33 Best Weekend Jobs To Boost Your Income In 2024

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June 28, 2023
33 Best Weekend Jobs To Boost Your Income In 2024
33 Best Weekend Jobs To Boost Your Income In 2024

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With the rate of inflation currently, it becomes difficult for a person with an averagely paying job to swim through an entire month.

But as much as it would help to save money and cut down some wasteful expenditures, you can also take up some weekend jobs that bring in some extra dollars.

Some of these jobs might require certain skills or resources to begin with, but in a digital world like ours, nothing is hard to learn, is it?

The kind of financial stability that present times demands in this inflation high, extremely volatile global world order, having jobs that substantiate your income wouldn’t harm.

33 Top Weekend Jobs To Boost Your Income

At Home With Ease

You can have jobs over your personal computers and earn with flexibility and comfort of your home.

This section describes work from home weekend jobs.

1. Freelance Writer

If you have expertise on a certain subject or have strong command over language and can comply with others’ needs, you can work as a freelance writer.

There are numerous companies in search of content writers out in the digital world, which pay well.

2. Blogger

For blogs to let you earn a respectable number of greens requires you gaining enough readers and audience.

Blogs, however, offer you the freedom of choosing your own niche, subject, etc. unlike freelance writing, blogging also is more flexible with deadlines.

3. Proofreader

If you have a knack for details and have a strong hold of grammar and language and above average editing skills, you are all set to earn via proofreading.

Proofreading also involves enhancing the readability of all already written content by editing.

4. Bookkeeper

This job involves assisting your clients with their financial transactions like making or collecting payments, managing records of orders etc.

This job requires brilliant math and organizational skills. It is different from accounting and so doesn’t require expert certification.

5. Facebook Ads

This job among weekend jobs might earn you a couple of hundred dollars every month.

Running Facebook ads for clients requires setting an ad system specific to their needs and once that’s done, it is only 2-3 hours of work over the weekend.

6. Online Surveys

Different sites like Survey Junkie, Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks pay you to take surveys, help them in their market research on various products and services.

It isn’t very high paying but with low commitment and time, it is perfect.

Some sites pay directly to your account while others convert the points into gift cards.

Survey Junkie

7. Graphic Designer

If you have basic graphic designing skills and creativity, you can earn as a graphic designer.

You need to have impressive designing skills along with knowledge of software used for graphics.

This might earn you good money if you possess required skills.

8. Social Media Manager

Many companies today, big or small, want managers for their pages on different social media applications.

If you have digital marketing skills, are creative, know what trends or might trend, have good communication skills, you can earn pretty well as a social media manager on weekends.

9. Search Engine Evaluator

Search results for any brand or company requires them to employ some algorithms to bring in more audience and a SEE is exactly that person who does it.

This job requires you to review search results for quality and accuracy.

10. Tutor / Teacher

If you have expertise on a particular subject and could explain concepts in an easy sense, online tutoring is perfect for you.

It just takes a camera, even on your cell phone, to be a tutor in today’s digital world.

Be The Business Bee

Put in some entrepreneurial skills and you can earn well.

This section describes having your own business as one of the weekend jobs.

11. Renting Out A Room

If you happen to have an extra room in your house, you could rent it out as an Airbnb.

Although your business would depend on the services and stay quality that you provide but nevertheless this can earn you extra money.

12. Online Store

Online shopping is the new normal.

If you can manufacture some products that do sell out easily, you can sell them via online stores even on Facebook and Instagram and could promote and sell via Pinterest also.

This would require some promotional skills also.

13. Amazon Seller

This includes either selling your own products or someone else’s.

To begin with you can sell others’ products on Amazon and earn a lot of extra dimes over the weekend.

You can eventually start selling your own products once you get hold of the amazon sell business.

14. Flipping Items

It is exactly that.

You buy items from a flea market or garage sale, might improve one or two and sell them again and earn a handful of profit via this kind of business as part of one of your weekend jobs. 

15. Selling Services

Simple tasks like assembling a table or home repairs, even tasks like cleaning and dishwashing are services that you can offer on weekends.

You can sign up with any online service provider or even do it independently, these services can earn you quite a few dollars.

Deliver And Drop

If you have a vehicle, your list of weekend jobs could include delivering and dropping.

Delivering and dropping with tips could be a good fit.

16. Food Delivery

There are various apps which specifically perform only one job and that is food delivery.

