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    How To Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

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    Y ou’re here because you want to know how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. People think it’s impossible, but it’s not! In short, over 5000 creators on the platform don’t show their faces but make up to $120,000 yearly.


    In this article, you will learn how OnlyFans work, how to operate with an anonymous account, and how you can make a lot of money on the platform. 

    What is OnlyFans, and How Does OnlyFans Work?

    OnlyFans is a platform where users pay for private content (pictures, videos, and live streams) with a monthly subscription. Most models, public personalities, fitness instructors, and content creators use the platform to expand and monetize their fan bases.

    OnlyFans is just like other platforms like Instagram, Youtube, or Snapchat; however, it is the only platform that permits explicit sexual content.

    How does OnlyFans work? Content creators can live stream pornographic videos, publish naked images of themselves, and even engage virtually with their member’s thanks to OnlyFans’ subscription-only model.

    This platform was created to allow creatives to share content they wouldn’t be comfortable sharing on other platforms. Content can include behind the scene videos, personal stories, and even nudes.

    Although many people think of OnlyFans as a platform for sharing nudes and pornographic content, the platform offers a wide range of useful content. Musicians, dancers, fitness instructors, personal coaches, and others make a living using this platform to connect with their audience and share exclusive content.

    A question people are often bothered with is: Do you have to show your face on OnlyFans? No, you don’t. It’s possible to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face, and you can do this without encountering any problems. However, you’ll need your face and ID card for the OnlyFans team to verify your identity. 

    How much can you make on OnlyFans? Research shows that top earners on OnlyFans make between $100,000 to $120,000 yearly. 

    What Kind Of Content Can You Share On Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face?

    You can share other parts of your body that appeals to your audience, messages, pictures, videos, photosets, and audio tracks of your products.

    Can You Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

    Yes, you can make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. Although the platform’s regulations say that creators must complete verification using their actual pictures and passport data, it does not imply that you must show your face when connecting with your audience.

    Some people decide not to show their faces to Only Fans because of the kind of content they post or for other personal reasons, but they still keep their fans in the loop of who they are.

    A great way to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face is by advertising your business, offering coaching services, showing other parts of your body, etc.

    Let’s go over how you can succeed anonymously on OnlyFans. 

    How To Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

    As I’ve previously stated, you don’t have to show your face on OnlyFans to make money. The fact remains that creators are making a lot of money on OnlyFans whether they show their faces or not. In an interview with BBC, the company revealed that two million content creators made nearly $4bn (£3.47bn) in 2021. 

    With the above discussion out of the way, let’s find out how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. 

    1. Use a Name That Sticks

    Your stage name is an essential part of your identity. You should choose a name that your audience can easily remember. You can decide to use a fake name so nobody will identify you, or you can use your real name if you want your fans to recognize you on other platforms outside OnlyFans. 

    Also, you can connect with your fans and sell to them with your name alone, but this works only when you have a broad fan base. Now you know it’s possible to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face by using a great stage name.

    2. Use a Mask or Paint to Cover Your Face

    When recording your videos, you can use a mask or paint to cover your face. With this, you can create intimate content for your fans without showing your face. 

    Also, you can choose to switch things up with extras like hats, sunglasses, crowns, and scarves, or you can get creative with body paint or a signature mask.

    3. Sell Other Content Asides From Your Photo and Video

    Which other content can you sell? Do you have physical products to sell? Are there other services you can offer? If you do, use them to your advantage. 

    Although the platform is primarily a photo and video-sharing platform, you can choose to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face by selling other things, such as access to exclusive content or even physical products.

    4. Offer Other Services – Coaching or Teaching Services 

    It’s possible to make money on OnlyFans by offering services such as teaching and coaching. This does not require you to show your face because you can promote these services through other means like text or audio.

    5. Promote Your Other Businesses on Onlyfans

    Do you have other side hustles? If yes, decide to share links to your online store or post pictures of your products.

    However, it’s important to note that this works when you have a good following of people who love and trust you.

    Promote Your Other Businesses on Onlyfans

    6. Show Other Parts of Your Body

    Yes, you can make a lot of money on OnlyFans by showing other parts of your body asides from your face.

    Some people enjoy seeing other body parts, such as your feet, armpit, thighs, stomach, etc. You can take advantage of that!

    All you have to do is choose your audience and show them the kind of content (or body parts) they want to see.

