18 Best Recession Proof Side Hustles To Make Money In 2024

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November 24, 2023
18 Best Recession Proof Side Hustles To Make Money In 2023
18 Best Recession Proof Side Hustles To Make Money In 2023

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Ever worried about money? We get it. That’s why we made a list of 18 recession-proof side jobs for 2024.

Think of them like your money superheroes that stay strong even when things get tough. 

No confusing stuff here – just easy ideas to help you make extra cash. 

From doing things online to other simple jobs, we’ve got you covered. 

Take a look, find what suits you, and let’s make your wallet feel safer, no matter what’s going on.

What Is Recession?

A recession is an economic downturn characterized by a significant decline in economic activity across various sectors of an economy. 

During a recession, there is a notable contraction in gross domestic product (GDP), which is the total value of goods and services produced within a country.

What Happens In A Recession?

A recession is characterized by a significant downturn in economic activity, often measured by two consecutive quarters of declining Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 

During this period, several interconnected economic indicators experience negative trends, leading to a general slowdown in economic growth and increased unemployment.

Consumer spending also contracts as people become cautious about their finances amidst fears of job losses and economic uncertainty. 

This reduction in consumer demand further contributes to the overall economic decline.

What Are Recession Proof Businesses?

Recession-proof businesses are those that demonstrate resilience and stability even during economic downturns. 

These enterprises tend to offer essential goods or services that people continue to require regardless of the economic climate. 

Examples include healthcare, basic groceries, utilities, and essential home maintenance services.

Moreover, industries like pharmaceuticals, discount retailers, and certain technology sectors often maintain demand during recessions due to their essential or cost-saving nature, making them less susceptible to the fluctuations of the market.

18 Recession-Proof Side Hustles To Help You Make Money

1. Child Care

Starting a child care side hustle during a recession can be lucrative. 

Research local regulations, create a safe and child-friendly space, and consider your target age group. 

Establish competitive pricing, market your services online and offline, and offer age-appropriate activities. 

Flexibility and adaptability are crucial during uncertain times. 

Remember, success requires dedication and professionalism in providing a secure and nurturing environment for the children in your care.

2. Pet Care

Starting a pet care side hustle during a recession can be a smart move. 

With many people facing financial constraints, they might cut back on expensive boarding facilities and seek more affordable options for their pets’ care. 

Offering services like pet sitting, dog walking, or basic grooming can provide a cost-effective solution for pet owners while allowing you to earn extra income.

Plus, the demand for pet companionship and care tends to remain steady regardless of economic fluctuations, making it a reliable avenue for generating revenue during tough times.

Websites like Rover and Care.com can help you to get pet care jobs.

Best Websites To Make Extra Money

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3. Baking

People are often seeking affordable indulgences and comfort foods during tough times, making baked goods a desirable option. 

By leveraging your baking skills, you can create a range of delicious treats like cookies, cakes, and bread that provide joy and satisfaction to customers. 

The relatively low startup costs and the possibility of working from home make baking an accessible venture.

4. Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping involves individuals being hired by companies to act as regular customers and evaluate the quality of their products or services. 

During a recession, companies are often more cost-conscious and focused on maintaining customer satisfaction. 

As a side hustle, mystery shopping offers an opportunity for individuals to earn extra income by visiting stores, restaurants, or service providers, and then providing detailed feedback on their experiences. 

This feedback helps businesses identify areas for improvement and maintain their standards. 

It can be an appealing side gig during tough economic times, offering flexibility and a chance to contribute to the improvement of businesses while earning some extra money.

5. Mobile Notary Service

Amidst an economic downturn, exploring a mobile notary service as a supplementary venture holds promise. 

This initiative taps into the enduring need for notarization of legal documents, catering to both businesses and individuals. 

By taking your services directly to clients, you’re offering a convenient and personalized solution that aligns with their time and location preferences. 

The beauty of this side hustle lies in its adaptable nature and cost-effectiveness to initiate. 

With the autonomy to structure your timetable, a mobile notary business can be a dependable income source, presenting a valuable service while navigating the complexities of the recession.

6. Bookkeeping And Accounting

Starting a bookkeeping and accounting side hustle during a recession can be a savvy move. 

As businesses navigate economic challenges, maintaining accurate financial records becomes crucial for informed decision-making. 

Offering your services to small businesses or individuals seeking to optimize their finances can provide a valuable source of income. 

By ensuring proper record-keeping, categorizing transactions, and generating financial reports, you can help clients better understand their financial health and identify cost-saving opportunities. 

With the increasing demand for cost-effective financial management, your expertise can not only aid others but also create a sustainable side income for yourself during these uncertain times.

Websites like Fiverr and Upwork can help you to get bookkeeping and accounting jobs.

7. Product Listening

Product listening can indeed be a viable side hustle during a recession. 

As economic conditions shift, businesses become even more eager to understand customer preferences and adapt their offerings to remain competitive. 

By offering product listening services, individuals can provide valuable market insights without significant financial investments. 

This can range from tracking online conversations to conducting surveys and analyzing trends, all of which contribute to informed decision-making for companies aiming to optimize their products and services during challenging economic periods. 

As businesses strive to make wise choices to stay afloat, the demand for product listening expertise increases, making it a potentially lucrative and relevant side hustle option.

8. Handyman

During a recession, starting a “handyman” side hustle can be a smart way to generate extra income. 

As people tighten their budgets and prioritize essential repairs over costly professional services, a skilled handyman can fill the gap by offering affordable and versatile home maintenance and repair solutions. 

From fixing leaky faucets and minor electrical repairs to painting and furniture assembly, a handyman can cater to a wide range of needs. 