You can join them as delivery partners or could even tie up with certain food outlets and deliver food for them.

17. Courier Delivery

There are various companies which hire courier delivery partners.

You could join these companies on a part time basis and earn yourself some extra cash on weekends.

A deep knowledge of the area or city that the company delivers in is important.

18. Uber Driver

Not everyone could own a vehicle but if you do, it can be used to earn bucks on weekends by driving and dropping people by working as an Uber driver.

With extra tips and good star rating, you could be earning a hefty amount of money, in some hours.

Instruct Your Clients

Put your physical health skills to practice and earn well.

This section describes being an instructor as one of the weekend jobs.

19. Fitness Instructor

Attention to a physically healthy body has increased.

If you have knowledge and experience of yoga, Zumba, Pilates or another alike, you can give online training for the same, and earn even on weekends.

This could be very flexible for you to earn through.

20. Ski Instructor

There might be a number of ski resorts in your area that receive an overwhelming number of guests over the weekend and sometimes require extra help.

You can join them then, and earn extra bucks while enjoying skiing for free.

All The Way Old School

Weekend jobs in their most traditional forms are still in huge demand and can help earn enough money just by working for a few hours.

21. Retail Sales

Retail stores get a lot of customers on weekends and because of that they are keen to hire extra help just over the weekend or part-time.

This doesn’t require additional training or much experience, but pays well for a weekend job.

22. Customer Service Representative

This requires working over phone or online majorly by helping customers for their queries, doubts or set up of an item.

The companies look for customer service representatives who could work over the weekend, since it gets busier.

23. DJ / MC

Every celebratory occasion requires music and if you happen to have the skill of mixing music, you could work as a DJ at a wedding, or club or any party for that matter, earn on weekends.

If you are good at public speaking and believe you could make a party better, you can even MC for the same.

24. Bartender

Weekends are when people tend to party and so clubs, bars, pubs also receive a lot of customers, so if you have knowledge of drinks, and cocktails and are skillful enough, you could earn really good with a bartending job.

25. Photographer / Videographer

People love photographs and if you own a camera and are decent at taking pictures, go for photography.

A hobby could turn into an extra source of income and with wedding photography, this job among other weekend jobs brings in money for you.

26. Babysitter

A lot of families tend to go out for dinners and parties or even grocery shopping on weekends and might require babysitters.

If you are good with kids, know how to handle them and are looking for something which doesn’t need a lot of skills but gets you enough money, baby sitting is your calling.

27. Pet Sitter / Dog Walker

If you are an animal person, this job is for you.

Walking dogs and petting cats which you might also enjoy could also bring you some extra bucks, just by sacrificing a few hours of your weekend.

28. Waiting Tables

Weekend jobs could also have you waiting tables at some really busy restaurants and dinners.

With tips and extra income, this job could add enough to your regular income.

This job doesn’t require any skills but some prior experience might help you.

29. Referee

Big games on state and national level might need you to take some training and tests but referring at local or high school level wouldn’t need these.

But it does require that you have solid knowledge of the game you wish to be the referee of.

30. Receptionist

Hotels and motels require receptionists and other hotel staff during weekends and holidays more than other days.

Even hospitals, and alike service providers look for receptionists specially on weekends with organizational, communication skills.

If you have these, earn the bucks.

31. Lawn Maintenance

Everybody wants their lawn to look perfect but hardly anyone takes the time out, even if they could they don’t have desired skills.

If you happen to have this perfection of maintaining a lawn, you can earn greens with the green.

32. Security Officer

Companies, hotels, clubs, hospitals etc require security officers.

It doesn’t require much skills, but might require physical training.

Even if you don’t have any prior experience, it wouldn’t be a problem, the extra buck could still come in.

33. Tour Guide

If you know your city, this is the job that not only brings you extra bucks but also the joy of introducing people to your city.

Weekends generally see a good number of tourists; it could be perfect if you have excellent interpersonal skills.

This job doesn’t need any resources or skills as per, so it is easy compared to many.


There are various other weekend jobs that can earn you extra income, in this ever-expensive world.

The jobs mentioned here all have some prerequisites in terms of resources, skills or training but these do bring in extra bucks.

Be it something which is high-end creative or a job requiring physical strength, there are weekend jobs for each one of you.

Once you find your perfect part-time job, carry on to build those skills and get a better chance at earning extra. 

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