    7. Avoid Showing Body Parts That People Can Easily Recognize

    This only applies when you want to be completely anonymous. If you don’t want your fans to recognize your birthmarks, scars, or tattoos, then, by all means, avoid showing any part of your body they can use to identify you.

    8. Find Ways to Connect Deeply With Your Audience Through Your Interactions

    Your face is one of the things that attract your audience to you. However, your fans can love you for many other things, like your sense of humor, laughter, voice, and even your unique story.

    If you want to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face, you need to identify those traits that make you attractive and use them to connect deeply with your audience.

    9. Use The Blocking Feature To Block Your IP Address or Your Region

    It’s easier to be anonymous on OnlyFans when you block your location. This makes it hard for your fans to know where you live or for people around you to recognize you. You can use the OnlyFan blocking feature or even a VPN. 

    To use the blocking feature on the platform, go to the security settings and insert the region or IP address you want to block.

    10. Use a Voice Changer

    This is a good approach when you don’t want your fans to recognize you. You can use a voice changer for your video and audio content. There are many voice change software programs for this purpose. Ultimately, you want to connect with your audience in the safest way possible.

    11. Don’t Share Your Private Information

    Focus solely on the content you want to sell, and don’t give out personal information that reveals who you are. 

    How to Open An Anonymous Account On Onlyfans

    Seek to maintain anonymity even while opening an account with OnlyFans. You need to keep your identity private from the start. Follow the tips below when opening an anonymous OnlyFans account:

      • Sign up with an anonymous email account

      • Don’t include your personal information in your account

      • Choose a fake name if you want to remain completely anonymous

      • Avoid using your picture on your profile. You can use a sticker or anything representing the kind of content you wish to share. 

      • Change your privacy settings to block your IP address and region

      • Be careful what you post, and be consistent with being anonymous. 

    How Much Can You Make on Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face?

    Interestingly, you can make a lot of money as an anonymous user. OnlyFans account holders earn up to $150 monthly, while top earners make up to $5000 to $100,000. To make more money, you need to have a vast following of people that adore you. 

    How to Promote an Anonymous Account on Onlyfans

    Knowing how to promote your account is important if you want to succeed as a creator on OnlyFans.  

    Because you’ve decided to be anonymous, it’ll take a lot of work to connect with your audience since most users want to see your face. 

    However, being ruthless with your profile promotion is the solution to this problem. Here are a few tips to help you effectively promote your OnlyFans page:

      • Buy the promotion packages on the platform or patronize other platforms like Reddit.

      • Collaborate with other popular creators on the platform to share your content.

      • Share your OnlyFans’ profile page on other social platforms like Facebook. This is suitable if you’re not completely anonymous.

    What Are The Benefits Of Not Showing Your Face On Onlyfans?

    The only drawback to not showing your face on OnlyFans is – a need for a deeper connection with your fans. 

    However, you can enjoy many benefits as an anonymous user. One is the peace of mind it affords you. You’re free to live your everyday life outside the platform without the risk of being noticed.

    Find other advantages of being anonymous on OnlyFans below:

      • You’ll be able to protect your identity outside the platform, especially if you post raunchy content.

      • You won’t be at risk of being harassed by your fans. 

      • You can control who sees your content. 

      • You won’t be worried about content leaks outside OnlyFans. 

    Rounding Up 

    These tips on making money on OnlyFans without showing your face will help you effectively manage your online reputation and protect your peace of mind.

    To succeed as an anonymous user, you’ll need to be extra careful and diligent. Because creators that show their faces tend to make more money, hard work is necessary to do better than them.  

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    Can you make money on OnlyFans without showing your face?

    Yes, you can decide not to show your face on OnlyFans and still make a lot of money. All you have to do is to show other parts of your body, sell physical goods or services or use face masks and body paints to protect your facial identity.

    What content is not allowed on OnlyFans?

    You’re not allowed to share accounts with third parties or post illegal content on your OnlyFans account. The platform does not allow defamatory, fraudulent content or promote violence.

    Is it hard to make money on OnlyFans?

    Yes, it’ll be challenging to earn a lot of money on OnlyFans if you don’t have enough paying subscribers. However, you can set yourself up for success with effective promotion strategies. Also, pay attention to delivering good quality your followers are willing to pay for.

    What’s the lowest tip you can receive on OnlyFans?

    The minimum tip you can receive on OnlyFans is $5.

    What’s the best tip you can receive on OnlyFans?

    The maximum tip you can receive on OnlyFans is $100.

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