Hill

Enjoy a classic St. Louis spot for your birthday at Blueberry Hill, where a free birthday burger awaits. 

With iconic flavors and a savory celebration, Blueberry Hill ensures your special day is filled with classic charm.

Best Places For Entertainment Extravaganza

1. City Museum

Dive into a world of wonder at the City Museum

Enjoy free admission on your birthday to explore the unique mix of architecture and interactive exhibits. 

It’s a thrilling adventure that promises excitement and joy.  

2. The Magic House

Families can create magical memories at The Magic House, where birthday guests receive free admission. 

With a variety of exhibits and activities, it’s a perfect spot for an enchanting celebration full of laughter and exploration.

3. St. Louis Science Center

Celebrate your birthday with fascinating discoveries at the St. Louis Science Center

Enjoy free admission to exhibits, making it a day of learning and fun. 

It’s a fantastic blend of science exploration and birthday excitement.

4. Grant’s Farm

Experience wildlife wonders at Grant’s Farm with free admission on your birthday. 

Encounter a variety of animals and enjoy the beautiful grounds for a unique and memorable celebration. 

It’s a wild adventure for nature lovers of all ages.

5. St. Louis Zoo

Roar into your birthday at the St. Louis Zoo, where free parking and a special gift await the birthday child. 

Explore the zoo’s beauty, surrounded by fascinating creatures, and make lasting memories with family and friends. 

It’s a birthday celebration that roars with joy.

Best Places For A Little Bit Of Everything

1. The Gateway Arch

Take your celebration to new heights with free admission to the Arch ground.

Enjoy breathtaking views and explore historical exhibits at this iconic monument. 

It’s a simple yet spectacular way to make your birthday memorable.

2. CITY Park Grill

Add a touch of variety to your celebration at CITY Park Grill, where you can enjoy a free birthday entrée. 

With a diverse menu, there’s something for everyone to savor. 

It’s the perfect spot for a celebration that caters to every taste.

3. Six Flags St. Louis

Calling all thrill-seekers! Celebrate your birthday with free admission to Six Flags St. Louis

Get ready for an adrenaline-packed day filled with exciting rides and attractions. 

It’s a thrilling way to make your birthday unforgettable.

4. Dave & Buster’s

Level up your birthday celebration at Dave & Buster’s with $10 in free game play. 

Enjoy a day of games, fun, and delicious treats. 

It’s a fantastic destination for those who love a mix of entertainment and tasty delights. 

5. Cheesecake Factory

Experience a little bit of everything at Cheesecake Factory, where the celebrant gets a free birthday sundae. 

Indulge in a variety of culinary delights and savor the sweetness of your special day. 

It’s a delightful way to celebrate with a mix of flavors.

Best Places For Health And Wellness

1. Pilates People

Celebrate your birthday with a healthy twist at Pilates People

Try a free Pilates class to add a fitness adventure that nurtures both your body and mind. 

It’s a simple yet invigorating way to make your birthday memorable.

2. Smoothie King

Refresh and rejuvenate on your birthday with a complimentary smoothie from Smoothie King

This healthy and refreshing treat is perfect for those looking to add a dose of wellness to their celebration. 

Sip and enjoy the goodness of a nutritious birthday indulgence.

3. Qdoba

Relish a fresh and flavorful birthday treat at Qdoba with a free cookie. 

It’s a delightful balance of flavor and nutrition for those seeking a healthier birthday indulgence. 

Enjoy the savory goodness of a delicious and guilt-free cookie.

Best Places For Retail Therapy

1. Sephora

Indulge in beauty bliss on your birthday at Sephora

Pamper yourself with a free gift set featuring choices from Dior, Ilia, Ouai, and more. 

Experience beauty in every form and add a touch of glamor to your special day.

2. DSW

Step into birthday style at DSW with a $5 discount on your purchase. 

Take a leisurely stroll through aisles of footwear and find the perfect birthday pair. 

It’s a simple yet stylish way to treat yourself on your special day.

3. H&M – Fashion Finds

Celebrate your birthday in style with a 25% discount at H&M

Update your wardrobe with the latest trends and enjoy fashion finds that suit your taste. 

It’s an affordable way to add a touch of style to your birthday celebration.

Best Places For Pet-Friendly Treats

1. Petco

Make your pet’s birthday special with a free bag of treats from Petco

Celebrate your furry friend’s special day with a delightful surprise that will make tails wag and create happy memories.

2. PetSmart

Treat your pet to something extra special on your shared birthday at PetSmart

Enjoy $3 off any treat, making it a paw-some celebration for your loyal companion. 

It’s a simple yet heartfelt way to celebrate the joy your pet brings to your life.


And there you have it, folks! St. Louis is a birthday wonderland, offering something for everyone. 

From yummy cupcakes to BBQ bonanzas and thrilling adventures, these places want to make your birthday extra special. 

So, go ahead, dive into the freebies, enjoy the flavors, and create fantastic memories on your birthday. 

St. Louis is ready to celebrate with you, so let the birthday festivities begin! 

Cheers to a happy and unforgettable birthday bash! 

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