This kind of side hustle not only capitalizes on one’s practical skills but also addresses the growing demand for cost-effective and reliable home improvement services during financially challenging times.

9. Rental Property

A “rental property” is an investment where you purchase real estate to earn rental income. 

It’s a recession-proof side hustle as it provides steady cash flow even in economic downturns. 

Rent from tenants offers reliable revenue to cover costs and can even increase during recessions when people prefer renting. 

Successful management can lead to property appreciation over time, but careful selection, tenant management, and maintenance are key for success.

10. Cloth Alteration

Cloth alteration as a recession-proof side hustle involves providing expert sewing and alteration services for individuals seeking to modify their clothing for a better fit or updated style. 

This side hustle remains resilient during economic downturns as people tend to invest in altering existing clothes rather than buying new ones. 

By showcasing your tailoring skills and offering affordable and convenient alterations, you can tap into a consistent demand for your services, providing a reliable source of income even when the economy is uncertain.

11. Land Flipping

This venture involves purchasing undervalued land plots and selling them later at a higher price. 

With lower initial investments compared to traditional real estate, it offers reduced financial risk. 

During economic instability, property prices often drop, enabling you to buy land at favorable rates. 

Subsequent market recovery can then lead to substantial profits. 

By skillfully navigating this strategy, you can create a profitable income stream resilient to varying market conditions.”

12. Food Delivery

Food Delivery transforms you into a culinary courier, ferrying flavors from eateries to homes. 

This gig’s resilience lies in its adaptability; whether through established platforms or personal networks, it taps into the unending desire for convenience. 

As wallets tighten, people still crave restaurant experiences, and you become the link. 

More than a side gig, it’s a taste of stability in the ever-changing financial climate.”

13. Blogging

Blogging serves as a recession-proof side hustle due to its flexibility and low startup costs. 

By creating a niche-focused blog and generating quality content, individuals can attract a loyal audience over time. 

During economic downturns, people actively seek information and solutions online, driving increased traffic and potential monetization through ads, affiliate marketing, or selling digital products. 

As a resilient income source, blogging leverages the power of digital connectivity to provide a supplementary or even primary stream of revenue, making it a reliable choice in uncertain financial times.

14. Bartending

Bartending entails creating and serving drinks in diverse settings. 

This skill remains valuable during economic downturns, as people seek both relaxation and social connections. 

With its flexible hours and potential for gratuities, bartending provides a consistent avenue to supplement your income. 

Proficiency in mixology and customer interactions can lead to a steady earnings stream, offering a dependable choice for generating extra funds during financially uncertain times.

15. Lawn Care

Lawn Care involves providing essential maintenance services to residential and commercial properties. 

This includes tasks such as mowing lawns, trimming hedges, edging sidewalks, and maintaining overall landscape health. 

Regardless of economic fluctuations, property owners prioritize the upkeep of their outdoor spaces, making lawn care a steady source of income. 

With relatively low startup costs and a consistent demand, it’s an ideal option for those seeking a reliable and profitable side business.

16. Utility Services

“Utility Service” involves providing vital services that people require irrespective of economic challenges. 

This encompasses offerings such as plumbing, electrical repairs, HVAC upkeep, and home cleaning. 

These services remain essential for day-to-day life and generally sustain demand even in times of financial hardship. 

By delivering consistent and top-notch utility services, you can create a dependable income source that remains resilient through various economic situations, making it a reliable side hustle option.

17. Tattoo Parlor

Even during unstable economic conditions, people seek personal expression and meaningful art, making tattoos a consistent demand. 

With the right skills, a modest setup, and adherence to safety and hygiene standards, you can tap into a loyal clientele. 

As a creative and in-demand service, a tattoo parlor can provide a steady income stream while offering clients a lasting form of self-expression.

18. Beauty Services

Beauty Parlors will offer essential grooming and self-care services that people prioritize regardless of economic fluctuations. 

From haircuts and styling to skincare treatments, the demand for personal grooming remains steady. 

This venture taps into individuals’ desire to look and feel their best, making it a resilient income source. 

By providing quality services a Beauty Parlor can offer stability and growth potential even during uncertain economic times.


In the face of economic uncertainty, these recession-proof side hustles emerge as beacons of financial stability. 

From child care and pet services to baking and utility maintenance, these ventures offer essential services that remain in demand regardless of economic fluctuations. 

Whether it’s leveraging your skills in baking, tailoring, or bartending, each side hustle provides a resilient avenue for supplementing income. 

Moreover, the adaptability of digital platforms, blogging, and product listening allows individuals to tap into changing consumer behaviors. 

These recession-proof options not only offer financial security but also capitalize on the enduring need for essential services, ensuring a steady stream of income even during challenging times.


In times of economic downturn, finding ways to generate extra income can be crucial. Here are some profitable side hustles you might consider:-

  1. Freelancing
  2. Online Tutoring
  3. Pet Services
  4. E-Commerce
  5. Content Creation

“Recession-proof” is a term used to describe businesses or industries that are less affected by economic downturns, such as recessions. These are companies that tend to maintain stable or even growing levels of demand for their products or services, even when the overall economy is struggling.

There are several creative ways to monetize your passion for pets. Consider offering pet sitting or dog walking services, selling pet-related products online, providing grooming services, offering pet photography sessions, or even starting a pet blog or YouTube channel.

When starting a side hustle, AI automation can help you streamline operations, save time, and increase efficiency in various ways. AI-powered tools can analyze market trends, consumer preferences, and competitor strategies. This data can help you make informed decisions about your side hustle’s offerings and target audience.


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