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    How to Make Money At Night
    How to Make Money At Night

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    Are you looking for a nighttime side hustle? The cost of living is through the roof, which means that an extra source of income can be helpful. You can use your free time to run a side gig that can generate passive income. If you’re looking for side hustles for night owls, you’ve come to the right place. 

    The are several options for you to make money at night. You can create your small online business from scratch and scale it up or work as a freelancer for other companies. These ideas are viable if you’ve a few hours to work on them every night.

    Let’s look at how to make money at night, what you need, and how much you can make from night gigs.

    Things To Consider When Looking For Night Side Hustles

    Considering nighttime jobs means you need something that can fit into a few hours of the night and won’t interfere with your day job. Many online side hustles offer flexible working time so you can fix it into your schedule. Consider the below things when looking for night gigs to supplement your income.

    1. Skills

    Side hustles require skills and experience, and it is much easier to get a night gig when you have the skills and knowledge. If you’re looking to work on something new, like running and managing digital ads, you must learn about digital marketing before applying for such gigs.

    You can take online crash courses to help you understand more about the industry and help you gain experience. Google Garage, for instance, can help you learn various digital skills for free. 

    2. Availability

    You need side hustles that can fit into your routine. Starting an online side hustle like a blog or an Etsy store can give you complete control of the time you need to work on it. Consider time frames when working with international clients and apply for a job that accommodates your schedule.

    3. Pay

    Compensation level is one of the most important things when looking for side hustles. On average, you can make up to $1,122 per month from side hustles. This depends on the gig type and the time you spend on it every month. On a slow month, you can earn $200. Some gig workers have perfected their art and can earn up to $10,000 per month.

    Night time job can help you earn money to pay off debt, save, invest or get you through the month.

    How To Make Money At Night?

    Do you need more personal freedom, a creative outlet, and create disposable income? Below are our great side hustles for night owls.

    1. Teach English Online

    You can speak English, have a laptop and an excellent internet connection. Why not teach English a few hours per night and earn money? Teaching English can be a profitable side hustle for night owls like you. 

    You can earn between $10 to $40 per hour teaching English online. If you have teaching experience and have a TEFL certification, you can join VIPKID and teach during your free time. Cambly is another option that can pay you between $10 to $12 per hour to tutor online. There is no commitment to specific working hours, and you can work at night.

    2. Freelance Bookkeeping

    Are you a pro at crunching numbers? Freelance bookkeeping can be ideal for you. An average bookkeeper can earn $21 per hour or $45,560 per year, and some virtual bookkeepers on Upwork charge as high as $75/hour. You can start your virtual bookkeeping business from scratch or join online marketplaces like Upwork.

    3. Complete Surveys

    If you’re looking for night gigs that are not labor-intensive, you can complete surveys online. Paid surveys are easy to complete, can take a few minutes of your time, and can earn up to $5 per survey. Some survey websites can have opportunities to make $50 per survey.

    Most survey sites will invite you to complete a survey in exchange for points. You can redeem these points, cash them through PayPal, or get gift cards. You can sign up with several sites like Inboxdollars, MyPoints, and Swagbucks.

    Some of the best paid online survey sites that can help create extra income.

    4. Be A Proofreader

    Proofreading is another excellent gig idea for night owls. As a proofreader, your work is to read and check for mistakes in a written work before publishing. Many magazines, blogs, newspapers, websites, book writers, publishers, and other companies hire proofreaders to triple-check their work, ensuring that the copy is crisp and error-free.

    As a proofreader, you can rake in $19.54 per hour and up to $25 per hour. There are dozens of legit places to get proofreading jobs like Click Worker, Get Editing Jobs, Proofreading Pal, Upwork, and Flex Jobs.

    5. Be A Call Reviewer

    Can you listen to and review calls? You can evaluate customer calls at night and generate some passive income. Call reviewers help clients analyze customer calls and create analytical data from these reports, which they can use to improve customer service and sales. Call reviewers earn an average of $20.64 per hour. 

    One place that hires call reviewers is Humanatic, and you need an active and verified PayPal account to work for them. The pay for a call reviewer varies depending on your accuracy and skills. You can also use online job boards and marketplaces like Upwork for side hustles. 

    6. Sell Digital Stickers

    Selling digital stickers online is another excellent side hustle to make money at night. You can earn extra money to complement your day job if you’re creative and can commit a few hours at night to design digital stickers. 

    Digital stickers work technically like physical stickers. You’ll need editing software like Canva to create your stickers. Then, you’ll need to start your digital store on eCommerce sites like Etsy. You can sell stickers for anything between $5 and $20 per bundle.  

    7. Be A Tester

    Does testing websites and apps for money sound exciting? You can do it at night and earn a few dollars. Companies and businesses create thousands of apps and websites. Before going live, these will need user testers to identify any potential problems with the apps or sites. Your work as a tester is downloading and using the brand’s app or visiting the website to test if all the features and navigations work. You can then share your experience with them and get paid. 

    User Testing is an excellent place to spend your few hours and earn money. Tasks here take around 20 minutes to complete, and you can earn $10 per task.

    8. Offer Pinterest Services

    If you love graphic design, you might want to be a Pinterest virtual assistant. With this side hustle type, your work is to support businesses, bloggers, influencers, and e-commerce shops on Pinterest. You can create pins, run Pinterest ads, and build your clients’ presence on that platform. 

    Your work as a Pinterest virtual assistant can also include data analytics and account optimization to create better results for your clients. The starting rate for such gigs is $15 and can go as high as $50 per hour, depending on your skills.

    9. Sell Images Online

    Do you like snapping photos? You probably have a gallery full of beautiful snapshots. Why not turn your images into cash? You can make money selling your images on Shutterstock. If you’re good with videography, you can create and upload high-quality videos to Shutterstock. You’ll earn money every time a customer downloads your content. Refer your fellow photographers and friends to Shutterstock and earn even more.

    10. Run Facebook Ads For Businesses

    Providing Facebook ad management service is another side hustle you can do at night. You can learn how to manage FB pages and offer your services to businesses, brands, and influencers. Facebook has a whole free course on ad management to help you learn how to run campaigns on their platform.

    Facebook page admins can earn $27 per hour on average.

    11. Provide Customer Service On LiveOps

    LiveOps hires independent contractors to work as call agents for their customers. You can work from home for brands in an industry of your choice. Through LiveOps, you can provide general customer support, tax, government service, home delivery, healthcare patient, entertainment support, or be a sales agent.

    The income for call agents here depends on the service volume and the industry. You can earn per talk time, ranging from $.25 to $.34 per minute, or commission.

    12. Freelance Writing

    Freelance writing can be a profitable gig for night owls, and many businesses and blogs need quality content. You can provide content writing services for blogs, magazines, newspapers, and websites and earn income. There are various writing projects and industries you can focus on. For instance, you can specialize in writing business proposals, blog posts, social media copy, ad copy, E-books, video scripts, and whitepapers. An entry-level writer can earn nearly $43k per year, depending on the industry, project demands, and skills.

    13. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a viable nighttime job to do and earn extra money. Your job will be promoting other businesses, services, or products through a unique referral link. You’ll earn a commission every time a customer buys something by clicking your referral link. Social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook make it easy to promote affiliate links, and you can start with your followers.

    Legit Side Hustles For Night Owls

    The best way to start a night side hustle is to find something that fits your skill set and experience. It is easy to get paid work when you have the knowledge and experience clients consider.

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