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14 Dirty Ways To Make Money Fast In 2024

Charity Jerop
September 14, 2023
14 Dirty Ways To Make Money Fast In 2024

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Table of Contents
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Dirty Ways To Make Money Fast

Do you want to bring in more cash but are running out of options? 

Are you looking for dirty ways to make money? 

A job that doesn’t require a degree or experience? Dirty but legal jobs await you! 

Research shows there is a surge in demand for blue-collar workers.

We’ve got you if you are okay with getting your hands dirty or want an easier way to make money.

This blog is all about dirty ways to make money.

14 Dirty But Legal Ways To Make Money Fast

You probably think these are the weird ways to make money that’ll question your morals. Thankfully, no!

We’ve compiled dirty but legal ways to make money.

1. Pet Groomer

Do you love being around animals? Pet grooming can be a perfect job for you.

The work of a pet groomer includes bathing pets, shaving and removing hair, nail clipping, or preparing show pets for events. 

You can work at an animal shelter, pet store, pet owner homes, vet facilities, and pet salons.  

Pet Groomer Pay:

The base salary for a pet groomer is $23.98.

2. Do Housekeeping

Housekeepers offer essential cleaning services to homeowners and commercial properties.

The work includes vacuuming, cleaning floors and rugs, cleaning and sanitizing homes, removing trash, and making beds.

Where Can You Find Housekeeping Work?

Check out cleaning agencies, hospitals, hotels, offices, private homes, senior living homes, rehabilitation centers, and apartment buildings.

Housekeeping Pay:

Expect up to $23 an hour!

3. Collect Waste

Waste has created an over 91 billion dollar industry.

It has created thousands of jobs, and you can get paid to collect garbage. 

Get training as a garbage truck driver or groundsperson.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates a job growth rate of 5.4% in the waste management industry.

Waste Collector Pay:

Expect an average pay of $38k per year.

4. Do Construction Work

Construction work is another of the most underrated dirty ways to make money.

The responsibilities of a construction worker include erecting and demolishing structures, operating machinery, removing debris, etc.

Construction can be labor-intensive, but the reward is worth it.

Your high school diploma is enough to get you into the construction industry. 

The demand for construction laborers continues to grow, with BLS estimating a growth rate of 4%.

You can take a course to get specialty skills like plumbing, electricals, or carpentry.

Construction Worker Pay:

The national average is $24 an hour!

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5. Wash Windows

Do you have a head for heights? Many commercial building developers love huge glass windows.

They provide more natural lighting and create an impression of large and more open interiors. And for the glass window to last, someone has to clean it!

As a window cleaner, you should be able to stand, bend, and lift for long hours.

You can work on low and high-rise buildings.

Some window cleaning companies can hire you with no experience and offer training. 

Window Cleaner Pay:

The average hourly pay is $19,07.

6. Be A Plumber

Being a plumber is one of the best dirty ways to make money.

There is a high demand for plumbers and pipefitters in residential homes, new constructions, factories, businesses, and other places requiring the installation of pipe and sewer lines. 

Plumber Pay:

The average pay for plumbers is $28 an hour or $59,880 annually!

7. Repair Autos

Repairing cars is another dirty way to earn income.

If you are okay with lots of oil, grime, and grease on your hands, you can learn how to repair vehicles. 

Auto Mechanic Pay:

Expect an average of $25 an hour.

8. Work At The Farm

How about growing crops, raising animals, and producing food to feed the nation?

Few people like working at the farm; dealing with dirt, grease, and iodine will leave your hands calloused, cracked, stained, and scraped.

There is plenty of farm work if you don’t mind dirt and grime on your hands.

Remember, farmers are the most hardworking people with perfectly imperfect hands.

Farm Worker Pay:

The average entry-level pay is $15.98.

9. Be A CNA

CNA stands for a certified nursing assistant.

They are professionals who work under the supervision of a registered nurse.

As a CNA, you’ll help patients with bathing, eating, wound dressing, medical procedures, and more.

Your job settings include hospitals, nursing, rehab, adult daycare centers, etc.

CNA Pay:

The average nursing assistant’s pay is $19.52/hr.

10. Sell Your Home Junk

Sometimes, making money is no further from your junk.

Sell items you don’t use/need anymore and make some quick cash.

You only need to dive deep into your garage or basement junk and sort it out.

Sell old clothes, electronics, jewelry, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc.

Once you find the treasure, you can list it for sale online or run a garage/yard sale.

Who knows, maybe you can find junk worth thousands of dollars. 

How Much Can You Make Selling Home Junk?

The amount you can make depends on the value of the items you find.

Marissa, for example, made up to $50k selling unwanted items in her house.

11. Get Paid To Monitor Sensitive Content On The Internet

The internet could be a hot mess without content checkers’ efforts.

Checking and flagging sensitive content online is the most disturbing way to make money.

You’ll have to read, watch, and flag disturbing video content like hate speech, violence, and sexual abuse.

Many tech companies hire content checkers to help train AI to filter sensitive material.

Content Checker Pay:

You can earn between $14-$45 an hour.

12. Be A Dumpster Diver

Diving to retrieve valuable items in a dumpster is not fun; bet hey, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

You can make up to $5,000 finding things in a dumpster.

You look for furniture, clothing, food, and any valuable item worth selling in the dumpster.

Dumpster Diver Pay:

You can earn up to $5000!

13. Flip Furniture

Are you willing to hustle and go thrifting to find treasure?

Flipping furniture can be quite some work, yet profitable.

Find, refurbish, and sell office furniture, bookcases, end tables, dining tables, dressers, IKEA furniture, and more.

How Much You Can Make Flipping Furniture?

The amount you can make flipping furniture depends on the cost of acquiring and refinishing your items.

Making $1000 plus is possible.

14. Get Paid To Clean Roadkill

Who picks up the dead animals on the road?

Well, a roadkill cleaner does the job.

Roadkill cleaning is another gross job offering solid pay. 

This job is perfect for you if you are okay with collecting and disposing of dead rats, moose, squirrels, deer, opossums, or raccoons.

You can work as a roadkill cleaner for local government or private companies.

Roadkill Cleaner Pay:

Expect an average of $63,532/year!


Diving into these unconventional money-making methods may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, for the brave souls out there, the payoff can be surprisingly sweet.

These gritty gigs may not be glamorous, but the demand is real, and the competition is less fierce. The best part?

No fancy degree needed – just a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

So, if you’re up for a challenge and a chance to rake in some serious cash without hitting the books, these down-and-dirty opportunities might just be your ticket to fast money.

Remember, success often comes to those who dare to tread where others hesitate.

Lace up your boots and let the unconventional hustle begin!

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